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IMC countdown begins

Posted by Timothy Moore Aug 15, 2008

All the best to everyone heading to IMC!

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Red Bull

Posted by Timothy Moore Aug 15, 2008


Scott Willoughby, from the Cardiovascular Research Centre at the

Royal Adelaide Hospital, said the study showed "that normal people

develop symptoms normally associated with cardiovascular disease" after

drinking Red Bull.



The results were such that he would not drink Red Bull himself, he said.



Dr Willoughby tested the cardiovascular systems of 30 young adults -

Red Bull's target demographic - one hour before and one hour after

consuming one 250ml can of sugar-free Red Bull.



He said the results were striking: "One hour after they drank Red

Bull, (their cardiovascular systems) were no longer normal. They were

abnormal like we would expect in a patient with cardiovascular




Particular attention was paid to the various factors that result in

the formation of blood clots, Dr Willoughby said, including stickiness

of the blood and the proper functioning of the patient's blood vessels.



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BC Summer Games

Posted by scottjacobsen Aug 5, 2008

Hey Guys - I haven't posted on here for a while, but thought I would throw on a couple of pics from the BC Games July 24-27 in Kelowna. I was the Zone 2 head coach, and have been helping the Okanagan triathletes prepare throughout the summer. It was an amazing weekend, and great to see these young racers give it their all on in the aquathon / duathlon and triathlon events. These kids are in the 14 / 15 age group, and the triathlon distance was 500 m/15km/3km. The top finishers were averaging close to 40km/hr on the bike - pretty impressive for their age! We'll be seeing some of these kids names in the years to come as they graduate on to junior elite etc.!BC Games 2 Tri 233.jpg!

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Just posted to xtri is a story I wrote on the Flying Blonde Dutchwoman!

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Whitfield's nutrition

Posted by Timothy Moore Aug 1, 2008

I just happened to check his blog and the first post details what he eats - no pasta, no rice .. not sure that works for long distance training/racing .. but he's got a few interesting points I think



His "favorite vices; croissants, coffee, morning gold muffins from bubby,

Mars bars....., sharkies, frozen sharkies, dates with coconut oil, 85%

dark dark chocolate and more good coffee from habit."



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<span class="yshortcuts">World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) announces an addition to the global Ironman 70.3 Event Series, Ironman 70.3 Calgary. This inaugural event will take place <span class="yshortcuts">on August 2, 2009. Ironman 70.3 Calgary will offer 40 qualifying slots to the 2009 <span class="yshortcuts">Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3.



You can register starting this Saturday - be early or wait til 2010!









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Race director Simon

Posted by Timothy Moore Jul 23, 2008


Congrats to Simon - who became a dad earlier this month - and who organized the first Peak Challenge, a 12km run UP Mount Seymour.



We had a Polar presence at the event in three parts: Simon, Carolyn who raced and then Carolyn and I helping a few athletes see what it's like when your heart rate responds to running uphill for a solid hour and a half!






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Not sure if rider hear rate data is a new addition to the tour de france (can't recall back to last year).   However, as we all know, we are not created equal when it comes to individual heart rates and HR zones.  With this in mind, I have found it to be quite frustrating when the tour coverage shows HR's of a rider.   I can appreciate that 180bpm means they are working harder than if that same person was at 160bpm.   What I have more difficulty with is when they compare across riders -160bpm is not the same level of effort for all the riders (or is it for the tour competitors?).   Without any knowledge of their max HR, it's hard to determine who is working harder based on HR.  



Furthermore, it's hard as an athlete to compare the level of work a rider is doing  with myself as my max HR is somewhere around 163 on the bike.   My question is, "would it make more sense to show the % of Max HR rather than actual HR?  I could relate a bit better to this.



Anyone else have any thoughts?



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Peach Classic

Posted by duncanwood Jul 14, 2008


Anyone else on the Polar team racing at the Peach this coming weekend?






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Simon Whitlfield Wins .....

