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I am in the process of revising The Cyclist’s Food Guide. I’m looking for “words of nutrition wisdom” from cyclists of all abilities. Just a few sentences of what you wished you had known before you bonked …  your secret to maintaining energy … the food mistake you made.


Here’s an example of what I want:

“For long rides, I drink orange juice and tomato juice, which I can get at convenience stores. Both juices are potassium-rich and the tomato juice has sodium, which helps me feel better on the ride.”


Quotes needed regarding breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, pre-during-post rides, weight reduction, weight gain/adding muscle, touring, racing, day-long rides.


Also, if you have a favorite recipe for “bikers’ food”, I’m interested in that as well.


If your tip/recipe gets used, you will receive a free copy of the new Cyclist’s Food Guide when it’s done!


Thanks in advance,


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