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My best-selling (550,000+ copies) Sports Nutrition Guidebook is now available in a new Fifth Edition!!! The mission of the new edition is to create clear and simple solutions to your food challenges.


This Sports Nutrition Guidebook is fast-reading, entertaining, and filled with real-life stories. If you are not a “reader” (or have “no time” to read), that’s not a reason to overlook this book. It is well indexed so you can simply look up a specific topic and find practical tips and food information that resolves your food and fueling questions. Simply leave the book on your kitchen counter and use it as a resource! You might even end up making some of the yummy recipes!


If you have already enjoyed one of the first four editions of this book, why would you want to buy this new fifth edition?

Why? The Fifth Edition offers the cumulative wisdom gained during 35 years of being an effective “food and weight coach” for both casual exercisers and competitive athletes. Just maybe the information will help you resolve the barriers that block you from getting what you want from your current diet and teach you how to enjoy more energy, lose undesired body fat, and have more fun.


Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook has four sections:

1. Day-to-Day Eating on the Run

2. Sports Nutrition: Fueling for Success

3. Weight Management Tactics / Tips to Resolve Diets Gone Awry

4. Simple Recipes for non-chefs and active families


In the information-packed pages, you’ll get the tools you need to resolve your food, weight, and energy problems—as well as take your performance to the next level. When ordering, think about adding a few extra copies for your active family members, friends and teammates. What better gift than practical solutions to the challenges of our daily food environment?! Plus, everyone loves the quick-and-easy recipes that are family-friendly!


With best wishes for high energy, good health and improved performance,



Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

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Nancy Clark RD CSSD

Nancy Clark RD CSSD

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