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Dear Members, In a recent member's survey many of you said you wanted the ability to edit your completed workouts. We're pleased to report that this feature is now live! 1)       From your Calendar, select a completed Workout 2)       Click "Edit" within Workout details 3)       Edit your Workout details and click "Save"

Thanks for all the great feedback. If you've got more suggestions, don't hesitate to share it:  # </span>


Log in and check out this new feature!

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On the road for work or vacation and looking for a good place to run? Tired of riding the same trails in your hometown?


The new ActiveTrainer route finder let's you easily search our database of public training routes from runners, cyclists, walkers and hikers just like you (and even some swimmers). It's a great way to freshen up your training with some new scenery!

Search for routes here


We're just getting started building database and are excited to get your feedback. Get your friends involved, load your own routes. The more support we get from everyone in the Active community, the better the database will be for all of us. 


Below are just a few of the routes already in the system. We're looking forward to seeing your contribution!


Anchorage, AK

Seattle, WA

Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA

San Diego, CA

Austin, TX

Dallas, TX

Chicago, IL

New York, NY

Miami, FL

Boston, MA

Washington, DC

Vancouver, BC

Denver, CO


Get Active!


Search for routes at


Create your own routes at

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Do you ever wonder how far you went after a training run, bike ride with friends or weekend hike? Start mapping with the ActiveTrainer route builder and find out!

Start mapping your routes

Plotting a route takes only a few minutes. Once complete, you can print the route, add comments and calculate your pace.


We're looking forward to your feedback to add even more features to the route builder. We already have several fun new enhancements planned, including:


  • Emailing routes to friends

  • Expanding the map canvas

  • Embedding your routes in blogs, message boards, profile pages, etc


Let us know what else you would like to see! Post your comments on this blog or email us at


Watch this short video to see just how easy it is to create your routes.




Attention ActiveTrainer PLUS members:


As an added convenience, you can also save your running, cycling and walking routes directly to your training calendar to add the mileage to your log. Learn more about ActiveTrainer PLUS

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We're excited to introduce ActiveTrainer's new Personal Coaching service that gives athletes expert guidance from a real-life coach. In addition to an initial evaluation, your certified coach will:


Design Your Custom Training Plan - assess your athletic level and set training goals


Monitor Your Progress - receive individualized tips to keep you motivated and on track


Answer Your Questions - ask questions and receive expert advice on phone calls and via email










"This year I achieved my ultimate goal - qualifying for the Boston marathon-3:39:52-that's over 40 minutes faster than when we first started working together!"
  • Suzy, Wisconsin - Personal Coaching customer


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The newly launched Active Trainer knowledge base helps you learn the ins and outs of the product through virtual tours and easy step-by-step instructions. If there's something you're not sure how to do, chances are the knowledge base has the answer.

Visit the Active Trainer Knowledge Base








The knowledge base will help you find answers to frequently asked questions such as:


Are there different training plans for different ability levels?



Can I have more than one training plan in my calendar at one time?


Additionally, you can find tutorials on a wide variety of topics, including:


How To: Add a Note to my Calendar


How To: Customize a training plan after purchase


How To: Preview a training plan before I purchase it



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Alethea Crespo

2007 LA Triathlon


"I just wanted to say “thank you” for the valuable training plan. With 1 year old twins my life is a bit chaotic, so I squeeze in workouts as time allows. Your training plan served as a great guide to structure my workouts, and as it turned out, I won my division at the LA triathlon! Thanks again!”


Read more success stories



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As we head into prime training season, make sure you take advantage of Active Trainer's shoe tracker feature. Keeping track of your shoe mileage is an integral part of your training. With our shoe tracker you'll know (before your knees and shins tell you) when it's time to get a new pair.



Manage Shoe Mileage with Shoe Tracker

1. Add shoes to track

2. View & update miles per shoe

3. New! View total miles across all shoes




Analyze Your Shoe Reports

When you click "View Log" you can run reports on your shoes.  Pull reports by:

1. Date and

2. Type of shoe

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Happy New Year everyone!


You may have noticed a slightly different look to the Web site this week. The changes are a result of our work to clean up the navigation of the tool. We didn't make any drastic changes, but we hope you find the site a bit easier to get around in.



Thanks to everyone's feedback over the past few months!



There is some exciting stuff to watch out for in the future, including:


  • Logging a completed workout to your calendar without creating a planned workout first

  • Monthly and weekly odometers for all workout types

  • More custom activities for cross training workouts


Good luck in your 2008 training!

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Earlier this month we introduced Active Trainer PLUS, an advanced membership with additional features for Active Trainer users. Although the free version of Active Trainer already comes loaded with lots of useful training features, Active Trainer PLUS takes it to a new level.


Set up your Active Trainer PLUS account for only $9.95 per month | SIGN UP



Check out some of the features:



Customize your account settings



Every person is as unique as their training and fitness goals. Active Trainer PLUS let's you customize the look of your training Web site to match your personality. It's important to keep your training fun... using Active Trainer should be fun too!





Map your runs and bike rides with our new routes feature



Have you ever finished a run and wondered how far you went? Eliminate the guess work with our Routes feature. Plot your route on the virtual map and save it directly to your workout calendar. Active Trainer will automatically fill in your distance and pace.





Personalize your heart rate training zones



Choose between max and threshold heart rate training based on your fitness level and goals. Not sure which is right for you? Take our quick assessment test and we'll make a recommendation. Once you've selected your training methodology, take our field test and we'll calculate your personal heart rate training zone ranges.





Access more than 300 exercise videos



Active Trainer comes equipped with a library of more than 300 exercise videos specifically designed to help keep your strength training workouts fresh.





