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Author/Burn camcorder files AVCHD MTS/M2TS to ******* disc for BD Player

“I recently bought a HD camcorder, the files it creates are MTS extension and from what I have read online, these files can be burned to Blu ray Discs. I have downloaded a free AVCHD to BD burning software – MultiAVCHD, but before put them to BD, I want to cut off the blank or unimportant parts from the MTS files, then recombine them and still export to MTS without any conversion or loss of quality? Can anyone confirm this to me?”

In order to solve this program, you need use three tools:



Aunsoft Final Mate (Directly capture camcorder MTS/M2TS recordings for cutting off/trimming/splitting, then remerge without losing quality.)



MultiAVCHD (A real free BD burning software which helps to author/burn AVCHD MTS/M2TS to ******* disc with no quality loss.)



BD Burner (Want to burn BD, this hardware is necessary.)


Now I will introduce the step-by-step guide for authoring high def camcorder files MTS/M2TS into ******* Disc.


Part 1: Cut off MTS/M2TS unimportant parts and Merge into one MTS or M2TS file.


Step 1: Download

Aunsoft Final Mate as a AVCHD Cutter/Joinerand launch the app.


Step 2: Capture/Import MTS/M2TS from Camcorder to the program via choose create a movie for files in same format. (Then the mts or m2ts will be merged into one movie on a limetime.)


Step 3: From the timeline, you may notice the vernier, which is used as time pointer. Click on the Vernier, and move to the timeline you want to cut, and click the Split button to cut the video. Then select the unwanted or unimportant parts and click Delete.



Step 4: After cutting off the video clips, the MTS/M2TS file will auto recombined into one MTS or M2TS movie, then please click Export and Choose Lossless Output to get one MTS or M2TS file without conversion or losing quality.

Part 2: Author/Burn AVCHD MTS/M2TS to ******* (BD) with multiAVCHD


After you successfully cut off and merge MTS/M2TS files to hard drive, you now can

author/burn AVCHD MTS/M2TS to ******* disc with multiAVCHD.


Step1. Download the latest version

multiAVCHD_4.1 (33MB) .


Note: Make sure you have at least twice (2x) the size of input files/folders free space allocated in the path you selected for TEMP folder/drive.


Step 2.Run multiAVCHD and add MTS or M2TS file by clicking “Add Video files” in the menu bar on the top of the software interface and specifying destination path of BD folder in pop-up window.



Step 3: Click “Start” button to choose output format and burn.

Before you start burn mts or m2ts file to ******* disc, make sure you insert a writable ******* disc through ******* drive. After that click “start” and then choose “For all ******* players” in “Select destination media (USB/SD/SDHC/MMC/MemoryStick)”. The program immediately starts to burn. You can follow the process in “Log tab” at the right of the program’s interface. The process time depends on your original size of MTS or m2ts file.





1. Make sure your BD drive is both readable and writable for burning a ******* disc. Some BD drives are only readable.



What is multiAVCHD: Combine multiple AVCHD, BD (******* Disc) or DVD folders and MKV, AVI, TS, M2TS/MTS, MPEG/MPG, MP4, M2V, VC-1, 264, EVO, TRP or MOV files and author them into a single AVCHD/BD structure or author HD-DVD.



MultiAVCHD can create output for: - USB / MS (MemoryStick) / SD / SDHC equipped ******* disc players (like Playstation 3)


- ******* players employing Secure Digital High Capacity capabilities


- SD/SDHC cards (like Panasonic ******* players, Playstation 3, selected Panasonic Viera TV sets)


- ******* players, compatible with AVCHD format (AVCHD written on DVD-R media) - most ******* players


- ******* players, compatible with AVCHD on BD-R disc - most ******* players


- Direct BDMV format - ******* Disc format - all ******* players


- Re-authored BDMV - ******* Disc format - all ******* players


- HD-DVD players, compatible with DVD-R (3xDVD)


- SD-DVD players (all standard DVD players)

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Lossless output for AVCHD/TOD/MOD,Merge Split AVCHD files into one AVCHD

While some camcorder users are complaining there is no quick merging function in the bundled software like Sony Picture Motion Browser, Canon PIXELA ImageMixer 3E or Panasonic HD Writer AE. Aunsoft released the final camcorder partner named Aunsoft Final Mate for camcorder users.

