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Very first blog post

Posted by thaliaraquel on Dec 16, 2007 9:35:53 AM

So, although I read blogs and love blogs, I've never actually written a blog post before. I don't have any free time, but running is such a struggle for me, as is keeping a regular fitness routine now that it's no longer my job, that I'm hoping starting a blog will help keep me on track.


A bit about me: I'm a former gymnast, and did gymnastics 25-35 hours a week through middle and high school. It was my life. I quit when I was 16 when I decided that I wanted to go to college for something other than gymnastics. I also wanted to dance on stage. At that point, fitness was entirely driven by coaches, meets, and required workouts. I never really did more than I was asked to, which probably kept me from being truly elite, but what I was being asked to do on a daily basis was so extreme that any extra and I would have injured myself.



Then, I quit gymnastics and devoted myself to dance. I danced anywhere from 10-30 hours a week from the end of high school through college and until 3 years ago. I worked as a professional dancer after college, mostly stage work, and took 7 or 8 professional level classes in NYC a week. Again, it was all about being coached, and working towards an audition or show. It wasn't driven by myself, and I was never by myself, I was always with a class, a director, a group of other dancers.



So that brings me to today. As a PhD candidate, I have zero free time. I work 14 hour days in the lab. Anything less is an anomoly. But, I've lost almost all of my fitness, and I'm getting married soon. My fiancee is a pretty serious runner (at least to me, he runs 3-4 times a week, has completed a marathon, likes running). Seeing the positive results he's gotten from running made me want to take up running. Well, it's been difficult to say the least. I hate it, to be honest. It's been 6 months at this point. I've gone from almost throwing up after 2 minutes of running to being able to run 2 miles in 20 minutes. (On a treadmill. I'm much slower in real life). But, I have no motivation except for his expectations of me and my looming wedding gown. Also, it sucks to hurt as much as I do after every run, and it sucks when I'm actually running. I get no joy from actually running while in the moment. A sense of accomplishment, but the feeling of "gliding" that others talk about, or the 'high" that others get has escaped me.



So, I'm hoping that running more often than once a week (which is where I've been stuck lately), and getting my feelings about running off of my chest, even if no one ever reads them but me, will be helpful in enjoying running as much as my fiancee, as much as other people enjoy running.



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I'm truly a beginning runner. A former nationally ranked gymnast and professional dancer, I've taken up running for fitness goal. I'm not finding it to be the easiest thing in the world to do.

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