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Most weight reduction diets are targeted towards women. What are the keys to weight loss success for men? Does the same diet advice apply to men as for women? That question was addressed by research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine's Annual Meeting in June.


In a study with 65 overweight or obese men (average age, 36 years), the keys to weight loss success in men were:

• choosing smaller portions of foods

• eating fewer high fat foods  (particularly snacks and take away foods including meat pies, hamburgers, chocolate, chips, potato crisps and ice cream).

* cutting back on sugary soft drinks

• consuming less alcohol.


By making these small changes, about one-third of the men lost more than 5% of their body weight within 6 months. (That means, a man who weighed 200 pounds lost about 10 pounds, or about a half a pound a week.) They did not deny or deprive themselves of their favorite foods, they just ate less of them.


Although the dieters knocked off some “junk food’, they did not increase their intake of fruits and vegetables. This contrasts to dieting women who tend to munch on lots of salads and eat fruits for low-calorie snacks. This means you can lose weight even if you don’t want to eat like a rabbit!  You can still eat your “man food” – just less of it!


Losing weight does not depend on eating more fruits and veggies. Yet, the goal of weight loss should be to invest in health and not just reach a lower number on the scale. That’s where food choices that include fruits and veggies offer the winning edge.


Eat wisely and well!



For more information on weight reduction, read Chapter 15. "Losing Weight Without Starving" in Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

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