Integrate shoe tracker with your running and walking workouts



Active Trainer PLUS integrates shoe tracker with your workout calendar, allowing you to log mileage to your shoes while logging workout stats.



Set up your Active Trainer PLUS account for only $9.95 per month | SIGN UP

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We're absolutely thrilled to add two great new coaches to the Active Trainer system. Both Jeff Galloway and Dave Scott have decided to join our team, offering their proven training programs through the Active Trainer system. You can also read Jeff and Dave's commentary on!


Jeff is a 1972 Olympian who ran the 10,000 meters and was an alternate on the marathon team. He is the author of more than a dozen books on running, including Galloway's Book on Running, the best-selling running book in North America, and a monthly column for Runner's World magazine. More

Dave is one of the most recognized athletes and coaches in the sport of triathlon. He is a six-time Ironman World Champion and the first inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame. More




Welcome to Active Trainer!



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On Monday this week, we officially relaunched The main change was to the homepage navigation. Your training plan search is now front and center, allowing you to browse our entire database of programs... more than 100 in total. We hope this makes it much easier to find the right program for your training needs.


Also highlighted on the homepage is a link to set up your free "log-only" Active Trainer account. Active Trainer is 100% free to use as your personal training diary. Logging workouts is a great way to measure progress towards a goal and help identify what is working in your training.



Check out the new



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Last week we had another successful release with some upgrades to the Active Trainer Log. Highlights of some key new features are below. There are two more releases planned for the summer, with the most comprehensive coming in August. Give us your feedback at .


The Highlights!


Pace Calculator: We have added a Pace Calculator to the Tools menu. It has the same easy to use functionality as the calculator found on


And speaking of pace... one gripe has always been that logging duration and distance for a workout didn't automatically calculate the pace. This has also been addressed with the latest release. Now, if you enter a total time and distance for a run, for example, the system will automatically calculate your pace. No more fuzzy math required.


Customize Purchased Training Plans: You now have the ability to edit and delete workouts from a purchased training plan. Just be careful before you delete a workout, because once it's gone... it's gone.


Calculate HR Load: Tracking your workouts based on HR is one of the most reliable ways to avoid over-training. Now, when you log you minutes per zone for any workout, the system will automatically calculate your workout load. The higher your fitness level, the higher your load should be. All training plans from new Heart Zones coach Cindy Miler use the HR Load calculations! Try one today.


What to look for in the coming releases?


There are some exciting things planned for the rest of the summer, including the unveiling of the first version of Active Trainer PLUS. More to come on that in the coming weeks!

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We are proud to announce that Cindy Miller from Heart Zones Coaching has joined the Active Trainer team.


Cindy is the President of Heart Zones Coaching, a division of Heart Zones USA, a cardiovascular training and education company headed by Sally Edwards (


               Cindy has been coaching and training athletes of all levels since 1993. She is a Master Heart Zone Trainer, is certified through ACE in Personal Training and Lifestyle Management, is a Level 1 USA Triathlon coach and holds a lifetime secondary teaching certification in Physical Education and Health Science. More


There are currently three six-week Sprint Triathlon training programs available for download on Cindy's page. Plenty more Heart Zones programs will follow in the coming months.



About Heart Zones Training System



The Heart Zones Training System uses your personal cardiac training range to define your individual program for optimum fitness and performance. Heart Zones Training is based on science, research, experience and the perception that, to be effective, exercise must be tailored to fit each of us.



Heart Zones Training Plans provide a method to completely personalize your exercise program. It works for a 20-year-old professional athlete, a 70-year-old wanting to improve strength, a 50-year-old fighting fat and a sedentary 40-year-old.



Cindy's training plans will teach you how to notice and respond to your own personal bio feedback device - year heart beat. By taking your pulse, either manually or by use of a heart rate monitor, you will tune into what really matters: your heart.



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New Look

The first thing you will notice when logging in to your calendar is the new look and feel. We have made the user interface cleaner and easier to navigate. We hope this enhancement will make for a more enjoyable user experience. You will see additional enhancements in this area through the rest of the of the year.


Heart Rate Measures

A great way to track your training is based on time in zone. We will be introducing heart rate measures for each workout, based on the easy-to-use and understand 5 zone Max Heart Rate Training System. This feature gives you another powerful tool to measure your training progress.


Shoe Tracker

The first of a number of tools we will be adding to Active Trainer. Shoe Tracker allows you to load your shoes into the system and log mileage to each pair. Compare the total to manufacturer recommendations in order to get a clear understanding of when it's time for that new pair.


My Account

The My Account section of Active Trainer is your administrative area. This area includes a history of all training plans you purchase through Active Trainer. More importantly, this area allows you to shift the start or end date of the training plan, making it easy to line the program up with a planned event. You can also remove unwanted training plans from your calendar.

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Active Trainer was the official training partner for the 2007 PF Chang's Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Marathon. We were thrilled to be a part of the event and are looking forward to next year! Read on...


Arland Van Horn, CA

AZ Rock 'N' Roll Finisher



"I'm sure you guys are getting inundated with results emails, but I did want to send a quick note to say thank you for a great training program. I did this race last year on my own, with no idea how to train for 13.1 miles! At that race I did okay, posting a 2:11:59 finish time. My goal this year was to break 2 hours, which I thought might be a little aggressive at the outset.



I'm happy to report that I blew my goal away this year by finishing at 1:56:44 - more than 15 minutes faster than last year and more than 3 minutes faster than my goal!



Now I have my sights set on breaking 1:50:00 next year (or maybe 1:45...) and you can be sure I'll be using your trainin program for the race, as well as events I have coming up before then.



Thanks again for your help!"



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