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My Couch to 5K

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Couch 2 5K Complete!

Posted by ShonaP Oct 1, 2010

Well, it looks like I made it.  I'm very proud of myself for completing this program.  I thought I would have some wise inspirational words or witty remarks to make.  But no.. I'm just happy and proud.

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W9D2 done

Posted by ShonaP Sep 29, 2010

Well, wow..  30 minutes again..     I'm so excited that I can run for 30 minutes.  Who would have thought that I could do this?


Friday is supposed to be my graduation run.  I can't wait!

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Posted by ShonaP Sep 27, 2010

Well, I did it!  I ran for 30 minutes straight.  I'm pretty stoked!  It wasn't very pretty though.  I was tired and sore from the Steele trail day and climbing.  I had a headache.  And the whole time my head was trying to say..  just quit.. take the easy out..  It's Monday.  You can call this an easy day.  It was so tempting to just give in and go home and rest.  But I didn't want to.  I refused to quit.  I wanted that 30 minutes damnit.  I really wanted it.  And I got it!


I was pretty out of breath and had a hard time maintaining my pace.  My left foot did not want to cooperate and kept over pronating.  There is one piece of the track that has a window that reflects back at you.  I swear it looked like I was swinging my left foot in a wide arc before it landed.  So sloppy.  I think Wednesday will be easier.  I sure hope it is.


But in the end.. I hung in there!  And I got my 30 minutes in!  Yeah me!!!!

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Wonderful Day!  It felt good.  I had to really work hard at not over-pronating my left foot.  But in the end it paid off very well.  Achilles tendon is still a little tender.  But I think it will be fine.  I even had negative splits today.  ok..  Well.. I only ran 2.64 miles.. but hey.. the second mile was faster than the first one.


Trail day at Steele tomorrow.  I can't wait to go climbing..  Fun times with good friends..

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Posted by ShonaP Sep 22, 2010

Well, I didn't post on W8D1 because I really didn't have anything positive to say about it.  LOL  I tried several times and ended up depressing myself.  So, I just didn't post.


Anyway, I took a couple of days off because I just felt really tired.  Like bone tired.  I think being out in the sun all day Sunday did me in.  I was a little dehydrated and sapped.  I think this had a lot to do with my crappy performance on Monday.  But who knows.  I'm just guessing here.


So, TODAY!  Oh hell yeah!  I hydrated like crazy and talked myself into this run.  It definately helped that a couple of regulars at the Y were encouraging me.  So, I did it. 28 minutes straight.  I'm averaging a 13:54 min/mil.  This is an improvement for me.  I'm going to stick here a while though and work on distance.  Once I can run 5k straight, I'll start gradually increasing my time.  So, I'm not going to win any records any time soon.  But damn it feels good to not quit!



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Posted by ShonaP Sep 17, 2010

Well, I did it.  And it wasn't on the treadmill either!  I'm not saying it was pretty.  And I was so ready for 25 minutes to be up.  It makes me wonder if I'm ready to move on to week 8 or not.  I'll probably try it and see how I do.  I did try to keep up with my distance/laps on the track so I could try to calculate my min/mil pace.  I never knew it could be so hard to remember to hit the silly lap button.  I have a tendency to zone out.  But according to my rough record keeping, I did a 14 min mile (not including the walking).  That equals out to approximately 4.3 MPH.  I'm happy with that.  But I will keep working on it.


I would also like to try running outside (IN THE MORNING) soon.  The only trouble is.. I like my sleep.  It's hard for me to get up knowing I can sleep later.  But I wonder if I should stick to the track for a couple of more times then migrate outside?  Babysteps, you know.


Anyway, this was a nice way to end the week.  It's been a good day!

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Weirdest thing...

Posted by ShonaP Sep 15, 2010

So, this has to be an appendix to today.  I'm not sure what happened today.  But I walked 3.22 miles in 45 minutes with my sis.  I think she's pissed at me for pushing so hard.  We were both pooped.  But, is it possible I can walk faster than I run.  Kinda shameful.


I'm working on speed though.  I just can't maintain the speed for the long durations.  I really think I will get there as long as I'm careful about increasing my speed.  I bought a metronome app for my iPhone.  I'm hoping this will help me control my pace.  Wish me luck!!!!!!!

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Posted by ShonaP Sep 15, 2010

Note to self.  Check the first song on your playlist before starting the run.


