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Rock and Roll all morning

Posted by jspitzberg on Jun 14, 2007 2:04:00 PM

Didn't have quite the Rock and Roll experience that Toby did , nor is my Active Video-fu as strong as his, but I did take my daughter to watch the marathon and cheer on the runners.  Mile 2 swings about a mile from our house so we made an early trip over to Park and Zoo Drive.  Great atmosphere with a blues band jamming and middle- and high-school cheerleading teams lining the road.  Lots of family and friends scanned the crowd for particular runners, but cheered for the whole flood of people.




We used to live at mile 17, where they set up a medical tent every year.  And I have to admit that it's a lot more fun to see the race start -- when everyone is full of enthusiasm and the worst you see is someone pulling over to the side to re-tie a shoe or duck behind a tree to relieve their... um, nerves -- than it is to see all the blisters, bruises, and beaten spirits that can pile up over the miles.



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