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Jobs would like to define the Tablet PC future alone,but Lazaridis believe the BlackBerry can change the rules of the game
September 27, the Canadian BlackBerry maker RIM, Developers Conference  in San Francisco announced that the company will launch the first Tablet  PC product PlayBook, as the core of the commercial market to boost the  status of the BlackBerry part of the strategy. RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis  said PlayBook professional is the best Tablet PC, with industry leading  hardware and powerful and flexible software systems.
According to foreign media reports, 7-inch PlayBook with WiFi and  Bluetooth, but must be connected to BlackBerry smartphone to wireless  Internet access. Different between Apple iPad is that it supports Adobe  Flash multimedia and multitasking capabilities while with two high-pixel  camera. In addition, the new BlackBerry products will run  non-mainstream operating system, which consists of QNX Software  development. The company has developed various types of software to be  RIM acquired earlier this year.
October this year PlayBook to the sale of business users and  developers,available to consumers early next year. PlayBook RIM did not  disclose the price, but said it would pull down the prices of consumer tablet PC range. After the announcement, RIM’s stock rose after-hours trading  nearly 2% of the time, the transaction price is $ 49.29. Reuters quoted  an analyst at investment firm Perez Fernandez’s words, he initially  expressed doubts on the attitude of this tablet pc, but now he thinks,  PlayBook some key features can make it different from the iPad.
In front of this big cake Tablet PC, other hardware vendors did not  stand idly by. In much earlier time, some companies are already gearing  up, trying to win a share of Apple CEO Steve Jobs hands.

September 17, Samsung Electronics in the United States released the  first Tablet PC GalaxyTab. This was also considered a challenge iPad  product which uses Google Android system, 7-inch screen, WiFi and 3G  Internet access. Previously Samsung said , GalaxyTab will be marketed in  Europe in October.
Samsung chief strategy officer Omar Mallorca said, in a crowded train  when using GalaxyTab can feel like sitting at home as comfortable on the  sofa, the tablet can put pants and jacket pockets.It is noteworthy  that, GalaxyTab with four major U.S. carriers with the sale, the sale of  telecom operators in the function and specifications GalaxyTab slightly  different. Telecom operators, said that Samsung products will be  available in time for Christmas holidays.
Samsung will also launch an online entertainment store called MediaHub  for its smart phones and tablet PCs to provide movies and television  content. Samsung did not disclose the fees online store, only that with  the current market, compared to other content fees shops, their prices  will be competitive. Samsung firmly fixed on the pace compared to Apple,  PC giant Hewlett-Packard’s movements are a lot more tension.

HP plans to launch 7-inch tablet computer,  and with a price of $ 399 bundled with HP printers, the Tablet PC can  act as a printer control screen. It is reported that this Tablet PC is  equipped with WiFi capabilities, can be networked to download e-books,  play music and access to Facebook and other social networking sites.
Some analysts said the price war with rivals Hewlett-Packard hopes to  seize the opportunity to more high-end notebook market. However, this  may reduce the other vendors on the Tablet PC’s enthusiasm. In fact, the  printer comes with the Tablet PC functionality is limited, HP seems to  want to tell consumers Tablet PC is not a substitute for personal  computers. IDC analyst Richard Sim said, everyone wants to find business  opportunities of such equipment, but want to know how to locate the  Tablet PC to get it to not affect the company’s other businesses.
September 22, Dell CEO Michael Dell at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference  surprisingly announced that the company will launch paragraph 2 Tablet  PC, but he did not disclose the details of the product, nor does it  explain the price .

Earlier this year, Dell introduced a Google Android as the operating  system Streak 5-inch Tablet PC. Shortly after the product launch, Dell  has said that initial sales of the product exciting and excited, “but up  to 600 million in revenue in Dell, the really insignificant.”
Compared with the enthusiasm of companies mentioned above,Motorola seems more stable, they delayed the release tablet laptop program this year.
Motorola Co-CEO Sanjay K. Jha said, they would not rush to publish  tablet PC before the end of this year, but will focus on developing a  more market prospects. “We only really competitive in the product only  when the market, if successful, I hope to launch early next year.” He  said his desire to enter the Tablet PC market, but also considering  wider new forms of mobile computing.
But now except Apple the biggest winner no doubt is Google.
Google Android system by open source and free win many hardware  manufacturer’s pursuit, are poured into the tablet PC market. Some  analysts believe that in the long term, tablet PC based on Android will  break the dominance of Steve Jobs. According to Gartner’s data, the use  of Android smartphones in the U.S. market than Apple iPhone. Ed Moran,  director of Deloitte Research, said Google is possible to replicate the  success of the tablet PC market.
Although Google does not charge Android system, but if the system has  been widely used in Android, Google can still be related to income.  Bloomberg quoted an analyst Jim Friedland CowenCo said, Android system  will help Google to increase mobile advertising revenue, open up the  search engine market, and store operations applications. He believes  that by opening up policy, Android system spread rapidly.
Because Apple AppStore app store current limitations, the phenomenon of  the industry is expected to be weak stamina in the next few years  gradually. Friedland said, Android Tablet PC may take 3 to 4 years to  catch up in sales iPad, the iPhone and Android mobile phone system to  catch up the time it takes about the same.
However, Google executives said recently that the absence of specific  optimization to do, and now the Android system does not meet the Tablet  PC. Google said the company will promote the future of Tablet PC product into its upcoming Chrome powered operating system. This is undoubtedly  the time for Apple to allow breathing space to consolidate the existing  position.

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