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Anyone on the team who subscribes to Triathlete magazine?



I happened to see a digital image of the front cover of the March issue and it flagged a heart rate training story.



Here's the link to the image.



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I'm trying for a little more buoyancy this year . . . .





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Rob's Ride 08

Posted by scottjacobsen Mar 31, 2008


This is a ride I am heading out on from May 9th to 11th.



Info can be found here:



If anyone else is interested - it's a beautiful 380 KM ride through the West Kootenay's. Semi - supported with vehicles to carry some of your stuff, and three different pace groups. The cost is $100.00.



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FACT Education

Posted by scottjacobsen Mar 31, 2008



This is a site some of you might find interesting. I train with the Balance Point Racing team here in Kelowna - some athlete bios are listed on the team roster, plus there is a lot of other great info on this site.



Here is the Okanagan branch website:






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Hi everyone, thought I would write a race report for my first race of the year - the "Campus to Campus" half marathon here in Kelowna. First, let me tell you that although I love this race and have entered several times - I was not expecting much from this years event. Mostly because I had to pick up my daughter from the Vancouver Airport the night before, and did not arrive back in Kelowna until very late. I can see you all cringing as I tell you about my night-before-the-race meal of drive thru fast food as I drive the Coquihalla in an attempt to get home at a decent hour.So, needless to say, this is the first race, my expectations are not large, but I did in fact have some goals. I have "dabbled: in heart rate training over the past few years, and it is only in the last 8 months or so that I have really taken it seriously. Part of this has been training with the FACT Education group, and getting my lactate balnce point testing done for running and biking. This is what I have been basing my heart rate zones on. I also know from my own history on this course that I tend to go out to hard at the start, and kill myself on the significant hill that comes at the 6 km mark, and ends at about8.5 km. So my goals for this race were:


  • Not to worry about pace, only heart rate and what zone I am in.

  • Start the race at my balance point minus 10-15 beats per minute until after the hill (so a heat rate of 155-160.

  • Pick it up after the hill, but stay below lactate threshold (165-170 beats per minute.).


The result - a negative split and a time at least 3-4 minutes faster than I was expecting. I seriously had not been looking at my pace and had been concentrating solely on my heart rate so I was very surprised when I rounded the corner to the finish and was faster than expected. I truly believe that since commiting more seriously to heart rate-based training, with my lactate testing information my training has been much more effective and I feel stronger at this pont in the year than I ever have before. Thanks to Kevin Weremy of FACT Okanagan for all of the invaluable advice related to heart rate and lactate. I will post a seperate entry with some info on FACT education and FACT Okanagan - the guys I train with here in Kelowna.



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Hey fellow Polar Athletes,


I thought I would write up a quick recap of March 29's race. "The Snake"


The evening prior and day of started like any other road race that long time friend and teammate Mike Ruhland would join me on. Being the triathlete he is he tends to complain about many aspects regarding road racing - the great potential for crashes, careless behaviour of other riders and of course the weather. With lots of convincing I once again got him to come race with me.


Mike and I usually ride in our bright orange Coastal club kits. This was our first race sporting the new Polar clothing. We got many questions regarding our change of clothing and questions about Polar and so on. It appeared that everyone out at the race liked the new team kits and feedback was postive. Right before the start of our race a fellow rider rolled up beside Mike and I and asked if one of us could should him how to use his new 725 Polar monitor. Being familar with both the 625 and 725 I helped the rider out and sooner than we knew it we were on our way racing.


I have been ill for 2 weeks and this was the first time on my bike in 14 days. Needless to say the pace up Snake hill was fast each time and it sure was hard. It rained a little and for the most part racing was enjoyable and safe. The last time up the hill many people got dropped from the pack. I ended the race in 7th place which I was happy about considering my lack of time on the bike. Mike ended the race in about 13th or so.


A friend came out and took some pictures of us racing so I thought I would share them with you guys. Follow the link attached to check out the pictures.


I will also post our Time Trial results and pictures from March 30th when they are posted.


EDIT - I forgot to mention. Mike Ruland is riding the blue Trek bike and myself (Daniel) Riding the red Trek bike.


This Escape Velocity race was held in Fort Langley, BC.

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Weekend racing

Posted by Timothy Moore Mar 30, 2008


The Polar colours were being waved in at least two races this weekend. Scott will provide some details shortly.



As for me, I participated in the Popeye's 10k run in Coquitlam. A small yet very well organised event. There may be a photo or two to follow. Not a PB time for me, but it was a good hit out early in the season.



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BC training resource

Posted by Timothy Moore Mar 29, 2008

Here's a link to a site called Train Harder


" is a fitness and adventure resource and news site for people who like to get outdoors in B.C. This site is all about training...harder of course. You'll find links and information on the latest news and happenings, training blogs, books and upcoming events."

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Healthy Fat

Posted by Timothy Moore Mar 29, 2008


It applies to both men and women athletes but there's a story in the Globe and Mail online about the need for women to eat enough healthy fat.



The story is about one woman, a competitive marathon runner, who happens to be a doctor, who suffered a stress fracture which was linked to a poor diet.  She took time off running, modified her diet and is back doing fiv-hour training sessions.



Healthy Fat



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Running high

Posted by Timothy Moore Mar 29, 2008


One resource for stories about fitness & nutrition is The New York Times online.  NY Times



The link here will get you to the newspaper's front page, from there look down the left side and head to the Health section.



I point this out today because there's an interesting story on `Yes, Running Can Make You High'.



The story is written by Gina Kolata who is an athlete like us. I often cut and paste her stories to friends and family.



For a list of her columns, see Personal Best.



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So, I went into Running room last week to see if I could line up a "heart rate" talk and demo for sometime in May. As it turns out, their very next Tuesday night session was scheduled for this very subject, and they didn't have a speaker for it.  So, although the demo monitors were not ready yet, I strapped on my own new rs 200 and headed to the Running Room to talk about heart rate training and demo my own new monitor. The talk went great, with 30 people in attendance from their half and full marathon clinics. In an effort to  keep people engaged and encourage participation in the talk, I offered a prize to the most enthusiastic member of the group. This promoted a lot of enthusiasm and competition, however also produced a good laugh and some groans when they found out the "dinner for four" was actually a box of Kraft DInner. There was a lot of interest in the polar monitors. About half the people that already had monitors used the polar brand, with the others being garmin. Surprisingly though, out of the group of 30 only about 5 or 6 had heart rate monitors.  All told, it was actually a great time follwed by a short 6 km tempo run. I'll be heading back to the same group in two weeks with the demo monitors so they can try them out.

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Our neighbourhood

Posted by Timothy Moore Mar 27, 2008


A few simple facts about our part of Canada:



The Pacific Ocean is our western border, Alberta is on the east. To the north, there's Alaska, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. To the south, there is Washington, Idaho and Montana.



There are seven national parks here, excellent for all kinds of training.



If you haven't found an excuse to visit yet, you can find one here:  BC Tourism









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Racing on the West Coast

Posted by Timothy Moore Mar 27, 2008

If you happen to be in our backyard this year, take a look at these sites for something to do:


Triathlon BC




Cycling BC




BC Athletics



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On the starting line

Posted by Timothy Moore Mar 27, 2008


Team Polar BC is itching for the race season to begin in earnest. Of course running is a year-round sport here in the Lower Mainland and even the triathlon season begins early - the first event was held last month.


Though like in much of the rest of the country this year, winter is holding fast, especially at the higher elevations.






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