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Thank You

Posted by mike ruhland Nov 27, 2008

As Team Polar 2008 comes to an end I just want to say thanks to all my teammates for a fun year.

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NYC run

Posted by Timothy Moore Nov 13, 2008


Just back from a short visit to NYC where my brother lives. He is fortunate to rent a place very close to Central Park, which provides a better training backdrop in the centre of any other major city. And while we missed out on watching the NYC marathon, we were fortunate to catch a few post-race running store sales.



Here's an edited photo of the view from the reservoir in Central Park where we ran during our visit.






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Posted by Timothy Moore Nov 13, 2008


How about the RS400? Wow .. superb HR wrist mounted monitor.






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Pacific Road Runners

Posted by Timothy Moore Nov 3, 2008


Here's a link to the main site .. there's a race calendar there.






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H2H link

Posted by Timothy Moore Nov 3, 2008


H2H site



The race is set for November 8th. It's on my list to do one day, though not this year.






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Is anyone else from Team Polar running in this? I'll be down there with a team from the Okanagan. It usually POORS rain for the entire day, but I have never been to a better after-race party! And there are similar scenes as you would see in Ironman - competitors in the solo 100km event dragging themselves across the finish line. It's a great event .  . . . .

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