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JVC GZ-HD620 is the AVCHD camcorder  with 120GB HDD. It includes Super LoLux to offer good quality video and images  in low-light condition. However, I could not capture my JVC GZ-HD620 videos to  Avid Media Composer 4.0. I have not tied with a later Avid yet.
I saw the  recommendation of Aunsoft Final Mate to capture videos directly from camcorder  to computer, and wonder if it would capture JVC GZ-HD620 AVCHD to  Avid MC 4 with high quality. After downloading the free trial version, I  notice that it actually capture videos from camcorder, but there is no access to  get to Avid. I could only convert the videos to Avid Media Composer 4 supported  format like .wmv, .mpg. Fortunately, Aunsoft Final Mate utilizes my NVIDIA  CUDA-enabled GPU Quadro 4000 for fast conversion.

Here I would like to share my experience with you about Aunsoft Final Mate  on my PC for JVC videos.
1. Run Aunsoft Final Mate as the JVC Everio AVCHD to Avid 4  Converter with NVIDIA CUDA and Intel acceleration, connect JVC camcorder  to computer via USB cable. Follow the wizard to import JVC .mts raw video clips. 
2. While I choose the Import option from the wizard, it will automatically  merge my JVC videos in the same recording mode. It is easy when I shot and stop  videos from time to time. But if I store the videos on the camcorder for a few  days, it may get mixed with different events. However, I can separate the events  on timeline.

3. To export JVC AVCHD to Avid MC 4, just click the "Export" button and then  the "Export into Editor" button. Choose Adobe Premiere > Adobe Premiere WMV  (VC-1) (*.wmv) or Adobe Premiere MPEG-2 (*.mpg) as output format. Click the OK  button and the conversion from JVC MTS to WMV/MPG for Avid MC 4 will start  immediately.

The conversion speed is almost 5x faster comparing to other converters,  while converting JVC GZ-HD620 MTS to WMV with NVIDIA CUDA technology. It  is easy to import the videos to Avid Media Composer 4.
1. I  also notice that there is option for Intel decoder when go to the Preferences  settings under the Tools menu. It will utilize Intel CPU for fast conversion  too.
2. During the Christmas seasons, Aunsoft provides Final Mate at  lowest discount to almost 70% off. You just need to pay extra $14.9 when  you purchase ******* Video Converter Ultimate. Just go to the Aunsoft Christmas  promotion page and click the first buy now button to purchase the two products  at the same time, and you can enjoy the big discount.

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