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*Remember the earlier you enter, the cheaper it usually is



Race safe and enjoy






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A new year lies ahead

Posted by Timothy Moore Dec 31, 2008


Thanks for a superb season everyone .. and as both Mike and Carolyn have noted already, all the best to everyone heading into the New Year.



I received a daily quote and I received this one this morning:



"The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his

success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of

the beautiful jewels of wisdom."



James Allen

1864-1912, Author of As A Man Thinketh









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Happy Holidays!

Posted by carolynhubbard Dec 24, 2008


Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!



Hopefully we'll see each other next year at the races......healthy & fit.

                                                                                Carolyn xo



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Thank You

Posted by mike ruhland Nov 27, 2008

As Team Polar 2008 comes to an end I just want to say thanks to all my teammates for a fun year.

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NYC run

Posted by Timothy Moore Nov 13, 2008


Just back from a short visit to NYC where my brother lives. He is fortunate to rent a place very close to Central Park, which provides a better training backdrop in the centre of any other major city. And while we missed out on watching the NYC marathon, we were fortunate to catch a few post-race running store sales.



Here's an edited photo of the view from the reservoir in Central Park where we ran during our visit.






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Posted by Timothy Moore Nov 13, 2008


How about the RS400? Wow .. superb HR wrist mounted monitor.






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Pacific Road Runners

Posted by Timothy Moore Nov 3, 2008


Here's a link to the main site .. there's a race calendar there.






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H2H link

Posted by Timothy Moore Nov 3, 2008


H2H site



The race is set for November 8th. It's on my list to do one day, though not this year.






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Is anyone else from Team Polar running in this? I'll be down there with a team from the Okanagan. It usually POORS rain for the entire day, but I have never been to a better after-race party! And there are similar scenes as you would see in Ironman - competitors in the solo 100km event dragging themselves across the finish line. It's a great event .  . . . .

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Desert Half deadlines

Posted by Timothy Moore Oct 28, 2008


For the Desert Half on July 12. It's $200 until the end of November, then $215 until the end of March and then it rises to $230.



For details.



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I just received an email saying that early registration for the June 7th Oliver Half Iron closes this Friday. It's $215 to enter until October 31 and then the price rises.


From Nov 1 to Jan 31, the price is $225.




After that it rises to $240.




The organisers say that last year's race was full by the end of December 2007! [So enter now if keen|].
















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Compression socks

Posted by Timothy Moore Oct 23, 2008


From The New York Times' online Play magazine (you can subscribe to it for free)



At Kona, 415 of the 1,677 competitors in the run portion of the race

wore the socks, said Chris Bohannon of the triathlon gear manufacturer

Zoot. They wore them to increase blood flow, supposedly supplying lower

leg muscles with more oxygen and more evenly distributing muscle

strain. Compression socks were originally used by diabetics, pregnant

women and travelers seeking better circulation and preventing blood




Studies of runners in New Zealand found mixed results — compression

socks didn’t help middle-distance runners but “there does appear to be

some benefit of wearing these garments on maintenance of leg power,”

Ajmol Ali, a sport and exercise science professor at Massey University

in Auckland and lead researcher on the studies, wrote in an e-mail







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There are a ton of running races in the next six weeks or so.






Burnaby Lake Rubber Ducky half marathon



James Cunningham Seawall 9.5k



There are more races listed here:









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Victoria Marathon

Posted by Timothy Moore Oct 21, 2008

As I was approaching the 39km or so mark, a guy rode by in a Polar outfit .. none other than Mike, smiling, telling me that I looked great. Hmmm, I wasn't thinking quite the same.


But I crossed the line about 15 minutes later in 3:22 and was more than happy to stop moving. My girlfriend was already relaxing in the finishing zone.




It's been an odd year in which I have raced just one triathlon - a half iron - and one in which I've done a lot of running races. The way I see it, it was a good break and also a chance to recharged myself as I've signed up for Ironman Canada 2009.




Time now to get back on the bike - even if that is more mountain than road and more in the garage than outside. Time in the saddle is time in the saddle and I'm keen to recapture and surpass the cycling form that I had now more than a year ago. 



As for the Victoria marathon .. next year is the 30th edition and I can't say enough good things about both the course and the organization.



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