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More than ever, Americans are confused about what to eat. Many active people, in particular, try hard to feed themselves and their families healthfully. They often wonder--

What are the best foods to eat? To avoid?

How can I reduce my risk of heart disease?

How can I cook for my friend with cancer?

What’s the best way to end family food-fueds?

How can I lose weight healthfully?

What’s best to eat before I exercise?


If you are looking for a list of books that address these and a multitude of other nutrition questions and concerns, please visit the American Dietetic Associations’ Good Nutrition Reading List:

Go to

Click on “Food and Nutrition Information”, and then

Good Nutrition Reading List.

Or, more simply, click here: 


Good Nutrition Reading List


The books are all based on sound nutrition information. Many are written by registered dietitians or other nutrition professionals.


Have a good read!


Nancy Clark MS RD

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Vitamins and energy

Posted by Nancy Clark RD CSSD Nov 29, 2008

As I rested in bed early this morning listening to the radio, I can across a radio program that was clearly an advertorial. The speaker was taking about how you can have more energy if you buy a zillion different types of his brand of vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants, and other such nutritional supplements. Not once did the speaker mention that food is the source of energy. Food contains calories, and calories are the fuel you need to function.

Vitamins and supplements are just the “spark plugs” in your body’s engine. No amount of supplements will boost your energy if you skip breakfast, skimp on lunch, and plow through the day with inadequate gas in your tank. Yes, you do need vitamins to help convert the food into energy. But I rarely see debilitating vitamin deficencies in active people who are eating 2,000 to 3,000+ calories a day, including many fortified foods like energy bars and breakfast cereals that can be vitamin pills in themselves.

If you want to learn how to eat for energy as well as how eat to easily consume the nutrients your body needs —without buying expensive supplements, I recommend (of course!) my Sports Nutrition Guidebook, Fourth Edition (2008). It’ll save you lots of money in the long run! For other helpful books, go to or

Enjoy your high energy and good health!

Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

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Nancy Clark RD CSSD

Nancy Clark RD CSSD

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Hi! I specialize in nutrition for exercise, and help active people figure out how to manage food, weight, exercise, energy and enjoyment of eating. Let me know if you have any questions!

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