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It's official!

Posted by World's Hoppiest Sep 6, 2011

After years of being a loyalist to Asics Nimbus, I am no longer.  The change in the model, sole and design of the Nimbus has falling to the "runner" who wants their shoe to look good.  Well, I am done.  Asics changed the model too much for my taste.  The fit, comfort and responsiveness of the shoe is gone.  And so am I.  I have officially moved over to the NB 890 REVlite as my main training and long distance race shoe.  After logging 68 miles in the NB last week, there was no issues.  Welcome New Balance, welcome!

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Last post was on Wednesday.  That was a tough day.  The 14 miles on that day were brutal. But, that is behind me now.  All I can do is move ahead.  On Thursday, took the day off from running.  Hit the pool.  Swam 3800 meters.  Felt good to hit AT without running.  That swim rejuvenated me for Friday's run.  11 miles at lactate threshold.  I picked a hilly course and started the run at 5AM.  I averaged 7:40 per mile on the course in my NB 890's.  The shoes were light and responsive.  Saturday was a recovery run of 5 miles.  Stayed close to home and focused more on the stretching than the run.  Needed to warm up the legs and help recover for Saturday's run.   Saturday's run started at 6AM.  I picked a route that would push me through 20 mile run.  Minor rollers for the first 6.5 miles, then 7 miles of hills ended on the same 6.5 miles back to the car.  Kept my HR at 146 for the first 10 miles with an average of 7:55's.  The remaining 10 miles the HR was pushed to 151 and averaged 7:10's.  This was the first run over 11 miles in the NB 890's.  All I can say, is WOW!  The shoes wicked the moisture keeping the feet dry as they can be.  Being a mid-foot to toe runner, the cushion in the toe box was comfortable.  I ended with minimal foot pain (come on, I ran 20 miles, all shoes will cause some point of pain!) and felt good on the run.  Next week I increase miles to 67.

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Miles keep marching on.

Posted by World's Hoppiest Aug 24, 2011

After the 22 mile run on Sunday.  Monday was an official recovery day.  Slept in until 6AM, which is late for me.  Hit the gym at lunch for some upper body strength training.  Can't seem the time to work the legs with the mileage.  I figure with all the hills around here they are getting a double workout.  Speaking of doubles...Yesterday was the first double session.  Laced up the NB 890's in the morning for a 6.2 mile recovery run.  Felt good after the runs from last week.  At lunch I headed to the gym and ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  The temps were nearing 90 degrees at 11:30AM, so I opted for the treadmill which does not happen too often.  This morning was 14 miles.  I decided on an out and back route that headed north on RT, 141 and turned at mile 7 to head back.  I have to say this was not one of my best runs.  Legs were stiff, glut's sore and feet felt like I was running on pebbles the whole time with no shoes on.  I struggled.  Now all I want to do is sleep.  Maybe a quick nap in my office is just what the doctor ordered.

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The weekend flew by!  Glad I swam on Thursday to save the legs for the next 3 days of running:  Friday I started out at 5AM.  Ran 2.5 miles before meeting up with a group of 9 runners.  We were running a 5 mile loop as a group at a comfortable pace.  Sometimes, you need to forgo the “paces & training” and enjoy the nature of running with friends.  The pace was conversational at 9 minute miles.  At mile 5 of the group run, I advised the runners I was going to increase the pace to finish up the 11 miles.  I kicked into another gear with the REVLites and transitioned from 9 min/miles to 7:10 min/miles with ease.  One of the runners in the group decided to hang with me.  We took a 3.5 mile loop that brought us back to the gym.  Legs and feet felt great.  Saturday brought another morning run of 7 miles.  I needed to solicit for the World’s Hoppiest Road Race 5K up in Dawsonville prior to the run.  I handed out flyers and talked to a few runners.  The time was getting late and with that the heat comes on quick.  I ran the 7 miles in Dawson Forest mostly under a canopy. The terrain was tough and hilly, but the minimal pounding on the legs from the soft trails felt good.  This run prepared me for Sunday…Sunday came early as well.  I needed to start at 6AM in order to beat the heat.  The temps were climbing up to 100 degrees so I needed to start and complete the long run of 21 miles as soon as I could.  I started at the Bethelview lot of the Big Creek Greenway.  It was pitch black at the time I started down the path.  Within a half hour the sun started to rise to give light on my trek out to Alpharetta, 11 miles away.  I was running an out and back this Sunday morning.  I ran to the gym where Sarah had dropped a bottle for me to change out from her ride that started at 7:30AM.  I hit the lot exactly at 7:29AM before the group ride took off.  I looked at my Garmin and it read 11.15 miles.  The 21 mile run was going to end up being 22.3 miles.  Huge discrepancy between Google Maps and Garmin, almost 1.3 miles?  I gathered the fresh bottle and headed back to the place I had started.  The run ended up being right on queue in terms of heart rate with not elevating over an average HR of 146.  Pace was a few seconds off, but there were a few stops for bottles and traffic.  Ended the 22.3 miles feeling fairly good considering the mileage.  Stopped at McDonalds on the way home for grease and salt.  Don’t eat McDonalds except for after a 20+ mile run.  The salt and greasy food helps stabilize me better than some protein recovery drink and tastes better too.  Monday is a recovery day on the legs.  Will hit the gym for some light upper body and stretching at lunch.   

