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Week 5 Day 1

Posted by richdaley Dec 8, 2010

Today was the best workout I have had since I started.  The first two runs went by really easily.  I started to get just a little bit of pain toward the end of the third running interval but it wasn't too bad.  There was never a point in any of the runs where i was tempted to stop.  I think I could have done a couple of more intervals.  I am beginning to think that I will be able to do the 20 minute run that is coming up.


My plan right now is to do W5D2 tomorrow morning and then maybe do Day 3 over the weekend.  I haven't decided.  I really like working out on my street but only early in the morning when there are no cars (it is a dead end but there is still some traffic as people go  to their houses) and no neighbors.  I love our neighborhood and the people but they like to talk which I can't do and then I feel rude.  Maybe I will try to get up really early on Saturday but I do need to get rest too.  It doesn't seem like a good idea to try to do the 20 minute run without a day of rest before it but I may take a shot on Friday.  The other option is to wait for Monday which would mean I would probably do day 2 again on Saturday and take Sunday off. 


My body feels awesome today.  I have been avoiding weighing myself because I don't want to get discouraged but I think once I complete the 20 minute run, I will do a weigh in.  My legs were a little stiff when we go to the train station after driving for 30 minutes but not too bad. 

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Week 4 Day 2a and 3

Posted by richdaley Dec 6, 2010

I went out to work out on Saturday but I psyched myself out of the last 5 minute run so I am going to call that week 4 day 2a. 


The problem was that even though the temperature was around 30 degrees, there was a group of people at the park with dogs that were having some sort of dog family reunion or something (they kept lining up to take pictures).  They were doing this on the path that goes around the small lake at the park.  The problem is that every time I made my way around the small path, they would have to grab their dogs and get out of my way (although I didn't care...I love dogs).  When I was approaching them with 2:30 minutes left in my last 5 minute run, I stopped.  Normally I would have kept going but I was really tired and stopping so that I didn't have to run past them gave me an excuse to stop.  I also get self-conscience running with people around because of my size (I wonder if people are thinking there is a sale on donuts somewhere lol)  I felt bad about it but I decided not to count the workout as an official C25K workout. 


I think part of the problem I was having was that it was late on Saturday afternoon and I am used to running early in the morning but I really struggled through the workout.


This morning at my regular time (4am) I did Week 4 Day 3.  I was able to cruise through it for the most part.  The last 5 minute run was a little hard but totally doable.  It was incredibly cold this morning.  I think I had better get some hats, gloves, and maybe some sort of body suit if I want to run outside.  The problem that I have is that once I get out there and I am part was through my workout, I get sweaty and I hate the way heavy clothes feel on me when I am sweating, even when it is really cold.  That said I love working out in the cold.  Even when the temp hits 50 degrees, I sweat to the point that I can't see so it is nice to not sweat as much.


I am likely going to take tomorrow off because tonight I am going to stay up late to watch the Jets Patriots game which will end around midnight and I doubt I am going to spring out of bed at 4am to work out but you never know.  Maybe if the Jets win, I will be inspired.  Either way, I am going to do the Week 5 Day 1 workout next.  It is interesting because the W5D1 workout actually contains less running than the week 4 workout.  I assume that this is to help condition your body to for the big 20 minute run at the end of the week.  I don't expect to have too much trouble with day one but I may do it a few times to make sure I have it down because the next step is two 8 minute runs and then the big 20 minute run.  I think what I am going to do is day one Wednesday.  If that isn't too hard, I will attempt day 2 on Thursday.  Depending on how hard it is,  I will probably do Day 2 a couple more times before moving on to day 3.  I was thinking it might be a good idea to time it so that I am doing day 3 on Monday.

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Week 4 Day 2

Posted by richdaley Dec 2, 2010

It was a little bit of a push to get out of my warm bed this morning and into the freezing (literally) PA pre-dawn but I managed to do it.  I love the way it feels when I almost decide not to workout but then I do it.  I also considered making today Week 4 Day 1a by skipping the second 5 minute run but I did that too.  I didn't have as much trouble with the second run this time.  I continue to feel a little bit of stiffness on my upper legs but it has subsided as the day has gone on.  There is a lot of joint cracking going on when I stand up after sitting for a while.  I am not sure what that means.  Overall, I feel good.  I am tired from getting up so early.


I have been making plans for the next few weeks.  I am going to take a couple of days off for Christmas.  We usually have my mother and brother down from NY and it has become tradition to go to the diner in town for Christmas dinner.  It seems a little odd but the New Yorkers are always shocked at how inexpensive it is to eat there so they insist on it.  We usually make a holiday meal for Christmas eve and people just pick at it or make sandwiches as the day goes on.  I am not a bah humbug type even though I have good reason to be (my commute takes me by the mall...need I say more?).  I actually like Christmas because I like to spend time with my family and go to parties etc.  I don't get caught up in all the gift giving.  This year we will probably give our kids each a big present and maybe a couple of small ones.  They have a lot of grandparents and I hate overwhelming them with gifts.  My wifes company is sponsoring a family for the holidays and she said the kids on her family's list asked for things like socks and underwear so I have been feeling like it is wrong to overdo it with our kids.  They will make out like bandits anyway.


I have been planning on taking tomorrow off from working out but I am addicted and it feels so good to have my pants looser and my legs a little sore.  I will have to see in the morning.  I know that I will take some time off over the weekend and the beginning of next week so it might be a good idea to get some sort of workout in.  I always take Sunday off and it is looking like Tuesday morning may have to be a day off too because the Jets and Patriots are playing on Monday night and I am sure that will be up late watching (go Jets).

