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What a BEAUTIFUL Week!

Posted by Susan Snead May 11, 2009

It was really fun to be able to share time together enjoying activity! This upcoming weekend we will not have a "Destination"


but please find a place that you would enjoy! Judy and I will be out of town, participating in the Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon In Fredricksburg, Virginia, Judy will be walking and I will be running.



The rest of the week schedule is pretty much the same.



Tuesday...Noon at Nauticaus, with Susan



Tuesday..6:15 at Mount Trashmore with Judy. (2nd Shelter, across from bathrooms)



Thursday...1PM at Mount Trashmore with Judy. (2nd Shelter, across from bathrooms)



Friday...6:30PM at Mount Trashmore with Susan (Parking lot adjacent the Lake, off of Edwin Drive)



***Please note if you were thinking about running or have been running please come Friday @ 6:30 we will run a loop around Trashmore! ******



No Weekend Destination..this week.






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The schedule for the upcoming week:


Tuesday: Noon at Nauticas in Norfolk Susan



6:30 PM Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach Judy



Meet at the Shelter next to the Restrooms (Come at 6PM if you want to stretch!)



Thursday: 1PM Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach Judy



Meet at the Shelter next to the Restrooms.



Friday: 6:30 PM Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach Susan



Lakeside parking lot off of Edwin Drive.



Sunday: OUR DESTINATION THIS WEEK..... Dismal Swamp in Chesapeake! 9 AM



Walk, Run or Bike (or any combo thereof : ) This is great location for bringing your bike...No CARS!



I know it is Mothers maybe going out to dinner, right? What a great way



to start the day. A new way to celebrate and honor MOM! Hope to see you there!



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Were Walking!

Posted by Susan Snead Apr 28, 2009

Tuesday - Noon - Downtown Norfolk - Meet at Natuicus - Susan Tuesday - 6:15PM - Mount Trashmore Virginia Beach - Judy (Judy will meet at Shelter 2 near bathrooms, by the lake) Thursday - 1PM Mount Trashmore Virginia Beach - Judy Friday - 6:30PM Mount Trashmore Virginia Beach - Susan (Susan will meet at the Parking lot by the lake off of Edwin Road) *Please note * Judy will be covering this upcoming Friday so Susan can complete a marathon in New Jersey! Sunday at 8:00 AM Location to be disclosed each week! Nice Surprise! Susan/Judy Susan and Judy will be there RAIN or SHINE! If you plan on running, please let Susan know which date you will be there. Momentum we come! Susan Judy Our blog:









I will be in New Jersey next Sunday, however, Judy will meet anyone interested at the Rudee Inlet end of the Boardwalk at NOON. If you have a Va Beach senior citizen sticker on the front bumper of your car, you can park Free in the Pacific and 4th Street lot under the Rudee Bridge. Otherwise park wherever you can.







Parking lots are only $1.00 after 5 pm for Virginia Beach Residents but we will meet at NOON.







Walk on,






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Meeting this Saturday at 3 PM at the shelter next to the Skateboard Park at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach.  It is going to be



one beautiful the park will no doubt be crowded.  If you can not find parking adjacent to Kids cove...try the two very large



parking lots off of Edwin Drive.  The walk to the shelter will be refreshing!






Looking forward to seeing you there!



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