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!!It was a great weekend in Active's hometown of San Diego with the America's Finest City Half-Marathon and 5K. It was the 30th anniversary of one of the country's best halfs--the scary part is I ran in the first one!


Before we get to that race, TOYA REAVIS ran a cross-country race in Oceanside, California, and was 10th overall and second in her age group of 40-44. She ran a 21:53 on a tough, hilly course.


CARSON SPECHT and his brothers climbed Donner Summit to Frog lake for a total distance of nine miles round-trip at the elevation of 8,000 feet.


Now on to the AFC HALF...


STEPHANY CAVATONI is happy she finally has something to report! She completed the AFC 5K which was her first one in about 15 years. Glad you're back at it, Stephany.


He said "Hot, hot day, man." That was CHRIS BOHNERT who pushed through the half-marathon in a time of 1:55:35.


Running with friends always helps. JENNA CHABOT and TAMMI SCHMIDT ran together in the half around two-and-a-half hours. It was Jenna's first-ever half-marathon...all that training paid off!


MICHELLE NATION who is training for the Nike Women's Marathon in October used the half-marathon as a great warm-up. She ran 2:25 and is fund-raising for Team in Training   for the Nike race.


And another fund-raising queen is LIZ HARRELL who had a smile on her face all morning, completing the AFC 5K in 29:13. She is also training for the Nike Marathon...happy training girls!


Another first-timer was BRAD LAMOTTE running his first 5K ever in a great time of 29:13 and said the race was "masterfully announced." He must want a free entry into his next event!


So AMBER MARTIN worked the Padres game on Saturday night for the radio station and got to bed around 1 a.m. But it didn't seem to bother her because she ran the half-marathon in just over two hours. had a few husband-and-wife teams in the events. CHRISTY PLUCIENNIK ran with her husband, Todd. They finished together (which is a good thing) in a time of 49:49 for the 5K. Wonder if they were holding hands at the finish?


Another team was DAVE and CHRISTINE ALBERGA running the half-marathon together (sightings had Christine running and Dave shuffling). They finished in 2:41:34. Christine, don't feel bad they were taking the mile mark signs down as you passed them. It's hard to run so slow on purpose!


CARRIE SMITH had a huge goal to run the Sixth Avenue hill all the way without walking. Well she did it and finished with a fantastic time of 2:02:06. A few minutes slower than last year because of the heat but thats OK, kicked butt!


ANGIE TOWERY had a special day because her sister ALICIA flew in from Dallas so they both could complete their first half-marathon together. The siblings came in together in a time of 2:24 and are now looking at doing the Triple Crown of the AFC Half, La Jolla Half and Carlsbad Half next year.


She had couple of tough weeks with a car accident and concussion but that didn't keep JESSICA BRUSTAD down. She was going to do the half but opted wisely for the 5K and did it in 28:21. Her mom came in from Phoenix to be at the finish line for her. We will miss you here at Active, Jessica, but you will succeed in no matter what you choose!


JAMIE SNOW had to run and she did while some of her peers decided to walk. Good decision, Jamie, covered the 5K in 39 minutes.


TARA KINCAID and DORI KARTALIS had a ton of fun in the 5K. And they saved me by giving me breakfast of a Clif bar and Gatorade...thanks, girls. Tara must be really hurting today because she took a PTO day.


It must be contagious because we had another first-time half-marathon runner in SHANNON TURNER. She ran a great time of 2:24:31. She said "I thought the first three miles were downhill but I feel like I went uphill more that down hill." Welcome to the AFC course, Shannon.


So I'm looking down the finish line with my binoculars and I see MIKE COLEMAN being escorted in by a few Active girls, of whom DANILELLE GRASSI and INGRID SANDERS were part. They finished in 2:37:08 all together and COLEMAN looked like he really enjoyed the kidding! But it was like a thorn in between a bunch of roses!


KAREN PERRICONE had a goal for the half-marathon to be at 1:50 but ran a time of 1:56. Karen be proud--because of the heat most of the times were off by 10 minutes.


We had a team member fly in the 5K, it was NUNO COSTA who finished sixth in his age group with a fast time of 19:10. He had a goal to break 19 but said he wasn't "zoned in" for about a 30-second period during the race. How many of you would like to run 19:10 for a 5K and NOT be zoned in?


JENNI MILLER ran her first AFC Half-Marathon in 2:34:01 and now feels pretty motivated and excited to also do the Triple Crown next year.


How about someone who who ran their first running event ever--and does the half-marathon and not the 5K? Well, that was what MICHELLE SHAFFER did. She goes and runs a 2:12:02 and says "as hot and grueling as it was I think those were the quickest two hours of my life." Isn't it amazing, Michelle, how time flies when you're having so much fun?


KELLY BROWN ran the half-marathon in 2:26 and looked great at the finish but is limping around the office today.


LAUREN PISCO had a great time except for the Sixth Avenue hill and broke two hours, running 1:57:43.


This is so cool: The overall Female No. 1 and No. 2 in the half-marathon yesterday hailed from Japan. They are identical twins HIROMI and TAKAMI OMINAMI. HIROMI won the race in an incredible time of 1:12:49, two minutes ahead of her twin.


But the story doesn't stop there. Identical twins MICHELLE and LARA ULRICH came down the finish chute together in 1:34:40 and looked great while the crowd went crazy. MICHELLE works here at Active and twin LARA works at Elite Racing, producers of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathons. Check out the picture of them with the winners of Hiromi and Takami. If you didn't guess, the ULRICHs are the TALL ones! They are even featured in the SD Union Tribune newspaper this morning in sports.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST. The biggest reason everyone ran was to help raise funds for MONARCH SCHOOL and the program to feed the kids. The grand total of this incredible team effort lead by the passionate ALLISON REUTTER was $19,800. You all should be very proud knowing that it is in giving that you receive. Congrats, everyone!

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