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Dear Nancy,
 How can women increase their mileage and/or properly
train for a longer-distance race, like a 10K or half
marathon, while still losing weight?
Frustrated dieter
The trick to losing weight while maintaining energy
to exercise is to fuel by day and diet by night. You
can then lose weight when you are sleeping, not when
you are trying to train. 

Women can only train hard/perform best if they have a
pre-run snack, then a recovery meal. They then can
eat a little less at the end of the day to create the
calorie deficit needed to slowly lose weight. By just
chipping off a few hundred calories at the end of the
day, an athlete can lose undesired body fat AND have
energy to train well.
For more information, you might want read the chapter
on weight reduction in my Sports Nutrition Guidebook.
Or better yet, get personalized advice with a local
sports nutritionist. Use the referral network at to find a local sports nutrition


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