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Thank You

Posted by mike ruhland Nov 27, 2008

As Team Polar 2008 comes to an end I just want to say thanks to all my teammates for a fun year.

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Victoria 1/2 Ironman Recap

Posted by mike ruhland Jun 23, 2008

The swim started like all the rest of my races do. The gun goes off, I dive in, start swimming, and panic sets in. Sometimes it takes minutes or just seconds. Today it was seconds. I stop, stand up, gain my composure, and get back to it. The rest of the swim went well with the exception of feeling like I was swimming on my own for the most part. Coming out of the water I fumbled around trying to find my leash. I remember putting it on my collar before the race, so where is it now? I finally find it after running most of the way up the chute into T1. Now at the bike I quickly put everything on and head out for the bike with no more mishaps.


The bike is a 2 loop hilly course. The bike is definately my strongest of the 3 events so, with that in mind I decided to push it hard from the get go. I quickly started passing people but found my heartrate climbing into the high 170's. The second loop is where I knew I started out to hard. Half way through the second lap I had 2 people pass me back and my heartrate had fallen into the low 160's for the rest of the ride. Coming into T2 I was all alone and sitting in 13th place. I quickly racked my bike, bent down, put on one shoe, and then had my quad go into spasms. There I am all alone in T2 with one shoe on and one shoe off just standing there. Nowhere to hide. Finally it relaxes a bit and I am able to put on my other shoe and head out on the run.



The run is 2 loops on trail with most of it in the shade. The leg didn't seem to bother me after a few minutes of running and I was able to settle into my pace. I had one person pass me early on the run and then found myself alone until the second loop. The second loop was a bit easier/harder because I found myself asking as I passed or got passed, "are these people on their first or second lap." Not once did I look at my heartrate on the run. I was too scared of what I might find. With the finish line 1km away I picked it up and finished strong 17th overall.



I have raced this event 2 previous times and had pb's in both the swim and run today. All in all it was a good day.



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Posted by mike ruhland May 17, 2008

Not sure how many of you read Triathlete magazine but our own Timothy Moore has an article in there.

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Tire Rolling Resistance

Posted by mike ruhland Apr 30, 2008


Here is an article I found on rolling resistance between many different tire manufactures for both clinchers and tubulars.



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Delta Tri Results

Posted by mike ruhland Apr 30, 2008

This past weekend was the Delta Tri which saw sun and warmer temperatures. The distances were 700m / 20km / 5km. Myself and Duncan were there racing. I finished with a time of 1:03:34 15th overall and good enough for second in my age. While Duncan finished with 1:01:49 9th overall and 3rd in his age. Normally I don't stick around for the awards and draw prizes but thought seeing as it was nice out a little relaxation in the sun couldn't hurt. Anyways I won the door prize of a Giant OCR3 entry level road bike. After the way I road at the race I might be switching bikes.!delta tri.jpg!

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Posted by mike ruhland Apr 2, 2008

Sunday afternoon was the last of the spring race series and finished off with something more my style, a TT. I was really looking forward to trying out my new wheel cover on my race wheel but unfortunately got a flat. Somtimes I wonder if tubular's are worth it. The good thing was I was still at home when I got my flat and was able to use my other wheel.


The course was a 12km flat out and back in Ft Langley. I started off with a tailwind which turned into a cross wind and you guessed it a head wind on the way back. I placed 24th overall and 2nd in my category. Winning time was 14:58 with an avg. speed 48km/hr. I managed 16:38 avg. speed 43km/hr. Fellow polar athlete Daniel was there as well and did quite well considering he was riding just a road bike. Most of the people there were riding full blow TT bikes with disc wheels and aero helmets. I think he placed 4th in the same category as me. He does have some pics from it to post as well.

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