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Run or Swim?

Posted by World's Hoppiest Aug 18, 2011

Logging a lot of miles this week.  I had a 5 mile recovery run built in for this morning.  As I woke at 4:50AM, I thought about swimming.  I had not been in the pool for over a month since I started logging miles on the road.  I am paying for a Master's Swim program and besides, it is only 5 miles in the grand scheme of the total training.  Sorry, NB 890's.  Left the shoes at home for goggles and a swim suit.  Master's starts at 5:30AM.  The crowd had been light this week since everyone is tapering for a few big triathlons coming up over the weekend.  The workout was a endurance workout:


  • 800M at Half Ironman Pace
  • 3 X 350M on the 6:30's
  • 50M on 1:00
  • 3 X 250M on the 4:30's
  • 50M on 1:00
  • 3 X 175M on the 2:50's
  • 25M
  • 12 X 25M FAST on the 45's. 
  • 100M cool down


It was nice to mix it up once in awhile.

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Where does the time go?  5 days since the last post, Wow!  Need to make up some lost time...Saturday I headed over to Totally Running to promote the World's Hoppiest Road Race 5k.  I handed out and talked to around 200 runners at the Team in Training 5K.  Solicited some business for the WHRR 5K from Mix 1 and TNT.  A few "top" runners noticed the NB 890's and asked me how they felt.  I gave them the information on the shoes from my first hand experience.  Light, responsive, breathable, cushioned, etc...etc...One of the top 3 runners headed into Totally Running to see if Alex carried the shoe.  Just made a sale!  After handing out flyers, I ran 10 miles in the NB 890's.  The shoes are everything I talked about at the race.  Saturday's run finished off 54 miles for the week for me.  Decided to take a few days off to recoup from the brutal heat and humidity we have been experiencing in Georgia.  Sunday and Monday were couch potato days.  I am not afraid to admit that I enjoyed those 48 hours!  Tuesday came fast.  Right out of the chute Tuesday morning was another 10 miler.  This one was at lactate threshold range or 91% of max heart rate.  I laced up the NB 890's and met Amy B for the run.  Bob came pulling up in the parking lot and decided to run a few miles with us.  We headed out EZ to get the blood flowing.  After 2.5 miles, Bob turned and head back, Amy and I trudged ahead.  I told Amy as we closed in on 5 miles that the pace was quickly going to be sub 7's for the remainder of the run.  At mile 5 I started to pull ahead as Amy said that she was going to maintain.  I peeled off and cruised at and below 7/mile for the last 5 miles.  The shoes continued to respond.  43 miles in the NB's and they are officially out my break in period.  Wednesday morning was 14 miles.  I had no takers this morning for the run.  I plotted an out and back.  This run was a medium long run which I focused on heart rate the full 14.  The course was a mixer of hills and about 5 miles of flats.  After about 1.5 miles, I saw Bob running out of a parking lot.  He was running late and wanted to get in about 5 miles.  We ran the hilly park of Ronald Reagan and at the peak near McFarland Bob turned and headed back.  I hit the flats for 2.5 out and 2.5 back and then tackled the hills ended with an average heart rate of 146 and a pace of 7:45/mile.  Need to find more time to log the miles, but that thing called, "work" gets in the way.

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15 mile run

Posted by World's Hoppiest Aug 12, 2011

This being a recovery week, I wonder why I am putting in so many miles???  Ran 15 this morning starting at 5AM with Tim, Donna & Todd.  Temps were in the high 70's with tons of humidity.  The course was hilly but we averaged 7:49's.  Stretched and off to work.  Promoting our second annual World's Hoppiest Road Race: at a couple 5K's in the morning.  we are looking to up the runners from 500 last year to 1,500 this year.  Going to sport the REVlites for the plug.

