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Happy Holidays!

Posted by carolynhubbard Dec 24, 2008


Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!



Hopefully we'll see each other next year at the races......healthy & fit.

                                                                                Carolyn xo



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Olympics, Kelowna and IMC

Posted by carolynhubbard Aug 29, 2008


Hey Duncan and Scott  thanks for the recent posts..... Great to see Duncan in Kelowna. It was a good day.



Congratulations SCott on IMC! .....I didn't see you out there .......maybe I was too focused or bothered!



The Olympics ...were awesome to watch....I watched more this yr than in previous....b/c it was usually on when my kids were alsleep and I should have been!   Simon is a come back 8yrs later and win a silver medal (after his gold) He's definetly a great race horse. The commentator was Barrie Shepley....SImon's first Coach ....prior to Joel and Lance (who he won Gold with in Sydney) .He probably felt the need to say something coach like....I just tuned him out and watched the racing......thinking 'it's just Barrie".



IMC was a gret day in Penticton with the volunteers and the never cease's to amaze me how that town come's together. I get inspired by the stories and the last finishers......this yr for me it was ....the Heart transplant guy from Alberta and Sister Madonna Buder...that women! 78yrs old.....I can't complain of my aches and pains! ...and finshing with my eldest daughter Analiese (5yrs old).



IMC for me was an interesting experience....a swim/ and run that I would hope not  to repeat!  Bike and finish yes! This year I have been marred with achilles isssues preventing me from doing the run training I would normally do for any of the races I have done. ( heck I come from a running background!) ,so, the run for me was a painful experience....but I had my heart set on doing this race again this yr.



The swim was rough this yr (last yr I found clear water from the 1st bouy, and I started in the same spot), No Scott !  I got dunked and smacked around right until the turnaroud at the boat .....when I finally got some clear water and I kept thinking.....why? Your're out here all day guys! What's the point of this? ....anyway, it certainly woke me up!



I arrived in transtion about 1min slower than last yr which fueled my fire for the bike.........I had a great ride .....IMC's ride is one of most spectacular rides in all the Ironmans around the's great scenery and this yr's bonus was having Steve King on Richter. I used Kevin Cutjars advice on how to break down IMC's bike ....use heading out to Osooyos as the "warm up" (60k)Then, the "ride" (90k)starts in Osooyoos and focus on getting over Yellow MTn strong., then the last part is downhill , so focus on your legs for the run worked ....i got off the bike and felt good.



The ladies in the change tent asked me "do you want your singlet and shorts? " ( I always put that stuff in just in case and never use it!)  It for some reason sounded like a good idea....I thought at the I quickly changed into running shorts ,not knowing I dropped my blister stuff on the way out of transition . So, I commenced the run knowing full well my achilles would give me grief almost a mental pain barrier that I had to crack to get through the race.....then the advil kicked in , except I kept having to adjust my shorts because of chafing........then around mile 8 someone ran by me and said ....." you know you're bleeding?" I said "oh"...."thanks"......looked down and saw blood streaming down both legs and shoes the colour of blood.  Well that was the cracker for was almost like I had prepared mentallyfor my achilles but not torn up legs! so, I spent the better part of the run going through aid stations washing my legs and getting vaseline...the chafing was getting unbearable then thank GOD it started to sprinkle , but, the damage was already rt leg was raw women ran by and said"ph I got mine today too....don't worry it's not a beauty contest" ........I responded...."I wish that was the problem!". It made me laugh.......funny how you can laugh in pain....then I saw some juggler/joggler dude and laughed more....maybe I was getting a little punch drunk.....but it is interesting how the universe works.  So,  heading back into town,I continued with my ritual of getting to an aid station sponges! wash legs .....vaseline! I had aid station people running after me " you know you're bleeding? you need anything? " They were awesome. Then finally when the pain just got so unbearable I saw my family and I was overcome with emotion........( Andreas said I couldn't finish with all 4 kids b/c somebody had just dropped a kid at the finish line , that was a goal of mine b/c last yr I finished with Matias & Analiese , not the younger set of twins)



so,  Analiese said" Mummy I said I was going to finish with you!" as she ran beside me...."I looked at her and said "OK Bugsy ....lets do this" So, she ran the last kilometre with me...(.I was so proud of her) ...there was a loud roar from crowd and we crossed the line together.



I'm  left with a raw/road rash leg that has kept me up 5 nts , but, I'm also left with a memory of finishing with Analiese and the look of joy on her face.......that makes it all worth it  Isn't that what Iroman is about? The stories..........there are many.



I still have the desire to finish a Iroman with all 4 kids , so flame continues to burn inside.
