Key features:


Directly capture videos from camcorder.


There is no need looking into the camcorder recording directory, as Aunsoft Final Mate includes one step loading camcorder video process. You will not get confused with the BDMV or AVCHD file structure.


Merge MTS/M2TS, MOD, TOD without re-enconding


Get several short clips when recording an event? Aunsoft Final Mate will help you merge the MTS/M2TS sequences into a single file without conversion, making it easy to get the original HD quality.

Adjust video effects and settings.


You can easily change video brightness, contrast, saturation, deinterlace 1080i video, replace audio.


Export different formats.


You can choose common video formats like .wmv, .avi, .mp4, .mpg as output fomat to make the recorded videos compatible with your media players like iPad, HDTV, or editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Magix, Sony Vegas and so on.


Convert AVCHD, TOD, MOD to MP4 at faster speed with NVIDIA CUDA.


The new application will utilize NVIDIA CUDA for converting camcorder video at 5X faster speed. You can enjoy the



System requirement:


- Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7


- 1.6MHz Intel/AMD Dual-core CPU or above. 2.6MHz Intel/AMD Dual-core CPU or above or CUDA-enabled graphics is recommended

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Workflow to Automatically Merge M2TS Files into one Movie on PC

When I was looking for a fast m2ts joiner, I find Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter. However, when I have a further look at the official site, I notice that there is another powerful m2ts joiner named Final Mate, which offers the function to merge m2ts files into m2ts file without re-encoding

. Comparing to the free m2ts joiner like txmuser, Aunsof Final Mate includes the automatic joining function while importing video clips.

Here is my experience with Aunsoft Final Mate to automatically merge m2ts files and the steps to merge AVCHD files from different folders with lossless output.

Automatically merge m2ts files into one movie.


Aunsoft Final Mate, as a fast m2ts joiner, will help you combine and merge m2ts files from PC or camcorder while importing to the program under the following conditions:


1. The .m2ts files that needed to be combined and merged are located in the same folder on computer or camcorder.


2. The .m2ts files are recorded with the same recording mode, or with at least the video codec, resolution (width x height) and video frame rate.



- For videos from camcorder, just follow the camcorder wizard or click the Camcorder button to create movie with files in same format.


- For videos from computer, just click the Import button and browse the m2ts files from computer folder.



automatic m2ts joiner on PC will display each movie with the same format for separate movie ID.


To merge m2ts files from different folder on PC.


Just follow the step above to import the videos from a folder, and then choose File > Add Files to browse the video clips. By default, the first movie is selected and display on timeline.



- If the first movie is the one you want to add .m2ts video clips, go to the Files tab, click on the video clip and drag to the timeline with the position you want.


- If the first movie is not the one you want to add additional m2ts files, double click on the movie ID under the Movies tab, and then go to the Files tab to drag and drop .m2ts files to timeline.


Export M2TS without conversion.


After arranging the AVCHD .m2ts files, just click the Export button under the preview window, and you will face the window to export

.m2ts file with lossless output. Click the OK button to start merging m2ts video clips into one m2ts file as output without re-encoding.


Please note that the m2ts files with different parameter settings in frame rate or video codec will be exported as separate movies. What you see on Aunsoft Final Mate with different movie ID is what you get in output.




1. To remove the lines from the 1080i video, just click the Video Restoration button on the timeline section, and check the box for deinterlacing to get non-interlaced videos.


2. The above steps also apply to .mts files and .tod files for lossless quality output. You can imports videos from camcorders like Panasonic HDC-TM700/HS700/SD700, Sony HDR-CX150/CX350/CX550, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7/HX5V, Canon Vixia/Legeria HF S200/S20/S21, Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7/TZ10, JVC Everio GZ-HD7/HD30/HD40 and so on.

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Deinterlace/Backup 1080i M2TS/MTS/MOD/TOD Camcorder Videos to PC

Why do we need non-interlaced video for PC?


While viewing videos on camcorder, you may find the videos perform perfectly with smooth playback. However, when you put them on computer, you may notice that there are unexpected lines on the videos, especially when there is quick movement. The computer monitor does not like the 1080i camcorder videos. One solution is to get media players that support deinterlacing video when playing, e.g. VLC media player. But it is not stable. Another solution is to

deinterlace video using CUDA or Intel technology for PC playback.


