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The best part about food is the taste. But too often, we eat too quickly to even taste our food. The vacuum-clean-your-dinner-plate style of eating can leave you hungry (even though your stomach might be full.)


Try this experiment to help you fully comprehend how much pleasure is lost when you vacuum clean your dinner plate and inhale your food as quickly as possible.


Necessary supplies: two Hershey’s Kisses


Experiment #1. Unwrap one Hershey’s Kiss.  Smell the Kiss then place it in your mouth, twirl it on your tongue, slowly bite into it, and savor it! This pleasurable process should take more than one minute.


Experiment #2. Unwrap the second kiss. Eat it as quickly as you can. Observe the lack of pleasure when you fail to taste what you consume.


Next time, think twice before you gobble your food. You might be missing out on one of life’s finest pleasures—tasting the wonderful foods you eat!


With best wishes for enjoyable meals,



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Thank you for passing this review along to soccer moms, athletes and coaches! Nancy


Review: Food Guide For Soccer

by: Steve Amoia

18 MAY 2010



“You are about to embark on one of the most wonderful aspects of your, or your child’s, soccer career. Understanding the principles of good sports nutrition (which is good nutrition for life), it is completely reasonable to expect a player and team to discover a whole new level of play, and of excellence.”

Authors Gloria Averbuch and Nancy Clark quoted in the Forward.


This extremely organized, entertaining, educational and practical book is themed around soccer nutrition for female athletes; however, readers from all backgrounds will benefit from its excellent dietary advice. Both authors have significant experience with health and nutrition at the amateur, university and professional level. If your knowledge about sports nutrition was limited before reading the book, you will receive a significant introduction about a vital topic.


Well-Organized with Quick References

This is a well-organized book that was compiled for easy future reference. There is a good blend of charts, images, quotes, text and website links. I liked how the authors color-coded dietary charts with a green background and food recipes in orange. They also provided separate sections for what to eat before and after practices, during travel and competitive games. Tips from professional players enhance the practical value of this guide.


Educational without Complications

The authors presented significant nutritional suggestions and standards; however, the information is displayed in easy-to-understand sections. They teach that eating healthfully doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. For example, making the point that one banana and a glass of orange juice meet the daily U.S. recommended requirement for 2 cups of fruits. Or that the proper mineral-rich cereal can jump-start your day. Other interesting tips were how to eat a healthy lunch at fast food restaurants and the nutritional value of pasta sauces. Common sense examples such as these will be very helpful for parents, children and even professional athletes.


Knowledge of Professional Players

One area that stood out to me was the in-depth knowledge and appreciation of proper nutrition by the WPS players. Several were quoted in the book. For example, French international Sonia Bompastor of the Washington Freedom:

“I take iron because I’m anemic and I need that iron to perform on the field… A lot of soccer players need to take iron.”


Wide Variety of Recipes

The book contains over 40 recipes designed by WPS players from around the globe. From “Game Day Pancakes” by Karina LeBlanc of Canada to “Feijoada” by Rosana from Brazil and Japanese-style Hamburgers by Aya Miyama, you can experience the international flavor (no pun intended) of Women’s Professional Soccer.

My favorite? “Pasta with Chicken” by the all-time international caps leader, Kristine Lilly from the USA.



A wide variety of high-quality images accompany each chapter. The pictures demonstrate the diversity of nutritional food groups and world-class players who compete in Women’s Professional Soccer.

For your next practice, game or road trip, pack the “Food Guide For Soccer: Tips & Recipes from the Pros.” It will provide you with the winning nutritional edge for increased athletic performance. Available at

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