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NEW YORK, July 16 - Tennis Now has joined the ranks of organizations that publish magazines with its Summer 2010 issue. This FREE publication is the newest of many ways the organization provides tennis news to its fans. In order to promote this exciting event, Tennis Now has partnered with the tennis industry’s Retailer of the Year, Tennis Express. The magazine features an interactive contest page allowing readers to enter their information and be placed in a drawing for a $500 gift card from Tennis Express. The gift card can be used in store or online – all entries close at 12:00am Central Standard Time on August 15, 2010.


The premiere issue features a Wimbledon Wrap Up, Player Gear Guides, and a US Open Preview. The Wimbledon analysis includes a day by day breakdown of what happened at the historic tournament including photos, articles, and more. You can watch a video breakdown of each player’s gear choices on their individual page within the magazine. Printable draws can be found for all US Open singles/doubles events along with a TV schedule for the tournament. All these things and more can be found by using a mouse to flip through and explore the magazine’s interactive pages.


Upon circulation, tennis fans should prepare for a fun and hip, colorful, hall-of-fame worthy periodical with something for everyone. Make sure you sign up for the Tennis Now Newsletter to receive the debut issue.

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NEW YORK, July 5 -Move over Wikipedia, Tennis Now (  is granting its members the ability to edit tennis player pages. That  means if you’ve got a juicy fact or interesting tidbit about Elena Dementieva that you think everyone should read, you can post it on  her page for the entire tennis world to see. Maybe you know Roger Federer personally and can attest to his favorite kind of cereal –  we want it all!

The main goal with our player pages is to have an accurate record of each player’s career in tennis, from the beginning to end.  In addition to facts we also want rumors, relationship info, and anything else that can provide insight into a player’s personality. Our loyalty is to tennis fans everywhere and we want to host a wealth of interesting and unique content for their enjoyment.

Every addition to a player page is screened by a Tennis Now administrator and approved within minutes. As long as the comment is reasonable and contains no profanity or hate mongering it will be approved. All you have to do to begin adding information is sign up to become a member which is free.  After you’ve signed up and have a username and password visit our tennis players page and click on the player of your choice.  Once you’re on the player’s individual page click the edit button (the green pencil at the bottom of the page) and a text editor will pop up. Make your changes and click the save button - it’s that simple.

Photos taken with players or amateur video shot at tournaments are also encouraged as long as they were actually taken by the user or the user owns the rights to the specific media content.

We hope to build the most extensive tennis player biographies available online with the help of tennis enthusiasts everywhere.  With so much news and information there is to share, the wealth of knowledge resides in you!

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Professional tennis isTennis Now Logo 3X5.jpg full of exciting events, competitive matches, and interesting athletes. Tennis Now helps tennis fans connect and share their love of the sport.  This exciting new social network offers tons of information for its visitors including tennis live scores, blogs, player profiles, videos, and more.  Tennis Now focuses on the latest tennis happenings and prides itself on providing visitors with the most current tennis news.


The blog section of Tennis Now features articles by knowledgeable authors who have written for prominent sources. Blog topics include anything tennis related such as tennis culture, recent matches, player accomplishments, the latest racquets, and even a little tennis humor. Visitors can comment on each tennis blog and give there two cents on what’s going on in the world of tennis.


An extensive list of tennis players can be found in the player profile section on Tennis Now.  Anything from what they wear to what kind of racquet they play with is listed.  A complete biography of the player and a link to their personal website is posted, so you can do all of your player stalking in one place.


The one thing that makes Tennis Now different from other tennis social networks is the unique video content it produces including a Daily News Vlog, Gear Guide, Catching Up With, and Beginner’s Guide.   The Daily News is great for people who don’t want to sift through articles to get the latest tennis scoops and follow current tournaments.  Are you in the market for a new racquet?  The Gear Guide gives you a wealth of information on tennis racquets, shoes, and apparel.  Catching Up With is a show detailing what’s going on in the lives of tennis stars on and off the court during the ATP / WTA Tour. All the different functions and uses of the Tennis Now network are summed up in the Beginner’s Guide vlog making it an all-encompassing how to video for new members.


Other highlights of the site include a caption contest, tournament draws, and match results. Tennis Now is jam packed with tennis information and adds new content every day making it a tennis-exclusive superpower dedicated to growing the game of tennis.

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