How to deinterlace 1080i m2ts, mts, mod, tod?


The 1080i deintelace filter of Aunsoft Final Mate is available at the editing area. The first button is for video restoration, which helps you adjust video and deinterlace video clips. To deinterlace 1080i videos like AVCHD, TOD and MOD, Aunsoft Final Mate provides an easy check for you to confirm deinterlacing files.


Step 1. Import videos from computer.


Click the Import button on Aunsoft Final Mate and browse the .mts, .m2ts, .mod and .tod files on computer hard drive. Each video will be created as a single movie, unless the bunch of videos you imported includes the same format. For example, the screenshot in step 2 is the result when I import two .mts files with the same recording mode, and the videos are merged into a movie.



Alternatively, you can choose File > Add Files to import videos to the Files group, and then drag the video clip to timeline for merging m2ts, mts, tod, mod with the same format.


Step 2. Deinterlace 1080i video.


Click one video clip on timeline, and then click the Video Restoration button. You will face the window below with checkbox for deinterlacing. Tick the checkbox and the selected video will be

deinterlaced to progressive mode. The video on the preview window will change accordingly.



Step 3. Deinterlace other videos or movies.


As the step 2 above is only for the selected video clip, you can deinterlace all the videos and movies on Aunsoft Final Mate with the Settings button on Video Restoration window. Choose Apply to Current Movie option, and the video restoration settings including deitnerlacing, brightness, contrast and saturation will be applied to the video clips on the selected movie. The Apply to All Movies option is to deinterlace and remove the interlacing lines of on movies under the Movies tab.


Step 4. Export videos.


While deinterlacing is need, the lossless output is not applicable as output method. Here we choose Common Formats option to

convert AVCHD to WMV on Windows.


Even though re-encoding is needed for deinterlacing 1080i videos, Aunsoft Final Mate provides fast conversion speed with computers equipped with NVIDIA video card or Intel CPU by utilizing the CUDA technology or Intel Acceleration technology.

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Timeline Editing Camcorder Videos with Aunsoft Final Mate

When trying to edit recorded videos, will you look into Adobe Premiere or Edius? If you just need the simple editing functions like cutting off parts from recorded video, merging and joining, or restoring video with brightness and contrast. Aunsoft Final Mate aims to provide an easy workflow for home movie photographers with simple editing.

Aunsoft Final Mate, as the perfect camcorder video editing software

, works with different camcorder brands like Panasonic, Sony, Canon, JVC with AVCHD recording format, TOD and MOD. Aunsoft Final Mate supports NVIDIA CUDA technology and Intel Acceleration technology for faster conversion speed than other similar products or camcorder bundled software.

Here is the quick guide for you to create movie with the simple editing using Aunsoft Final Mate.

Part I. Import/Capture videos for editing.

Two ways to import videos: directly from camcorder or from computer.

- Capture videos from camcorder.


To load videos from camcorder, just connect the camcorder to computer with USB cable. Run Aunsoft Final Mate and choose to follow wizard. Select Import instead of Backup to quickly capture videos from camcorder. Leave the radio button for creating a movie for files in same format to get the related video clips for one movie.



- Import videos from computer.


It is recommended that you import videos from camcorder, but if you have transferred the videos from camcorder to computer, just follow the step below:


Choose File > Add Files, or directly click the Import button to browse the camcorder video files.


Part II. Edit Movie


Aunsoft Final Mate makes it easy to

create movie with simple editing.


- Join/Merge video clips.


As we have chosen to create movie with files in same format while capturing videos from camcorder, you will notice that a movie will include several video clips.


If you choose to import videos from computer, just go to the Files tab under the Movies tab, and drag the video clip to the timeline on the bottom of the program UI.


- Split/Cut videos.


Move the mouser curser to beginning or the end of the movie on time, you will the mouse pointer changes to a sign with arrow to the right or arrow to the left. With the sign, you can click on the movie clip and drag to the position you want to cut the video.



To split and cut off the unwanted part in the middle of the video clip, use the vernier to split the video, and delete the unwanted part.


Part III. Export with lossless quality or conversion to other format.


Click the Export button, and you can choose lossless output without re-encoding, or convert to editor or device like Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio, iPad.


Aunsoft Final Mate is easy-to-use for Panasonic/JVC/Sony/Canon

video editing with timeline. Hope you enjoy it.

