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It's common knowledge among marathoners that after running a distance of 13-26 miles, the human body burns through its supply of carbohydrates - you hit, as it's widely known to runners, "the wall".This expression is very fitting, as it's explained as instantaneously feeling completely sapped of energy, leaving you struggling the overwhelming need to sit down and rest. To fight off "the wall," runners often take to carb-loading the evening before a race or competition, partaking in carb-rich foods and energy supplements such as powders and gels. This practice, along with total determination are some of the ways runners retrieve the proverbial wind and put it back in their sails so they can go on to finish a successful13.1 run.


This "wall" is not mutually exclusive to the practice of running a marathon. For someone with cancer the wall could be a traumatic diagnosis,side-effects of an aggressive treatment, or the worst case of running out of treatment options. This wall, unfortunately, cannot be treated by carb-loading with foods or supplements. While sheer determination is absolutely necessary in these trials, it can only take a patient so far in the face of a disease that has claimed so many lives.


Lazarex Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has and continues to be available to assist patients in overcoming this wall. Lazarex gives emotional and financial support, two vital things that most cancer patients and their immediate families need desperately. While there is no one-size-fits-all cure, Lazarex Cancer Foundation can provide much-needed assistance in seeking out clinical trial options for patients.


You too can get in on the fight when you join Lazarex Cancer Foundation’s Team for Life in the inaugural 2012 Tinker Bell ½ Marathon or the 2012 Disneyland Marathon Weekend. A limited number of bibs are still available for the sold out Tinker Bell event, a new ½ marathon for women (and the men who love them), on January 29th at Disneyland.These races provide an uncommon running adventure through the crowded theme park as the characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto cheer you on from the sidelines.


As a publicly funded nonprofit, Lazarex Cancer Foundation relies heavily on donations so they can offer their services to cancer patients and their families. In these trying economic times, most people don't have money in reserve to help the less fortunate. The TinkerBell Half Marathon and the Disneyland Marathon Weekend provide the opportunity to support a worthy organization and accomplish an incredible personal feat. There is no other feeling like crossing the finish line after 13.1miles knowing that you’ve reached your goals as a runner and as a fundraiser for two worthwhile causes – Lazarex and you!

Whether you're an experienced marathon runner or just lacing up your running sneakers,Team for Life has lots of ways to assist you in raising funds and in training so you'll be ready to complete the Team for Life Tinker Bell ½ Marathon and cross that finish line. If you've ever desired to test yourself and push your limits or wanted to run to support others and add a purpose to your race running, then team up with Lazarex Cancer Foundation at Disneyland in California. Assist the min combating the wall.


For more information on getting involved visit Lazarex online at To sign up for the Team for Life Tinker Bell ½ Marathon visit Team for Life online at



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This race is SOLD OUT! Lazarex has LIMITED bibs available for this sold out race! Interested in participating? Join Team for Life and reserve your spot TODAY!

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