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Run or Swim?

Posted by World's Hoppiest on Aug 18, 2011 6:05:00 AM

Logging a lot of miles this week.  I had a 5 mile recovery run built in for this morning.  As I woke at 4:50AM, I thought about swimming.  I had not been in the pool for over a month since I started logging miles on the road.  I am paying for a Master's Swim program and besides, it is only 5 miles in the grand scheme of the total training.  Sorry, NB 890's.  Left the shoes at home for goggles and a swim suit.  Master's starts at 5:30AM.  The crowd had been light this week since everyone is tapering for a few big triathlons coming up over the weekend.  The workout was a endurance workout:


  • 800M at Half Ironman Pace
  • 3 X 350M on the 6:30's
  • 50M on 1:00
  • 3 X 250M on the 4:30's
  • 50M on 1:00
  • 3 X 175M on the 2:50's
  • 25M
  • 12 X 25M FAST on the 45's. 
  • 100M cool down


It was nice to mix it up once in awhile.

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