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How to Split/Cut/Trim MTS/M2TS without Recompression?

One of my friends contacted me saying that he had recorded a long video with Panasonic HDC-TM700, but there are some parts he would like to cut off. I once thought a video converter is a must for cutting videos. After I found Aunsoft Final Mate via google search for cutting AVCHD without conversion

, it is no longer a big task.

Aunsoft Final Mate provides the timeline editing, which is easy for trimming video clip, cutting the unwanted parts. Since the AVCHD Cutter/Trimmer/Splitter provides lossless output on Windows for exporting .mts or .m2ts as the original files, the exporting speed and quality is excellent when playing on HDTV with Popcorn Hour.

Here I would like to demonstrate the simple steps to cut AVCHD MTS/M2TS videos files without re-encoding on Windows.

Step 1. Load AVCHD videos to Aunsoft Final Mate.

Free download Aunsoft Final Mate as the AVCHD splitter on Windows

, and you can load AVCHD videos from camcorder or computer as you like.

- To load AVCHD videos from camcorder


Connect camcorder to computer with USB cable, and run Aunsoft Final Mate, you will be asked to follow the wizard. Otherwise, click the Camcorder button to load camcorder videos.


You can choose to backup the videos to computer or just import videos. Here we just select Import, and create a movie with file in the same format.



- To load AVCHD files from computer


Just choose File > Add Files from the menu bar to browse the .mts and .m2ts files from computer.


Step 2. Trim/Cut AVCHD video.


From the timeline, you may notice the vernier, which is used as time pointer. Click on the Vernier, and move to the timeline you want to cut, and click the Split button to cut the video. You may also click the Split button when the video plays to the point you want to cut.



Then click on segment you want to cut off from the timeline, and then click the Delete button next to the Split button to remove the unwanted part.


Step 3. Export videos without conversion.


Choose Export > Lossless Output from the menu bar, and click the OK button to get videos without recompression. You will get the

trimmed AVCHD without quality lost in a few minutes.

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Panasonic to iMovie Converter-Change TM700 1080/60p to 30fps or 24fps DVD Disc with 4.9GB

I would like to convert my videos from Panasonic's 1080p format (HDC-TM700) to iMovie format (.MOV), so that I can edit the video, burn to disc and project on screen for conference room presentation. The 1080/60p recording provides smooth and high quality video. Considering the bit rate with 28Mbps and frame rate with 60 will be too large for a 4.9GB DVD disc, I need to convert change the settings from TM700 1080/60p to 30fps or less

frame rate.

Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac is the recommended AVCHD camcorder converter for Panasonic to iMovie. It does not only convert MTS to MOV, but also allow changing video bit rate and frame rate for adjusting video file size.

Parameters that would influence the output video file size: Bit rate and frame rate.

Bit rate: It is the date to be stored per second. The higher bit rate will show the image with more details. However, a higher bit rate may also produce large video file size as output. Panasonic HDC-TM700K provides 28Mbps recording mode for high quality videos. Within Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac, there are recommended profiles like high quality, medium quality and low quality for output video bit rate. Media quality will be OK for DVD.


Frame rate:

It is the frame number for displaying per second. While TM700 provides 60fps video, it shows 60 frames per second in progressive mode. With Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac, you can change the frame rate to 30fps, 24fps, even 23.976fps and 29.97fps.

To convert from 1080p at 60fps (HD Camera format) to *.MOV format at some lesser fps:

Step 1. Run Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac as Panasonic to iMovie converter

, import AVCHD videos and choose HD Video > H.264 HD Video(*.mov) as output format.

Step 2. Click Settings button and you will find the detailed video parameters like bit rate and frame rate.

Step 3. Enter the value you like or choose available options like 24 or 30 as frame rate in fps.


After changing bit rate and frame rate with Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac, you will get small file size for iMovie and 4.9GB DVD disc.

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Converting your Flash FLV/F4V files to DivX for your DVD Player

If you have gotten or downloaded a lot of Flash Videos in the format of FLV, F4V, if you have owned a great and standalone DVD-Player (with DivX-support), if you even have demanded to convert a couple of high definition flash videos (f4v, flv) into DivX / Xvid in order to being able to watch them on your standalone DVD DivX Player without stretching or narrowing the source video, I can very responsibly tell you, you exactly step into the right place. Follow is the step-by-step guide on how to play Flash Videos (FLV, F4V) in DVD DivX Player?

