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Posted by Tah55 Jun 17, 2011

Italy Map.jpgThis morning I was meet by one of my Real Estate agents who’s daughter in her 40’s, finished her 1st day walking from southern France to the west coast of Spain with her (2) 60 year old relatives over the next 60 days. The story of her preparation and execution of this trip of her lifetime inspired me to make this promise to my self. Lord willing (for reasons I will elaborate during this yarn) I will bicycle the country of Italy (my Grandparents home country) from north to south for my 60th birthday. Italy has been a dream of mine for decades. I've been close, I was in Europe for business but never in Italy. So today I begin my journey. I have for years used the motto "It's not the Destination it's the Journey" on my websites etc... but not until now did it mean anything other than a clever quip. The 1st thing I had to find out is how far is it from Venice to Mondello (near Palermo)? I found out it is 1536 miles give or take to make that journey. Now what is my next step? I know I’ll get a topographical map of the country to get more information on my route and some kind of bicycling information about conditioning for touring…

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This is the log of the biggest adventure in my life. To Bicycle ride the country of Italy from Venice to Mondello, Sicily (the birthplace of my Grandfather) for my 60th birthday.

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