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As the holidays approach with their plethora of calories, I invite you plan your holiday eating so that you will enjoy some treats. A once-a-year Thanksgiving dinner will not ruin your waistline nor your health forever. Nor will a few Christmas cookies. After all, you need not have a perfect diet to have a good diet. If you end up overeating, your body will naturally compensate IF you listen to your hunger and satiety signals.


Rather than fretting about holiday foods, please pay more attention to your daily eating habits and food choices. Choose your calories by the company they keep. That is, on a  daily basis,

• Choose foods that are nutrient-dense: vegetables and fruits, low fat yogurt and milk, lean meats, whole grain foods.

• Eat “closer to the earth” with less reliance on processed foods that come in plastic or paper wrappers.  Instead grab that banana, apple, or orange that comes pre-wrapped in its own peel.

• Crunch on a handful of toasted nuts, a nutrient-rich alternative to crunchy chips, cookies, or crackers.
• Target a daily diet that is 85% to 90% quality foods, but don’t miss out on the fun foods. Doing so can easily end up with sneak-eating and food binges. Not good.


How do you plan to manage your holiday eating? Please share your tips!


With best wishes for an enjoyable holiday season,



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