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New Balance REVlite

Posted by World's Hoppiest Aug 11, 2011

First day of school for the kids.  Stayed home this morning to see them off.  I had a 5 mile recovery run that I set up to do at lunch.  Around 11:30AM, the temp outside was 95 degrees.  Decided on the way to the car that this would be a treadmill run at the gym.  The last couple of runs have been a little sluggish.  That is typical in a recovery week after coming off a large mileage week.  I got to the gym and laced up the REVlites for a little run.  These recovery runs are a double edged sword.  They are boring and tough to get through, but on the other side getting the blood pumping in the legs speeds recovery to the muscles.  The NB REVlites gave me that extra push on the mill.  The shoes react well on the belt.  Stable and enough cushion to let me breeze through the 5 miles as I stared at the same thing for 40 minutes.  Spent a half an hour stretching and headed back to work.

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Posted by World's Hoppiest Aug 10, 2011

Been out of town for a few days.  To catch up on the training.  Logged 66 miles last week.  Longest was 20 miles on Friday.  Ran 5 mile recovery run on Saturday in the NB-890's.  Felt good on the feet after the long one on Friday.  Didn't see a puddle and splashed right in the middle of it.  Feet, socks and shoes were soaked.  Within a mile the shoes has started to wick the water away and by the end of the run they were a little drier than before.  Note: the Georgia temps are in the high 90's, high humidity.  At 7:30AM the temp was 80 degrees.  Sweat is a major factor so shoes, socks, clothing are wet.

Sunday's run was 14 miles.  Started at 7AM and warmed up for couple miles.  After 3 miles I eased into race pace for the remaining 11 miles.  It was a tough run, was off a few seconds from the goal pace.  Monday ended up being a recovery day.  Swam 2400 meters (light) for 45 minutes to get the kinks out. After that I headed to Carmel, IN. on business.  Tuesday's run was 8 miles at General Aerobic.  Ran on the Monon Greenway in Carmel.  I had a 8 AM meeting so I was out there in the pitch black of the early morning, 5AM.  It was so dark I could not see the ground.  I don't listen to music so I counted my steps to insure I was not stepping off into the Abyss.  The Monon GW route was a straight shot out 4 miles and then back.  The 890's handled the darkness and gravel path (4 miles of gravel) very well.  Now we are up to Wednesday.  It was very tough to pull myself out of bed after getting home at 11PM and being in a meeting all day on Tuesday.  I ran 12 miles this morning.  I was just lucky to keep the legs moving on the run.  I am trying to figure out though why I picked one of the hilliest courses I know?  So far, the recovery week is going well.  Only 20 miles in and 33 miles to go!

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Friday:  Ran a very hilly course with Todd.  Todd had a 17 mile run.  I meet him at his office lot and ended up running with him.  It turned out that my 18 mile run turned into a 20 miler.  Felt okay.  Not great.  Legs and feet were a little heavy.  Could have been the temps and humidity even at 5AM!


Saturday: Ran a 5 mile recovery run with Sarah.  Great little run in the NB 890's.  The run shook out the stiffness from yesterday's 20 miler and helped in a recovery.  A 14 mile run tomorrow with 10 miles at marathon pace.  Need plenty of sleep, hydration and a good meal tonight.

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On Tuesday,I ran a 9 mile tempo in the NB 890's right out of the box. Warmed up at an 8:20 pace for 3 miles and then got down to business knocking out 6:10's for 5 miles with a 1 mile cool down. Wednesday was 12 miles. Warmed up at 8:15's and increased the pace to 7:20's. Felt good. The NB 890's felt comfortable. The breathable material worked well the GA humidity. Feet felt relaxed and good during and after the run. Lightning kept me in doors this morning. 5 mile recover run at 8:30's with the heart rate at about 125. NB's were responsive on the treadmill.

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Shoes Arrived

Posted by World's Hoppiest Aug 1, 2011

Just got the new 890's from New Balance. After putting in 60 miles on the roads and 45 miles on the bike a new pair of shoes will feel good.  9 mile lactate threshold Tuesday morning.  3 mile warm up, 5 miles at 6:10 pace and 1 mile cool down.  Putting the 890's to the test right out of the box!

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Just got off a conference call welcoming me to the New Balance team.  Excited to test out the new NB 890 shoe. As for some training...Ran 14 this morning.  Average pace was 7:50 through the hills of Northern Georgia.  Recovery run of 5 miles in the morning with strength training at lunch.

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