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Seems like July is a month filled with summer parties. Several of my clients are now fretting about BBQs, beer, ice cream cones, and other such treats. They are afraid they will overeat these goodies and gain weight.


If weight is an issue for you, remember that you can go to a party to enjoy the PEOPLE and not just the food. Too often, weight-conscious athletes pay too much attention to the food at the party, and fail to enjoy their friends.


Here are three tips for surviving social events that abound with tempting food:


1. Don’t arrive at the party feeling hungry. When you feel hungry, you are more likely to treat yourself to goodies “because you saved up calories.” My bet is, if you arrive hungry, you’ll not only eat—but you’ll overeat far more calories than you saved!


2. Eat a diet portion of whatever you want. The first three mouthfuls taste the best; savor those and don't feel the need to eat "the whole thing" just because it is there. Be aware of “last chance eating” (you know, last chance to eat cookies, so I’d better eat another one…”). Take that second cookie home and enjoy it the next day, when your body is ready for some fuel.


3. Socialize away from the food. That is, don’t stand near the picnic table; find someplace where food is out of reach.


These tips work for any social event. Just remember to have fun enjoying the people, and put food at the bottom of the priority list.




For more weight management help, refer to Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook. It has a strong section on how to lose weight without feeling deprived.

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