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SweetH20 Report

Posted by Trail Tiger Apr 30, 2008


April 26th 2008



Got up at my normal time around 5am to get ready for the race it was nice not waking up at 3am to get ready and drive a couple of hours to the start. I took about 50 minutes to get there including a donut stop. Showwed up a little before 7am and picked up packet.      I did not like the number because it had a chip on the back and it could not be folded smaller but not a real big deal.  I spent about 20 min. geting set up to run. Used a small roller on my legs and adjusted my fluid belt. Race started about 7:35am on the road for maybe 2 miles then into the woods at Sweetwater Creek State park. Lots of single track to start kinda bottled up with the 1/2 marathoners and tight trail for a few miles  but it eventually opened up a bit and thinned out. I caught up with veteran Ultra runner Rob Apple and we talked for a couple miles it was his 519th ultra(WOW) shared a memory from 07 Kettle Morraine we ran a few miles of that about sunset which was glorius. we seperated at an aid station  and i started running with Caroline Williams. Great running partner.



We ran together of and on until the river crossing and I lost her back a little ways. I had been takinga bottle and gel an hour along with S-caps after the first hour the temp started hi 50's and ended near 80 and i was definitely worried about dehydration after I cramped up late at Oak Mountain. It was a snctioned training run for my 100 in June I was testing an Amphipod Trail Lite with gel in one bottle and HEED concentrate in the other it worked pretty well. 10oz. of concentrate lasted the whole race 7 bottles which  I supplemented with 8 -12 oz of water each aid station.



A lot of this race was very runable as Ultras go except the Gas Line and Power Line areas to the Top of the World (TOTW) that was a booger bear in the heat and open a  real slow ascent twice! I was definitely cruising along not pushing until the last 8 miles then I pushed a bit to see how I felt. I got through the last 4 miles in under 48 min which is good for me. I felt if I had raced the whole thing I could have probably run around 6:30 instead of 7:17 but with stopping to stretch and two bathroom stops i finished with sore knees but not wiped out which was perfect since I wanted run that distance again this next weekend.



It was a fun well organized race with a nice tech T and real nice volunteers aid stations did'nt have the kind of stuff I like so much but I did'nt really need anything except what I carried with me. All in all a good day I got home early did grocery shopping and ate Italian.



Now the fun begins the final build up for Mohican 100 in June tempo and LSD.



Happy Trails



Trail Tiger



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Ready to Race or Run?

Posted by Trail Tiger Apr 25, 2008


Well it is Friday afternoon and I just created this thing though I am not really sure why . Maybe someone wil read it maybe not eventually I will give the address to my 20 something daughters so they can read it and make some sense out of their CRAZY dad and how he makes sense of things through running.






That being said I have a race tomorrow the Sweet H20 50K near Douglasville GA it will be my 3rd 50k this year in preparation for the Mohican 100 miler in June. The other two were Mt Cheaha and Oak Mountain both over in AL. I 've been building slowly since Jan. using 50K as longest runs with a bunch of 4-5 hour runs each weekend since then. I 've been covering about 45 miles a week for a while nad andwill be building to a peak of 65.  I wanted to run 4 hours last Sunday but my running partner Cooper the dog laid down on me literally at 3 hours 17-18 miles into the run so I drug him back to the car and went home mad at him and the wife for begging me to take him. No more runs over 2 hours for him!



I've already got all my clothes laid out and will mix my drink concentrate tonight when I get home eat some eggs and toast and chill out. Hopefully tomorrow will give me a good idea of my fuel/fluid plan for the 100. I always learn something doing these things I just hope it will help me to a sub 24hour 100. Race Report to follow.



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