Step 1: Download, install and launch Aunsoft FLV Converter


Aunsoft FLV to DivX Converter is a great tool for converting kinds of downloaded flash videos (.FLV, .F4V) from any website to other popular video formats, like DivX/XivD, H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPG, AAC, AC3, etc with great quality and fast speed. So you can use this tool to convert your flash videos (.FLV, .F4V) to DivX/Xvid for DVD DivX Player.


Step 2: Add your flash files, select output format and specify destination folder


Click “Add” to load FLV/F4V files to this program, or just by dragging-and-dropping method. Then hit the drop-down list of “Format” to

select DivX AVI format for your DVD Player (with DivX-support). After that, you need to click “Browse” to point out where to save the output files, if not, they will be stored by default.



Tip: If you want to join multiple files together to be a single one, you can click “

Merge into one file” to achieve it. Personally I like to check it.


Step 3: Set advanced settings


You can get the following interface by clicking button “Settings”. In this window, you are permitted to adjust video and audio parameters such as codec name, screen size, bit rate, frame rate, etc.


Step 4: Convert


Once the former three steps have been finished, you can click “Convert” to start

converting your FLV/F4V files to DivX for your DVD Player.


After conversion, please import these DivX files to your DVD Burner like Nero, DVDStyler, etc for burning them to a blank DVD for playing in your DVD DivX Player. So easy, please do it now.



Click “Edit

” button, it offers the editing panel to help you edit flash videos (flv, f4v), like trimming, cropping, watermarks, effects, etc.

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Combine/Merge/Join AVCHD Files into a Single File on Mac OS X

While there are many questions about joining AVCHD files into a single file, here I would like to show you a few recommendations for users who would like to merge and combine .mts and .m2ts video clips from camcorders like Sony HDR-SR12, HDR-CX350, Panasonic HDC-TM700, Canon HF S21 and so on.

- For users who would like to merge AVCHD files without transcoding


tsMuseR might work for some users. However, there is limitation while using txmuser. For example, the Mac version only works on Mac Leopard. There is no support to Snow Leopard or Tiger yet. Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac is the alternative for you to merge AVCHD files

into a single file on Mac OS X like 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard and 10.4 Tiger. There is also the Windows version of Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter, making it easy to get rid of OS limitation.

- For editing software or media players that do not support AVCHD files

in .mts or .m2ts format:

You will need to convert AVCHD to supported formats like .wmv or .mp4, .avi while joining AVCHD files into a single file. Aunsoft AVCHD joiner will help you merge MTS/M2TS into MP4 or MOV for editing in Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Express, iMovie, QuickTime Player, Apple TV, iPod Touch, iPad and so on.

Just import the .mts and .m2ts files to AVCHD joiner, and choose the output format. Tick the checkbox for "Merge into one file" and click the bottom-right button to start merging video clips. Below is the screenshot of the AVCHD joiner on Mac OS:


- For media players that

support AVCHD MTS/M2TS:


While Media players like Popcorn Hour, WD TV, HDI Dune support AVCHD video playback, you may want to merge the video clips before playing. The AVCHD joiner will help you merge AVCHD files and get files in .mts or .m2ts file extension.


Just import the AVCHD files and choose HD Video > MPEG-TS HD Video(*.ts) as output format. Tick the checkbox for "Merge into one file", click the start button on the bottom-right corner. After the file is generated, change the file extension from .ts to .m2ts or .mts.


Hope you enjoy the

AVCHD joiner on Mac, and you may also find the Windows version easy to use with similar GUI.

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Last Three Days! Aunsoft Giving Thanks Promotion,Giveaway-Get Free MTS/M2TS Converter



Are you enjoying the ture HD video recordings thanks to your HD camcorder but also frustrated with difficulty in playing and editing AVCHD footages. Aunsoft

MTS/M2TS Converter is the right program to help you convert your MTS/M2TS video to other video formats for smoothly playing and editing in any device or editing software.In the season of Thanksgiving Day, people who are going to buy Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter will get one Aunsoft

******* Ripper (original $49)as long as he pays extra $20.



MTS/M2TS Converter is powerful video converter is a nice choice to put and play recorded Thanksgiving Day AVCHD recordings, garthering video/movies to your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPhone or upload them to Youtube or Vimeo to share your thanks or joyness.This

******* Ripper will become your ideal assistant to put your ******* and DVD movies to your iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab .From now to Nov. 4th, you will get big discounted or totally free program in Aunsoft Thanksgiving Promotion.Are you eager to get free gift?? If so, please hurry up go into

Aunsoft Thanksgiving Sale Promotion Page.

