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Too many of my clients stay clear of bananas. They perceive them as being fattening.  As one runner said “I love bananas but I don’t eat them. They are soooo fattening.”


False! While a banana is less watery and more calorie-dense than, let’s say, an apple, 100 calories of a banana is no more fattening than 100 calories of an apple. Both are excellent sources of carbs to fuel your muscles, as well as health protective vitamins and minerals.


What does 100 calories of a banana look like? It’s a medium-sized banana that’s about 7-8 inches long (peeled) and weighs about 4 ounces (peeled).


Now mind you, the same people who avoid bananas tend to eat large apples.  That apple could easily weigh half a pound (8 ounces) and cost you 120 calories!


As with every food, there is a “small portion” that offers fewer calories than a “large portion.” Be aware, the calories in all fruits can add up quickly. Yes, fruit is a healthy source of calories, but the calories still count if you are watching your weight. So enjoy medium bananas and large apples -- and rest assured, you will not "get fat" from the banana.




For a list of the calories in fruits, refer to the chart “Comparing Fruits” on page 14 in my Sports Nutrition Guidebook.

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