2 things today.  I got off the treadmill and went to laps on the inside track at the Y.  I thought I could handle maintaining my pace if I used my playlist.  What I didn't count on was....  i didn't reset my playlist.  So, I started out WAY too fast. Being inside, I can't use sportypal and the Pedometer app just really bites big time.  So, I only did 15 minutes of my 25 min run.  Oh well.  I'm not going to let it get to me.  I probably talked myself into quitting way before I REALLY needed to.  I just chalk it up to a bad day and try again Friday.  I did download a metronome app so I can try to get off the treadmill.


I really need to figure out how to maintain a steady pace!.  I'm determined to break my dependency on the treadmill.

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Posted by ShonaP Sep 13, 2010

Well, I'm feeling much better today.  I had a pretty good session even if getting there was rough.  I was running behind schedule.  Had to turn around and come back home because I left my phone.  I banged my knee on the door getting back into the car.  This all kinda pissed me off which might have been just what the doctor ordered.  Sometimes anger is good


I elected to do the treadmill.  I've got to start getting my butt up earlier to do my runs.  I can't do it in the evening because that's when I walk with my sister.  And we both agree that we need that time together.  Also, I've abandoned the podcasts.  I don't really see the need for them since the times are set with no break in the runs.  I decided to try to use the playlist I created last week based on BPM.  I started the songs at 150 BPM and jumped 1-2 bpm for each consecutive song.  Anyway, I started with a 3.0 MPH 5 minute warmup.  I started my run at 4.0 MPH.  This was mainly because last week's run's were so rough (even the W6D3 run on my sis-in-law's treadmill).  After each song ended, I would bump my MPH up to match the beat of the music.  I'm not sure exactly when it happened.  But at one point, I was running at 4.5 MPH and I'm pretty sure I ran that speed for the greatest portion of the run.  But after 20 min or so, I was having difficulty controlling my breathing.  So, I did end up bumping the speed down to 4.0 MPH and maintained that until the end.  Anyway, I had a 15:09 pace (this included the 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down).  That is my best time so far.


Like I said.. maybe I just need to get good and pissed sometimes.   I'm not sure how to build from here. I've got 2 days to decide.

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W6D3 and other tidbits...

Posted by ShonaP Sep 12, 2010

Well, I'm a day late with this post.  But it has been such a crazy week.  I think I blogged in here that Michael, Connor and I headed to TX last Saturday to be with MIL while she had her mastectomy.  It has been very difficult to stick to exercise regimen's, diet, sleep patterns, etc. However, it mean so much to her for us to be here with her.  And we needed to be here with her. I'm very fortunate that my job allows me to work from anywhere.  My employers are wonderful supportive company and I appreciate everything they have done for me and my family during this time.  So, I really only missed around 3 hours on Wednesday.  Someone else at work had loaned me an air card I an worked for about 4 hours on the way to TX so, I really didn't miss any time from work.


I did get my runs in.  I was hoping for some low humidity in TX.  But that wasn't in the books.  I think I had 30%+ humidity when I did W6D1.  But that was the only low humidity day they had.  W6D2 was around 90 degrees with 80%+ humidity.  I came back from this one wheezing pretty badly.  But I made it.


Anyway, let's talk about W6D3, the 25 min run.  I first attempted this one on Thurs at around 5:30 PM.  It was about 89 degrees with about the same humidity.  I really thought I could do it.  I decided to drop the podcast and use come BPM running songs.  I had it set to start out at 150 BPM (4.3 MPH) and gradually increase to 157 BPM (approx 4.5 MPH).  4.0 MPH is what I was doing inside on a treadmill.  This pace might have been a bit much for me considering I'm not used to running outside. I've been bound and determined to push myself harder because others seem to think I can do more.  So, I'm trying.  I want to finish my 5k in less than 40 minutes.  Anyway, I got to about 17 min and just had to stop.  Why?  I'm really not sure.  Since we got to TX, my legs have stayed swollen.  Especially my left leg.  I could feel the pressure every step I took.  That played with my brain a good bit.  I just didn't feel like I had much energy.  That may or may not have been the humidity.  It was damned hot.  I was drenched.  Also, I didn't know the route and this trail I was on had lots of turns and stuff on it.  All I could think of is.  OMG I'm gonna pass out and get lost.  And I was pretty breathless and wheezing .  I tried slowing down to get my breath back.  It just didn't seem to work.  So, I'm really not sure what went wrong.  But still 17 min isn't too bad, is it?  I was really discouraged though.  I really wanted that victory.  Whatever!  I don't mean to try to come up with excuses.  I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I can fix it.


