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   Quinoa is becoming maintream among many health-conscious athletes, many of whom are vegetarians or vegans. They may choose to eat quinoa because it is said to be a protein-rich grain. (Technically speaking, quinoa is a seed, but we eat it as a grain-food.) Quinoa is also touted as containing all the essential amino acids. 


But as you can see in the chart below, quinoa is not really a protein powerhouse. Be sure to eat it along with tofu, beans, yogurt or other protein-rich foods to reach the target of 20 to 30 grams protein per meal.


Quinoa is also expensive: $6 per pound, as compared to brown rice at $1.50 per pound.


Here's how some grains compare:



1 cup


Pasta, white2 oz. dry2007 g2 g2 mg
--whole wheat2 oz. dry200862
Rice, white1/3 c dry225412
Rice, brown1/3 c dry225521
Quinoa1/3 c dry200853




If you are a quinoa consumer, please let me know your reasons for choosing quinoa.


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