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Mac Panasonic SDT750K 2D 1080/60p MTS files to MOV for Final Cut Pro

Panasonic announced the launch of the Panasonic HDC-SDT750, the world's first consumer 3D camcorder.Even without the 3D conversion lens attached, the HDC-SDT750 functions as a high-performance full HD camcorder. The SDT750 can record full 1080p High Definition (HD) in AVCHD.The lens system is derived from the top of the range HDC-HS700.The HDC-SDT750 2D records at 1080/60p full hi-definition video resolution which produces sharp images and deep colors in stunning detail.

So if you use Panasonic HDC-SDT750k for the 2D 1080p 60fps recording (don't intend to use the 3D capability) and want to edit the 2D 1080p mts files. However, Final Cut Studio does not import the 1080P AVCHD HD Videos.This 2D 1080p mts formats can not easily import and edit on Mac with FCP, iMovie, FCE, Avid, etc .So if you want to edit Panasonic HDC-SDT750 2D avchd video with high quality on Mac, you can convert 2D 1080p files to Final Cut

MOV before editing.


Here is the step-by-step guide for you to import and edit Panasonic HDC-SDT750K 2D 1080P MTS to Final Cut on iMac/MacBook Pro with Mac OS X like Snow Leopard.


Step 1. Load Panasonic AVCHD videos to Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac.


After transferring .mts files from Panasonic HDC-SDT750K, run Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac as the best

Mac Panasonic 2D 1080p MTS to MOV converter, and click the “Add” button to load .mts videos.


Step 2. Choose H.264/AVC MOV output format.


Click the “Format” option, and choose Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MOV (AVC)(*.mov) for converting AVCHD videos from MTS to MOV with H.264/AVC as video codec for loading to Final Cut Studio. With this option, the output video will be kept as high definition1920×1080.



Step 3. Merge Panasonic AVCHD files. (optional)


Tick the checkbox for “Merge into one file”, and the Panasonic HDC-SDT750K 2D 1080p MTS converter will join and combine the video clips into a single file as output.


Step 4. Convert HDC-SDT750K 2D 1080P MTS to MOV for Final Cut.


Click the convert button under the preview window, the Mac Panasonic 2D 1080p MTS converter starts converting

2D 1080p MTS videos to H.246 .mov, and joining the MTS files for editing in Final Cut Studio.


After converting and merging the Panasonic SDT750K 2D 1080p MTS files, just import the output files to Final Cut Studio and the video is in HD 1920×1080.  You can also import the output videos to Final Cut Express (FCE) 4 for editing in full HD.

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Panasonic TM700 HD Videos Compatible with Mac,iMovie,FCP,FCE?

With the advanced 1080/60p and 1080/50p recording profiles on Panasonic HDC-TM700K, the video quality is better than other videos recorded with lower frame rate. However, the new 60 progressive recording mode with 28Mbps is higher than the normal 17Mbps and 24Mbps which are supported by the Mac applications like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, FCE4, iDVD, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer.

To make the Panasonic TM700 1080/60p 28Mbps videos compatible with the Mac applications, we need a straightforward Mac Panasonic TM700K video converter

to convert 60p or 50p to lower frame rate and 28Mbps to lower bit rate, and keeps the original video quality to the largest extent. Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac is the fast conversion solution for you to play and edit TM700 1080/60p 28Mbps videos on Mac. It also keeps the 5.1-channel surround sound in output file.


Follow the steps below and you can play Panasonic HDC-TM700 with the supported frame rate and bit rate on Mac applications.


Step 1. Load Panasonic videos to Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac.


Use USB cable to connect Panasonic HDC-TM700 to iMac and copy .mts files from camcorder to Apple hard drive. Run Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac as the best Mac Panasonic video converter, and click the "Add" button to load 1080/60p or 1080/50p 28Mbps .mts videos.


Step 2. Choose MOV format with H.264.