So, Saturday, I tried again.  But I asked Jennifer if I could use her treadmill.  (I really wanted to do this outside! )   Long story short.. I did it.  But it was a bitter sweet victory.  I really don't think I am ready for a 5K.  On the treadmill, I did 2.12 mi in 35 minutes.  And I was done for by the time my 25 minutes was up.  My legs were spent, my energy was gone and I was very out of breath.  And this was at 4.0 MPH.


I don't understand why other people are doing better than I am at this stage of the program.  They run faster, for longer periods of time and feel great. Some are much heavier than I am or older than I am.  I just don't get it.  Anyway, I'm a bit discouraged ..

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Posted by ShonaP Sep 7, 2010

It was hot and it was humid!  It wasn't pretty.  But I finished the workout.  However, I'm really scared about running the 25 minutes outside in this heat and humidity.  Wet weather is forecasted for most of the week.  All I can do is try.  I'm not going to do any more laps around the neighborhood though.  It's boring and that hill is tough (or at least it was today).  I'll try to map me a route tonight.


I should be more excited about my success.  But, I'm kinda in a funk today.  My mother-in-laws surgery is tomorrow.  That may be why.

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W6D1 Completed

Posted by ShonaP Sep 6, 2010

Well, its been an interesting weekend.  I had every intention of getting up Saturday morning and doing my W6D1  session prior to us leaving for TX.  I knew it was going to be my last day of indoor running for at least a week and wanted to enjoy it while I could.  However, as I've said before.  I kinda like my snooze button and well..  best intentions being what they are.  I didn't run.  Oh well.  We got into TX about 9:30 Saturday night.  It was a pretty uneventful trip, other than having the lid on the cargo carrier trying to open up on us several times.  Gotta love bungi (sp?) cords.


So, Sunday morning, I'm bound and determined to get my run in.  I slept till 10, though.  I NEVER ever sleep that late.  I'm usually up by 6:30 without an alarm clock.  Did I mention I'm in TX.  It's as hot as Alabama, but not as humid.  I think I can do this.  I told the hubby and my mother-in-law that I would either be back in 10 minutes or an hour.  hehe.  Off I go.  This was really a pretty good run.  I started weakening toward the end.  But I think I maintained a pretty good pace for me (especially with this being outdoors at 11AM).  I don't know though because SportyPal messed up on me.  (I was quite annoyed).  Anyway.  It's a .3 mile lap around my mother-in-laws tiny subdivision.  I think I did 9 laps which is a little under 3 miles in approximately 37 minutes.  There's even a slight incline on one of the long streets for about .10th of a mile.  I don't want to call it a hill.  But it was enough for me to feel it every time I hit it and had to recover my breathing after I finished it.


Anyway, long story short.  I finished the entire session and was very proud of myself.  I'm definately going to try to run earlier in the morning or later in the day though.  The heat was brutal.  But at least it wasn't humid heat like Alabama.

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W6D1 Attempt 1

Posted by ShonaP Sep 3, 2010

Shoulda posted this yesterday.  But I had a grueling (but productive) day at work.  I'm a day behind.


Well, after a week of being sick..  bleh sickness bites!  I'm finally able to get to the gym and get back on schedule (or so I thought).  Actually, I'm not too upset with myself for having to repeat this day.  I was still somewhat congested which made breathing difficult.. (And yes, I have chronic bronchial asthma).  But I had told myself before I got sick that I was going to start pushing myself harder.  And I did.


