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Did You Know? Racquet Tech Trivia

Posted by RichJanes on Nov 17, 2010 1:59:15 PM

    Here's some ideas that I call: DID YOU KNOW

a. Larger-headed racquets have to be lighter weight than smaller-headed racquets, just to
    make them retain maneuverability???

b. Larger-headed racquets  obviously have longer strings, and therefore hit the ball with more
    power when the stroke is slow and short. This includes blocked shots, volleys and half-volleys.

c. Smaller-headed racquets have perhaps 20% less power on a volley, but they hit serves much
    harder than larger-headed racquets. This is because the stringbed center is farther from the
    player's hand, therefore increasing the velocity of the racquet head as it strikes the ball.

d. If you want to see this for yourself, just center the  stringbeds of a largehead with a small mid-size
    racquet and then check  the length of the handles. The smaller head will have a longer
    length handle, ie, the distance from the head's center to the butt cap is greater.

e. Howard Head noticed that a larger head gave him greater stability during the stroke. This aids
    the beginner since the racquet will not change attitude as the player strokes it. Howard noticed
    that stability or inertia is much greater when the head is farther away from the centerline of the
    racquet. The weight remains identical, but the stability is immensely improved, which is a great
    help on volleys.

f. Sometimes racquets should be shorter than the usual lengths. Normal length is now 27 inches,
    with longer lengths of 27.25 inch and 27.5 inches. These longer racquets must be much lighter
    in order not to be too difficult to swing. However, some players have played successfully with
    shorter racquets as well. Lew Hoad, the great Aussie champion, played with a 26.5 inch racquet.
    Lew could use a heavier frame and still take a full swing on his service return with the shorter
    racquet. The added maneuverability, coupled with added weight, gave Lew excellent volley
    skills as well. This shorter length could be a great help for doubles specialists.

g. When you get your racquet restrung, check out your bumper. If it's worn, have the stringer
    install a new bumper as well as new strings.

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