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I’m interested in collecting information from gastric bypass athletes regarding how they have learned to fuel themselves for their exercise programs.


While there are not lots of “gastric bypass athletes”, the number is growing. (About 6% of gastric bypass patients become highly active as a part of thier weight reduction program.) These hard-working reduced-obese folks have met the challenge of losing large amounts of weight. Some go on to reach their dreams of running a marathon, completing an Ironman triathlon, or hiking the Appalachian Trail.


Because the nutrition advice given to gastric bypass patients is contradictory to optimal sports performance, lots of questions and concerns arise in this population. For example, people who have had bypass surgery are told to limit calories to 1,200 to 1,600/day, avoid simple sugars, limit carbohydrates, sip on fluids, and not drink while eating. Few athletes could excel at their sport with such limitations!


If you know of someone who wants to share their story, please pass along this information and invite them respond to this blog or contact me via





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