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Hey fellow Polar Athletes,


I thought I would write up a quick recap of March 29's race. "The Snake"


The evening prior and day of started like any other road race that long time friend and teammate Mike Ruhland would join me on. Being the triathlete he is he tends to complain about many aspects regarding road racing - the great potential for crashes, careless behaviour of other riders and of course the weather. With lots of convincing I once again got him to come race with me.


Mike and I usually ride in our bright orange Coastal club kits. This was our first race sporting the new Polar clothing. We got many questions regarding our change of clothing and questions about Polar and so on. It appeared that everyone out at the race liked the new team kits and feedback was postive. Right before the start of our race a fellow rider rolled up beside Mike and I and asked if one of us could should him how to use his new 725 Polar monitor. Being familar with both the 625 and 725 I helped the rider out and sooner than we knew it we were on our way racing.


I have been ill for 2 weeks and this was the first time on my bike in 14 days. Needless to say the pace up Snake hill was fast each time and it sure was hard. It rained a little and for the most part racing was enjoyable and safe. The last time up the hill many people got dropped from the pack. I ended the race in 7th place which I was happy about considering my lack of time on the bike. Mike ended the race in about 13th or so.


A friend came out and took some pictures of us racing so I thought I would share them with you guys. Follow the link attached to check out the pictures.


I will also post our Time Trial results and pictures from March 30th when they are posted.


EDIT - I forgot to mention. Mike Ruland is riding the blue Trek bike and myself (Daniel) Riding the red Trek bike.


This Escape Velocity race was held in Fort Langley, BC.

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