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Hey everyone, to add to my recent post



                              I also wanted to add that  Andreas ( my partner) decked out the kids (all 4) in all  the Polar gear( sans cap which I adorned) to cheer on everyone at world's was quite the site! very cute.....many people commented on it ....especially one of my 2 yr olds  Mikaila, with the Polar jacket on was like a tent dress with rolled up sleeves with the logo "listen to your body" covering her whole body !   He forgot the camera in the car.....,so, we'll have to re -create that scene at another race.



Speaking of listening to you heart rate in the race at Worlds remained in a relatively good zone, because you can't reach the upper echelons of heart rate when you've got, thanks to the monitor it probably helped get me to the finish line




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Hey everybody,


First off congrats to Charlene and anyone else that has recently raced........:)



I'm still alive after an interesting experience of racing ....if you can call it that at World's at English Bay.



The weather and the water was by all accounts a real challlenge for the ITU with regards to the age group races on the Saturday. (and Friday)



COLD waters ,chop, and current forced the organizers to scramble and make a decision starting with women 50 and over and all Men



to race a Duathlon.



The Swim was technically 1100m (what the sprint racers had to endure on the friday without the chop,wind, strong currrent (....but, when was a sprint race 1100m ?opps! ) but it was more like god knows........ We were the 2nd last group to enter the water and right way we could tell the conditions were getting worse .I passed people on their backs, swimming breast stroke ,and ,generally floundering, including myself ,in absolute freezing waters . One kayaker manning the race was having so much trouble hanging around a bouy that was madly swinging every which way, (like a large fish attempting to get loose from a net ), that, he flipped....poor bugger......I laughed , then started coughing uncontrollably, (my fault .....being in very cold waters with bronchitis).



The bike was very entertaining ......lots of drafting and groups the time we (the old ladies hit the road ) it was full on the good old days racing Pro......except I didn't have the gas in my legs and my lungs were absolutely burning and I was hacking. Generally speaking I had fun on the bike .....I love Stanley Park with no cars , you get to pretend you're in the tour de france .....yes , I know......tour de france for beginners.with no bike handling skills, but, it's still a thrill.



....mental note.....never race a triathlon with bronchitis in the cold even if it's World's and your kids woke up bloody early to see you cross the finish line..



Then, I got to the run.........pain FULLexpereince.... ( I have a pulled calf muscle /achilles which I had done in a previous race in May)...couldn't feel my feet , good thing ! yet the people cheering were getting excited and my kids at that point were sceaming at the top of their lungs....whether in frustration/crying or joyful glee....who cares! the racers were lapping it up.....then a very strange thing occurred .....50 yr olds were passing me like I was standing still and men were running the other direction at full tilt like a swarm of bees after a loud bang....things got confusing out there. The race course turned into people running everywhere, even , spectators.



My feeling in my legs returned .......bad thing.....I wanted to run on stilts and no feeling's better than the pain of a calf and achilles......I call that being comfortably numb...........anyway, got to the finish, and saw my 4 little faces ....MUMMY!. best part .....they think you're the greatest ....even if you've had a shocker. I came 43rd. I guess's all an experience.....this one ranks in my all time yucks top 10 list . My partner , Andreas, said after the race " you have an all time top 10 worst list ? Then after listening to me hack and wheeze....he said ....".maybe you should go back to the Doctor."...I laughed and started choking........and said "and......say what?" WE then both looked at each other and started laughing choking/laughiing.....yes, that would be a real good story to tell the doctor , who had already given me 2 sets of antibiotics (it's viral bronchitis....they didn't work ) and told me to rest....yes CRAZY! Well doc, I decided to go into the ocean for a swim and then get on bike for a ride with wet clothes on get the picture.



Instead, the nest day, I endured the humiliation of going to physio the next day and my therapist asked" what's the numbers on the backs of your legs? '''oh" I said...." my kids were drawing on my legs" !



This weekend I'm doing a training race in Whistler called Comfortably NUMB's an awesome trail race that covers the northern part of Garabaldi Provincial park . 25km of mountain bike trail that the Whistler Mountain bike assoc created and Kevin Titus ( a great trail runner / winner of Knee Knackers and Vancouver Marathons) thought it would be great to have a running race on this trail and it is a Epic race.....beautiful scenery. As is Rubble creek in September , southern part of Garabaldi ( also 25km) absolutely stunning trail race.....which I hope to do as well.



Some photos of Lees Triathlon 2 wks prior to World's in Stanley Park. I crossed the line after the first 2!







Enjoy....hope you're all well......and maybe see some of you in Osooyos in July.



Happy solstice.......everyone!



And ......does anyone have the password for the shutterfly on the Polar web site?





















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