My old routine was something like walk at 2.5 MPH and jog somewhere between 3.6 and 4.0 MPH.  Well, today, I jumped on the treadmill and warmed up at 3.0 MPH.  No problem!  jogged for 5 min at 4.5 MPH.  little breathless, but I recovered.  walk at 3.0 MPH.  jogged for 8 min at 4.5 MPH.  kinda tough but I made it through.  Then this loud asshat showed up and starts pounding on the treadmill right beside me while I'm doing my 2.5 MPH walk (yeah, I was outta breath).  I know the guy probably couldn't help it.  But geesh, he was sooo loud.  I couldn't tune him out with my iPod.  Anyway, I started my final 5 min run and I really think I would have made it.  But, here I am trying to maintain my 4.5 MPH speed and he's pounding away at 7.0 MPH (yes, I looked).  He kept me out of rhythm.  I couldn't tune him out.  The guy on the other side of me was doing 6.0 MPH and I tuned him out no problem.  Ok, maybe I'm looking for someone to blame for my failure (I really don't call today a failure.  I'm just playing with words.)  But, explain to me how I got my breathing under control after the 8 min run and couldn't get past 2 min into my last 5 min run.  It doesn't make sense.  My muscles were a little wigged.  But not extraordinarily so.


Anyway, I think I did marvelous.  But not marvelous enough to move on to W6D2. I'm going to try so very hard to get up early in the morning and get a run in before I head off to TX.  (Mother-in-law is having a mastectomy on Wed and we will be there all week.)  I'm, typically, not an early bird.  I love my snooze button.  Which is why I usually run during lunch, at the Y, in air conditioning.  Yes, I'm a pansy.  However, next week, pansyness goes out the door.  I'll be forced into running outside.  My Y membership doesn't transfer to other Ys.  I'll have no choice but to run outside.  Tyler, TX has similar weather to Alabama.  Except MUCH LESS humidity.  It may make an early bird out of me though.  I just can't see myself running during lunch outside in 90+ heat.


Oh!  I almost forgot!!!!!  I lost 8 lbs!!! Yeah!  I guess the diabetic meds are doing their job!  I'm so very excited.  My moral and motivation really needed this boost.


Until next time...



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Well, my buddy talked me into heading out to the event location for a test run.  This should be interesting.  I'm exiciting about not running on concrete (y track) or a treadmill.  But I'm a bit anxious about running with someone clearly more advanced than I am.  In addition, I still have that mean cold!  Yuck.  I haven't exercised or done anything for 4 days.  Blood Pressure is doing fine though.  Since Friday was supposed to be my W6D1, I guess I will let today be that run.  But I'm wondering if I should abandon the pod casts for C25K and just start training for the 9/11 5K.  Its only a couple of weeks away.


Given my very rough start on the program and running in general, I'm very worried about pushing myself too hard.  I know there are people that are a lot faster than I am.  But those people aren't me.  Then there is this other side of me that agrees that I should be pushing myself harder.  But how much is too much?  How hard should I push myself.  Failure is not an option.  Quitting is not an option.  Throughout this whole time, I've been setting myself up for success.  And maybe I have leaned too much on the cautious side.


Up until 2 years ago, I was fairly active.  Well, let's be honest.  Climbing was really the only sport I did.  But there was hiking associated with that as well.  How many times do you see the cliff right at the edge of the road or parking lot?  But, I quit climbing and spent way too much time in a chair.  Coincidentally enough, this is when the weight gain started.  Ya think?!


Enough early morning ramblings.  Its about time to head out.  And its sprinkling.. !  Dangit.  I'll let you know how I did (If I'm still alive, that is) when I get back.






Well, this wasn't as successful as I had hoped it would be.  But I'm not going to let it get me down.  I will be repeating W6D1 (hopefully tomorrow).  I was just so weak.  Even though I tried to hydrate before we left and on the way over there, I think the cold meds were sapping it all out of me.  The sprinkling turned into a nice steady drizzle which kept me from being too hot.  But I just wasn't feeling it. Nothing clicked.  I'm going to try again mid-week.  Hopefully I will be feeling better by then.

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Bleh! W6D1 may have to wait :(

Posted by ShonaP Aug 27, 2010

Well, I have a head cold and my blood pressure is low.  Michael won't let me run today.  So I guess W6D1 will have to wait till Saturday or Sunday.  I think the cold meds are causing my BP to be down.  I asked him if we could check my BP before I headed to the gym today.  He said he was going to check it around lunch anyway.  But no running and made me promise.  I had a bad spell last night and this morning where I had to sit down on the floor (tub) or I was going to fall over.  So, I guess he's right.  Being married to a nurse does have its advantages.  I just hope I don't lose my momentum.


Or... I could see if I can run this evening instead (if my BP comes up).


It just sucks because I was going to try to do the 4.0 MPH and 4.5 MPH runs again today to see if I did any better than last time I tried them (this time without the podcast).  I'm bummed!




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