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NEW YORK, July 5 -Move over Wikipedia, Tennis Now (  is granting its members the ability to edit tennis player pages. That  means if you’ve got a juicy fact or interesting tidbit about Elena Dementieva that you think everyone should read, you can post it on  her page for the entire tennis world to see. Maybe you know Roger Federer personally and can attest to his favorite kind of cereal –  we want it all!

The main goal with our player pages is to have an accurate record of each player’s career in tennis, from the beginning to end.  In addition to facts we also want rumors, relationship info, and anything else that can provide insight into a player’s personality. Our loyalty is to tennis fans everywhere and we want to host a wealth of interesting and unique content for their enjoyment.

Every addition to a player page is screened by a Tennis Now administrator and approved within minutes. As long as the comment is reasonable and contains no profanity or hate mongering it will be approved. All you have to do to begin adding information is sign up to become a member which is free.  After you’ve signed up and have a username and password visit our tennis players page and click on the player of your choice.  Once you’re on the player’s individual page click the edit button (the green pencil at the bottom of the page) and a text editor will pop up. Make your changes and click the save button - it’s that simple.

Photos taken with players or amateur video shot at tournaments are also encouraged as long as they were actually taken by the user or the user owns the rights to the specific media content.

We hope to build the most extensive tennis player biographies available online with the help of tennis enthusiasts everywhere.  With so much news and information there is to share, the wealth of knowledge resides in you!

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