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Treadmill Fun

Posted by SLauer00 on Feb 2, 2008 8:54:02 AM

I am actually having fun walking on the treadmill. The first 3 or 4 weeks I don't think I really enjoyed it. The past week has been frustrating since I did not lose any weight, but the treadmill has kept me going. I can see results while I am walking. I can set smaller goals of walking a specific time or distance and when I complete my workout, I am happy.


I did try a fat burning setting on the treadmill which I am pretty sure just about killed me. I wanted so bad to press the stop button or reduce the speed and incline, but I didn't. When I was finished I was so satisfied and proud. Probably more proud than losing a pound or two. I know if I keep working out like that then the pounds will fall off on their own. I love it!


Below is a small clip of me continuing to follow the plan Coach Jenny gave me and one of my favorite activities helping me to get fit. Maybe when it stops snowing, I will start to love my bike again! My frustration level is low thanks to my treadmill.


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