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For athletes on the go, the best breakfast is something that’s fast, easy, nutritious and delicious. Here’s a super sports breakfast idea from Nina Marinello, PhD, Coordinator of Sports Nutrition at the University at Albany. So good, you might want to enjoy two of ‘em! Thanks, Nina, for the tasty idea.


Whey to Go English Muffins

• Toast a whole wheat English muffin.

• Top each half with part-skim ricotta cheese.

• Sprinkle on cinnamon and add sliced bananas, your favorite fruit or fruit spread.


This breakfast has just what the sports nutritionist ordered: carbohydrates for energy and protein to repair and build muscle. As a matter of fact, ricotta is a good source of whey protein which is essential for repairing and building muscle.


To add more energy-providing carbohydrates, muscle-building whey protein, and health-enhancing vitamins and  minerals, top this breakfast off with a glass of low-fat chocolate  milk. You’ll have a breakfast that’s a real winner!





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