Posted by duncanwood Jul 14, 2008

Simon Whitlfied kept pace with Javier Gomez this weekend. While Gomez was chalking up another World Cup Victory (11th of his career - tied with Simon) in Hungary, Simon was sticking it to the field at the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in Minneapolis.


The Olympic Triathlon is shaping up to be a real barn burner between the two ..... Sorry Gomez, my money's on Whitfield - he's CANADIAN. Congratulations to Kyle Jones on another great race in Europe (finishing in the top ten)






Gold - Javier Gomez (ESP) 1:51:32

Silver - Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) 1:51:51

Bronze - Dmitriy Gaag (KAZ) 1:52:08

4th - Steffen Justus (GER) 1:52:16

5th - Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) 1:52:29

6th - Oliver Freeman (GBR) 1:52:37

7th - David Dellow (AUS) 1:53:12

8th - Franz Hofer (AUT) 1:53:26

9th - Mathias Zoell (GER) 1:53:42

10th - Kyle Jones (CAN) 1:53:47




Whitfield, Simon\



Potts, Andy\



Bennett, Greg\



Hayes, Stuart\



Reed, Matt\



McMahon, Brent\



Tichelaar, Paul\



Alexander, Craig\



Matthews, Paul\



Kemper, Hunter\





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Some Random Thoughts

Posted by duncanwood Jul 14, 2008


Like many of you, I have been glued to the TV of late watching the Tour de France.   As I watched the riders take on the mountain stages, I couldn't help but wonder what goes through the mind of the riders as they slug it out trying to get up the mountain.   After all, these guys are all professional bike riders and all train as hard as one another.    So how does a young rider like Ricardo Ricco (sp?)  hang with the big guns of the Tour given all of their experience.



As I pondered this question on the way to work, I was reminded of something that Joe Friel had written in his book, "The Triathletes Training Bible".  He wrote about believing in yourself.  The example he gave was a bee ..... basaed on NASA calculations of what shape would be the most aerodynamic, the bee should not be as fast as he is..... furthermore, his tiny wings should hardly be able to move him very fast, unyet - we've all seen these little guys zipping around.   So where am I going with this? - as Friel points out, obviously nobody ever told the bee that he wasn't supposed to be fast  (due to his shape and tiny wings) but he is.   



I wonder if that's what is helping Ricardo Ricco -  he believes 100% in his ability, he belives he belongs, no matter what the odds might indicate.



When you are standing around at your next race looking at all the seemingly "fast" people and your own self confidence starts to slip away, recall the little bee - he defies physics and is a true speedster.   He believes he is fast despite the odds against him.  



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Forbes magazine suggests that Tiger Woods is on target to

become the first person to accumulate $1 billion through sporting

prowess alone.


Forbes magazine an annual ranking of the world's richest people in its

Celebrity 100 list. It reports that Woods earned $115 million in 2007

alone and he will pass through the $1 billion mark in 2010.


The Celebrity List

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Posted by Timothy Moore Jul 11, 2008


A revamped site that might be of interest:



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Desert Storm by Team BC

Posted by Timothy Moore Jul 8, 2008


There were three of us on the start line at the Desert Half Iron in Osoyoos on Sunday for a perfect day of racing. We awoke to no wind. Yes, nothing. The lake was like a sheet of glass.



It was a two-lap swim course with a short run on the beach in between each lap, followed by an out and back ride with Richter Pass making two appearances and then a two-lap run course. There was a slight headwind heading out on the bike course and a magnificent tailwind on the way back. Wow.



In short, Charlene captured a podium finish with third, Carolyn was fourth and I was 11th. More details to follow.



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The Tour

Posted by Timothy Moore Jul 3, 2008


It starts on Saturday.



A few historical facts:



Fastest individual time trial: 54.545 kph by Greg LeMond in 1989 over 24.5 km


Fastest team time trial: 54.930 kph by Gewiss in 1995 over 67 km


Fastest average over a flat stage: 50.355 kph by Mario Cipollini in 1999 over 194.5 km (Laval-Blois)


Fastest average over whole Tour: 40.276 kph by Lance Armstrong in 1999


Oldest race winner: Firmin Lambot (36) in 1922



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