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Aloha! I am thrilled to discover this great community on Active. com! I am a personal fitness trainer on the beautiful island of Maui. I am writing to inspire and share. I am a well known athlete and fitness trainer and sports model and Maui, when my career came to a halt on April 17th 2009.  For the second time!   I am now in a  wheelchair with a broken leg and torn ligament in my other ankle, but I am still able to train my lovely clients and inspire.  As hard as it is sliding down the stairs one by one on my bum, to my gym, I know I cannot give up on my clients.   I missed one week to rest, but I am back and will be back soon stronger than ever.   My clients are not complaining that I can't workout with them, I'm still able to cue verbally and have a blast with them.  My message for all of those faced with challenges, is to please do what you CAN do, even if you have to make small adjustments. Life goes in phases and everything you do to be healthy adds up.  Walk talk and strong.

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