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Come to the University of South Florida for this information-packed workshop that is geared to helping health professionals teach an effective nutrition message to exercisers and athletes. 10 hours of continuing education with myself and exercise physiologist/protein researcher WIlliam Evans PhD.


Non-professionals who want learn how to enhance their sports diet are also welcome. A good time is had by all!


For more information:


Hope you can come!



If you are interested but cannot travel to the workshop, it is available online.

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“I don’t eat much before I compete because my coach told me a hungry dog fights harder. Right?” asked this high school cross-country runner who had made an appointment with me to figure out how to enhance his performance. The simple answer was: a hungry dog might fight harder, but a hungry teenage runner will drag through events and be in a bad mood. He agreed.


Too many people think exercising on empty is a smart idea. I have yet to see research that supports that belief. The studies consistently indicate that pre-exercise fuel enhances performance. Just as your car runs better with fuel, your body runs better when appropriately fed. Pre-exercise food boosts your energy, enhances your ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, enhances stamina and endurance—to say nothing of puts you in a better mood. Why be tired and grumpy when a pre-run granola bar, banana or pretzels could boost your energy and your spirits?


Granted, some people have trouble difficulty tolerating a full meal pre-run, but most active people can enjoy 200 to 300 calories of some fruit, bread or energy bar. Give it a try? Experiment, observe the benefits (or costs), and tweak your diet accordingly.



For more information on fueling pre-exercise: Chapter 9 in Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook.

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Hi! I specialize in nutrition for exercise, and help active people figure out how to manage food, weight, exercise, energy and enjoyment of eating. Let me know if you have any questions!

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