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Compared with iPad, the Samsung Tablet PC Evaluation

Posted by orangeen on Nov 14, 2010 5:40:39 PM

Samsung Tablet PC unveiled the European IFA consumer electronics  show in September. This Tablet PC with 7-inch TFT capacitive screen,  equipped with the operating system Android 2.2; hardware equipped with a  1.0GHz frequency A8 ARM architecture processor, and equipped with  PowerVR SGX540 graphics chips, while built-in 16GB storage;

Samsung tablet computer in the network, compared with Apple iPad has obvious advantages, which  not only supports 802.11b / g wireless protocols, GPS navigation, and  Bluetooth 3.0; It also supports all 3G band networks, including voice,  video and other functions ( In the United States prohibit the use of  this feature.) Its body weight is only half the iPad tablet.
Apple iPad tablet, compared with this Samsung tablet pc, a larger  screen, clearer; more robust, aluminum and noble body and long battery  life. In addition, it is learned the system used by iPad tablet in  November will be upgraded to 4.2 version, Flash can support the web  browsing capabilities.

1 Workmanship and design
Samsung Tablet PC fuselage using plastic material, black front panel,  white body back cover, and using a circular cutting edge of fashion  design; body size: 7.48 × 4.74 × 0.47 inches, compact body, easy single  hand-holding, while the other hand free to operate. Given that most  computers need to use both hands flat, compared with Samsung Tablet PC,  more like a smart phone; it with the smart phone will also have a  significant difference is that it does not like the phone to your ear to  play the same telephone, that can only speakers or 3.5mm headset /  Bluetooth headset for voice calls.

2 Display
Samsung Tablet PC 7-inch TFT display with a resolution of up to 1024 ×  600, without the use of LED screen; when in direct sunlight, the  contrast was lost, but the image will still be very clear; and relative  to the LED, the screen in will be lost under the sun to shine. Also  touch sensitive screen, this product is very high.

3 Performance
Samsung tablet PC with a 1GHz frequency Arm A8 processor architecture,  while equipped with PowerVR SGX540 graphics chip for the smooth running  of multimedia files provide a powerful hardware protection; However, if  the flash memory card overload, the image will be smooth and the zoom  feature bring a greater impact; this point may be caused by the Flash  player; In addition, a smart phone equipped with this processor, and  there would not have this kind of thing; but this has not greatly  affected, after all, Tablet PC is not used to dealing with the important  content of Flash.
16GB of memory for its own terms, compared to the current notebook, you will feel very small, but compared with the tablet PC,  the current flat market, sold mostly by memory, or SSD solid state  drive; size is also more in 8GB, which can be seen, 16GB size is good;  the same into the product also supports SD card expansion, gives us more  storage space.

4 Operation Interface
This section Samsung Tablet PC version of the installed operating  system, Android 2.2, the use of our operation is very user-friendly, and  there is no convenient place, and its interface is very clear, and the  program runs very smooth, in large part should thank the operating  system; currently its only competitor, I am afraid that Apple iPad.
Of course, this operating system with Samsung’s unique TouchWiz user  interface, which is similar with Samsung’s smart phone, the interface is  sliding around, zoom functions, and copy and paste, multi-touch screen  support. In addition, this tablet pc only supports Samsung’s wireless  network access (WiFi and 3G), does not support the wired network.
Samsung Tablet PC in terms of battery life still has an obvious  advantage, even in the open case of 3G, or WiFi, it can use more than 5  hours, standby time up to 2-3 days. In addition, this product is the  battery as iPad, iPhone, iPod, like the built-in internal body does not  function with the demolition, if the battery life coming to an end, only  to manufacturers for replacement.

Conclusion: Both in terms of its advantages or disadvantages, this  machine is commendable. First people to think of it, it is a big smart  phone. But as a tablet PC, no doubt it will be iPad biggest competitor,  because it has a lot of Apple iPad do not have the features; such as its  advantages of one-handed operation, which is in its deliberate choice  on the basis of the size.
7-inch screen relative to the iPad 9.7-inch screen is seemed a bit  small, but the use of more sensitive capacitive display, and excellent  Android system, and human Samsung TouchWiz user interface, as well as  his admirable wireless networks; Generally speaking, this is a  competitive market for tablet PCs.

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