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Nancy, what are some suggestions for snacks mid-workout, such as after running for 45 to 60 minutes and before lifting? I think my lifting would be better if I could refuel a bit after the run.


Answer: Having a snack between your run and lift is a smart choice. A small energy boost (100 to 300 calories) can help you lifter harder—and you’ll better enjoy the workout.


What do YOU want to consume?  Only you know what your body will be able to tolerate. Some athletes want only liquids mid-workout. Others are able to tolerate solid foods (plus water). Some may have little interest in anything (in which case, they should make the effort to eat a substantial breakfast the hour or two before the workout and at least sip on some water.)

"healthy options" include:

Chocolate milk (low fat or skim)

Yogurt, flavored

Orange juice or any kind of fruit juice


Melon chunks


Canned peaches or fruit cocktail

Dried fruit (raisins, dates, dried pineapple)

Fruit smoothie

Pretzels, Crackers

What the body really wants is sugar, water, and yes, some caffeine (makes the effort seem easier). Sweetened iced tea might be popular, as would Coke or Pepsi. Not sure I'm recommending these choices, but they would do thejob!

Other (not necessarily recommended but popular options) are sugary foods: sports drinks, gels, bloks, gummy candy, sports beans, any kind of sugary candy, marshmallows, swig of maple syrup, or a spoonful of honey—plus water. Given that 10% of daily calories can appropriately come from sugar, a mid-workout sugar-snack can be balanced into an overall wholesome diet. Sugary snacks just don't don’t support the “health” message; so if you go that route, please choose primarily “quality calories” at other times throughout the day.

Hope this helps.



For more information: Nancy Clark’s SportsNutrition Guidebook

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