Click the "Format" option, and choose Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MOV (AVC)(*.mov) for converting

50p or 60p videos to MOV on Mac with H.264/AVC as video codec.   



Step 3. Modify frame rate and bit rate. (optional)


While the Mac Panasonic TM700 video converter will transcode videos to Mac compatible parameters, you may skip this step. However, to get higher video quality on output files, just click the "Settings" button, and you will face the following window.



The TM700 1080/60p 28Mbps video converter will encode videos in 30p by default, we can leave the frame rate unchanged, as it is supported on Mac. For the bit rate, we can select a pre-defined value like 9800kbps, or customize it to 24Mbps (24x1024=245701kbps) or 17Mbps (17x1024=17408kbps) by entering the value you like.


Step 4. Convert 60p or 50p 28Mbps video to MOV for Mac.


Click the convert button under the preview window, and the conversion from Panasonic 1080/50p or

1080/60p to Mac compatible format in lower bit rate and frame rate starts right away.


After the conversion, the HD videos could be imported and recognized by Mac QuickTime Player, iMovie, FCP, Final Cut Express 4, and other third party software like Adobe Premiere, Kdenlive, Avid MC, Avid Xpress Pro.




1. The Mac Panasonic video converter also works with HD videos from Panasonic 700 series: HS700, SD700, and other Panasonic camcorders like DMC-ZS7/TZ10, ZS3/TZ7, ZS1, HDC-SD60, HDC-HS250, and even Panasonic AG-HVX200P.


2. The Mac Panasonic video converter is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard. If you are using the Windows computer, you may try

Panasonic 1080/60p 28Mbps video converter for Widows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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Aunsoft Promotion on Thanks Giving Day 2010,Buy ******* Ripper,Get Free HD Videos

Nov 14th,2010 - The Aunsoft Thanksgiving Promotion

activity come earlier this year.

The multimedia developer Aunsoft  unveiled its Thanksgiving 2010 Promotion.which includes Free Aunsoft FLV Converter

; Buy Aunsoft ******* Ripper, Get Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for FREE

; 50% of the maximum bundle discount For Aunsoft any products


The Thanksgiving promotion by Aunsoft is valid between November 14 - December 4, 2010. Detailed information and discount price is listed below:

Part One: Group Purchase - Up to 50% Discounts



Any product in, as long as you want to purchase more than one license of the same product at a time, you can get up to 50% off discount right now. So just gather your friends and family members in group to enjoy now.


Part Two:

Buy One, Get One for Free



Buy Aunsoft ******* Ripper, Get Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter

for FREE


MTS/M2TS Converter is a must-have AVCHD camcorder companion, it converts/joins 1080p, 1080i MTS/M2TS and 720p AVCHD Lite files.


Part Three:

Join Us and Get Free FLV Converter



You simply click

Get Free “Turkey” to join Aunsoft’s Facebook, and show your

Like, you will get Aunsoft FLV Converter for Free and enjoy life-time friendly support and free update. So just hurry up!





All the above mentioned discounted applications are available on the

Aunsoft Thanksgiving 2010. Free Trial versions are offered for users to download try out before purchasing,Please click here :

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Aunsoft Tablet PC Review: BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad 2 vs Galaxy Tab


When there are comparison between BlackBerry PlayBook and Apple iPad, there are voices saying that it is not letimate, as iPad has been available for several monthes, while BlackBerry PlayBook will be available in the first quarter of 2011. Well, even though we do not have the exact specifications about iPad 2 yet, there are rumors saying iPad 2 will be launched in April 2011 or the first quarter like BlackBerry PlayBook for the competing.


Since we have compared

Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad, we will take the three recent tablet PCs with specifications compared according to 5 factors like size, camera, storage, multitasking and media support.




While BlackBerry PlayBook and Galaxy Tab provide 7-inch display with 1024x600 resolution, Apple CEO Steve Jobs suggested that iPad 2 would not be 7-inch tablet, considering the 7" tablet is not sufficient for great tablet apps. However, there are rumor saying that iPad 2 will be thinner.




Samsung Galaxy Tab is equipped with 1.3MP front camera and 3MP rear camera, and RIM announced BlackBerry PlayBook with advanced 3MP front camera and 5MP rear camera for conference calls. The camera on iPad has been a hot topic when comparing to other tablet PCs. And iPad 2 will be equipped with camera too. The camera on tablet PC will be a must then.