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Week 4 Day 1

Posted by richdaley Dec 1, 2010

Ok, so I work up this morning with a choice of redoing W3D3 or moving on to the next week.  I was feeling pretty well rested, it was warm and I figured that since the week 4 workouts were long  I would still get a good workout even if I didn't finish all four runs.


Thankfully, I finished the workout!  The only part that I didn't finish was the final cool down which does not appear on the original plan but appears on the Android app.  The reason I could not do the cooldown was heavy rain.  No doubt that 5 minutes felt like a long time to be running but, and I remember this from last time too, it has a way of building confidence.  I mean, I ran for 16 minutes with only 5.5 minutes walking in between.  I can see how running 20, 30, 40 minutes or longer is possible.  Because the run was so long, I found I had to at least partially turn off that part of my brain that was thinking in terms of the minutes and just run.  I doubt 100 mile runners are counting down minutes until they can stop.  They just run.  It is the same with these longer runs.  You just run.


I was thankful that the rain held off until about 2.5 minutes into the cool down.  I went inside at that point to protect the various electronic equipment I carry.  I especially worry about my bluetooth stereo headset.  I am paranoid about it because I am not the more delicate person in the world and that thing is so small and seems so fragile.  I also worry because it was expensive and I doubt I would be able to afford to replace it if it broke.  I use it all the time on the train too.


Right now my legs feel a little stiff but not too bad.  It is weird that the stiffness is more in my upper legs today.


Now for the challenge...I was thrilled to finish all of the runs in this workout but I definitely maxed out my ability to run today.  If the second run was 6 minutes, I probably wouldn't have made it through so I am going to have to do this workout for a while before I can move on, especially with that 20 minute run looming in week 5.. 


All in all, I am pretty tired but I feel awesome today.  My legs feel like rocks.


My wife made an appointment for me at a chiropractor.  Not because I need to go but it is something that she arranged in exchange for my building this chiropractor a website.  Since I don't feel like there is anything wrong with me, I am not sure what she is going to work on.  

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No workout this morning

Posted by richdaley Nov 30, 2010

I didn't work out this morning because I was up too late last night.  It probably makes more sense to take today off after completing week 3 before heading into week 4 tomorrow.  I may change my mind and workout tonight but right now I am planning on resting and getting to bed early so that I can get that first week 4 workout in tomorrow.

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C25K W3D3

Posted by richdaley Nov 29, 2010

I decided to start this blog because when I went to see old posts that I had written I noticed that there was a link to create a blog.  I just had to do it.  I had been thinking that it would be a good idea to keep a runners journal.


The name of the blog is a play on words based on the the Schuylkill river which runs behind our house.  '


I started doing C25K the first time in January of this year.  I was successful on the treadmill up through week 6 and I ran/walked two 5K races even though I wasn't finished with the program.  I finished my first race in around 52 minutes and my second in 46.  I was finding it difficult to transition from the treadmill to running outdoors so I started the program from scratch but either running outdoors or much faster and at a higher incline on the treadmill.  Unfortunately, in June, I was diagnosed with kidney stones which were not painful but they required surgery to remove.  The surgery and some laziness after set me back several weeks but now I am back.  I am doing the beginning of the program somewhat differently in that I am not really worried about doing one week at a time but rather doing each workout as often as I feel comfortable and until I can do it without too much difficulty before moving on.  I am also running outdoors exclusively. 


I normally run well before the crack of dawn.  My commute requires that I leave the house by 6am so I have to get up at 4am to do C25K and give myself enough time to cool down, shower, and get ready for work.  People think I am crazy but I like working out early in the morning because once the workout is done, there is an almost meditative peace about the world compared to the chaos of exercise.  I am also fortunate enough to live on the most perfectly flat street which is about 2/10 mile long so I can run back and forth.  This is also one of the reasons I like working out in the morning because in the evening, there are cars coming and going and neighbors that think I am snubbing them when really I just can't hear them because I am listening to music.  I also have a wife and two kids and I don't get home until 6 every night which also makes it hard to work out after work.


I use my MyTouch 3G Android phone with the C25K pro app to keep my time and obviously I listen to much while I work out.


I will post when I complete each workout but here is what the past week has looked like for me:


Monday 11/22 - W2D1

Tuesday 11/23 - W2D2

Wednesday 11/24 - W2D3

Thursday 11/25 - Off (Thanksgiving)

Friday 11/26 - W3D1

Saturday 11/27 - W3D2

Sunday 11/28 - Off

Monday 11/29 - W3D3


Tomorrow I am thinking about doing W3D3 again and then taking Wednesday off before starting week 4 on Thursday.  I realize that I am exercising more than they recommend but I feel comfortable working out on this schedule.  I am not in a rush so if I find that I can't comfortably do W3D3 tomorrow, I will continue to do it until I can.  When I take more than a day off at a time, the workout seems harder the next time.


This past weekend I was able to do my Friday and Saturday runs on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail in NY which runs near my mother's house.  I am very impressed with the trail and I wish they would open up the Schuylkill Valley trail near my house.  The SV trail runs from Reading to Pottstown (where I live) and then from Oaks (about 20 miles away) to Philly. 


Ok, so that is it about me.  I plan on coming back here each day to write about my running exploits among other things.


Today the workout was not too difficult.  I got a little tired while running the last 3 minute run but nothing too bad.  I like week 3 because the workout as a whole is 25 minutes which is 5 minutes less than the first two weeks, although there is more running.  I like the shorter workout because it allows me some extra down time when I am done.  I like to listen to whatever music I am listening to for a few minutes and rest when I am done.  I had a little stiffness after riding in the car to the train station.  It is about a 25 minute ride just to get to the train.  Work is slow so I am trying to stretch my legs while I am here.

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