Samsung Galaxy Tab is available with 16GB / 32GB internal storage, and expansion storage with microSD. Apple iPad provides 16GB / 32GB / 64GB as internal storage, but no expandable storage. BlackBerry PlayBook supplies 16GB / 32GB / 64GB storage, and the expandable storage support is unknown yet.




It is confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2 and BlackBerry PlayBook with BB Tablet OS support multitasking. Apple iPad with iOS3 does not support multitasking and the iOS4 now is available for multitasking. There is no doubt that iPad 2 will support multitasking. The processor will be upgraded in iPad 2.


Media support:


While BlackBerry PlayBook and Galaxy Tab support recording 1080p HD videos, there is no problem for the playback of 1080p videos. So far with the iPhone 4 cameras, the HD video will be up to 720p, not 1080p. Thus, iPad 2 may record up to 720p videos.


While there is Flash 10.1 support in Samsung Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry PlayBook, it is convenient to browse web content and Flash videos. The built-in player of BlackBerry PlayBook supports H.264, MPEG-4 and WMV files. Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to support more media formats with DivX AVI. The media support for iPad 2 might be similar to the current version with H.264 and MPEG-4 for .mp4, .m4v and .mov.


If you would like to play more videos and movies on the tablet PC like BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad (2), you can use Aunsoft Video Converter as

tablet PC video converter to convert the unsupported formats to MP4 for smooth video playback. For example, you will play MKV and TiVo on BlackBerry PlayBook, iPad 2, and Galaxy Tab in ease.

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Apple’s iPad, iPhone 4 with no flash supported, so you are not able to enjoy the flash scripts  online freely. If you have interests in watching flash videos and are  eager to enjoy your flash video collections on your new iPad or iPhone  4, you certainly need a powerful flash video (*.flv, *.f4v) to  iPad/iPhone 4 Converter to help you do this. Aunsoft announced the  release of F4V Video Converter on June 28, 2010. This great tool is  specially designed for you to convert your FLV/F4V encoded video content  into the today’s most popular and wide spread video formats which are  used on mobile phones, removable devices, desktop computers, laptops and  various MP3/MP4 players. And it is also the first special-designed and  reliable FLV/F4V to iPad/iPhone 4 Converter in the market.



If  you have downloaded or collected lots of flash videos on your Mac, and  want to play them on your new-paid iPad, please don’t forget to get help  from a third-party software, a powerful flash to iPad video converter—(Aunsoft F4V Video Converter for Mac). (Windows users: (Aunsoft F4V Video Converter)).  You can use this program to convert any encoded flash video in formats  of FLV, F4V, SWF to MOV, MP4, H.264, MPEG-4, M4V, MP3, AAC for playing  on iPad, you can also convert flash video to iPod, iPod Touch, iPod  Shuffle, iPod Nero, iPod Classic, iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS for  enjoyment. In a word, it is a great and reliable Apple devices, software  helper.


How to let your favorite flash video played on iPad with great quality?


Step1: Download and install Aunsoft F4V Video Converter For Mac


It is a very safe and 100 % clean software and works very well for Apple iPad on Mac. So just run it.


Step2:  Load videos to this Mac Flash to iPad converter by clicking “Add”  button to load your Flash videos (*.FLV, *F4V, *.SWF) to this best F4V  Converter. Select output path for saving your converted files for Apple  iPAD.


Step3: Select output format for your Apple iPAD. Here I just select “iPad HD video (.MP4)” as output video.



Good Tip: For iPad’s display resolution is 1024*768, so if you want to let  converted videos resolution displayed in 1024×768 for getting best  quality, please click “Settings” to do better adjustment. If you don’t  find 1024*768, you can type by yourself.


Step4: Start converting  your Flash videos (*.flv, *.f4v, *.swf) to Apple iPad by hitting the  “Convert” button.Check “Merge into one file” to join all flash video  files to one output mp4 file before converting.


After conversion,  please connect your iPad to Mac and transfer those converted MP4 videos  to iTune, then sync them to your iPad. Just as same as sync videos to  iPhone. Then, you can enjoy and play flash videos on your Apple iPad and iPhone 4 with high quality.


Want to learn more information, please enter Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac.

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