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Active Warriors,


Its Active Toby here with a report from a rainy October weekend.


Our first story came in from JANEAN NATION, Jr. Client Account Executive in the San Diego office. Janean, her dog and her 9 year-old nephew Sean ran in the rain together in the No Excuses 5k at Lake Miramar on Saturday. “This was Sean’s 2nd 5k and he set a new PR, finishing in 37:03.  He was the top finisher in the Boys Under-12 division! Carlsbad, here we come!”  Thats fantastic! Thanks for the exciting news, Janean.



TINA NOVAK, ActiveNet Consultant in San Diego wrote in with the following trip report: “MIKE COLEMAN and I climbed Mount Woodson on Saturday morning, in the spirit of Active’s new hiking club, as we unfortunately couldn’t make Sunday’s hike. After prying Mike out of bed in the wee AM hours and dumping copious amounts of coffee down his throat. We managed to brave San Diego’s torrential downpour (ok, it was a nice drizzle) and climbed 2,300-feet to the top, where we enjoyed the breathtaking views… of a very dense cloud. Lovely hike, but I think Mike’s still icing his old-man knees!” More information on Active’s new hiking club can be found in our community discussion boards.


Congratulations to KIRSTIN HARTOS, Program Manager – Team Sports and MAREA BLUE, Account Manager – Endurance in San Diego who traveled to Long Beach this weekend with their rugby teamthe San Diego Surfersfor the Southern California Rugby Football Union championships. The Surfers beat the Scottsdale Lady Blues in Saturday’s tough semi-final by a score of 17-0 to advance to the championship match. Sunday’s final saw the Surfers face off against the league’s #1 seed, Belmont Shore, in an intense and hard-hitting battle. Belmont drove in on a 5-meter scrum for the first try of the match and converted. The Surfers rallied back though by the end of the half on a break-through try by a star flanker. The score was tied 7-7 at half time. The second half marked several close calls for both teams, but neither was able to touch down for points. The score remained tied at the end of 80 minutes--and the match went into overtime. The Surfers scored on a diving-try from their outside center in the first half of overtime, and upset #1 Belmont. The Surfers will head to Austin at the end of October as one of just 16 teams to compete for the USA Rugby National Championship. 



TRISH OBERHAUS, Online Community Specialist for Team Sports in Chicago headed to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park for a few days hiking. “Containing approximately one-half of the world's hydrothermal features, Yellowstone is definitely an amazing place to explore.” For more details and photos from her trip, check out her blog.


RAY EBERT, the Team Lead for LeagueOne in San Diego, got a quality dose of altitude this weekend. Ray had this to report: “This weekend I headed up Mt. Baldy (10,060’) with my wife and my climbing partner Kurtiss. We went up via Manker Flats and the Ski Hut trail. Its 4.2 miles each way and 3900 feet. It was a fun and tough hike, but the silly part is that I had 20 pounds of dumbbells in my pack to get it up to 40 pounds… The weather couldn’t have been better up at 10,000 feet. We could see the whole inland empire covered in clouds but we got lots of sun up high. For Kurtiss and I this was a training hike in preparation for our trip to Ecuador in six weeks where we’ll be attempting Cotopaxi (19,300’) and Cayambe (18,997). Ray, keep us posted on your training and preparation for your international mountaineering expedition!


STEVE MAZZA, Senior Account Executive for running in San Diego hit the trails this weekend with MATT CODLING, Director of Online Media Sales, for an epic 22-mile mountain bike ride. Here is an Active Video, Steve shot "using the trusty hold camera in the mouth method." Nicely done, Steve.



Online Community Specialist, TOBY GUILLETTE, returned to the Sierra Nevada this weekend with his climbing partner to attempt the Palisade Traverse, a mountaineering route that involves reaching the summit of five, 14,000-foot mountains in one day. “A foot of fresh powder fell during the night so the highly-exposed climb was too dangerous to attempt. We’ll get it next season. Our ‘plan-b’ involved some mellow rock climbing in the Buttermilks, a world-class bouldering area in Bishop, CA.” Here is an Active Video of the trip:


I hope you all enjoyed this edition of Active Warriors.


Active Toby

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Hey everyone, Trish and Toby here. We’re firm believers that the active lifestyle involves more than just being physically active--it’s about being intellectually and socially active too. We compiled a list of 10 tips for being active in all areas of life. Because no matter what stage of life you are in, you should always strive to be the best version of yourself.


1. Maintain a positive mental outlook. There's a clear connection between living well and having a cheerful outlook on life. Research has found that people who think positively about life live an average of seven and a half years longer than negative thinkers.  


2. Avoid processed food. Eating processed, boxed, canned and frozen meals guarantee that you are eating unnecessary chemicals, sodium, sugar and fat. Eat fresh, natural food and eliminate trans fat from your diet.


3. Reduce stress. We're so focused on being go-getters that we often forget to de-stress. Spend 30 minutes a day doing something you like--walk on the beach or in a park, read a book, visit a friend, play with your dog, listen to soothing music or watch a funny movie. Don't forget to take some time to focus on clearing your thoughts and giving your mind, body and spirit a chance to rejuvenate.


4. Invest in a quality pair of shoes and socks. Visit a specialty store that understands that every foot and foot strike is unique. When your feet are happy, so are you. Comfortable, supportive and well-fitting shoes and synthetic socks are worth the investment of time and money.


5. Socialize. Having a social network is important to the body, mind and spirit. People who are socially active tend to be healthier, happier and less likely to become depressed. To stay socially active, make a point of getting out of the house. Make plans with your friends to go out to lunch or better yet, make plans to exercise regularly with a friend or group of friends. Exercising with others is usually more fun than exercising on your own--and it can help you stick with your exercise program. Try joining our online community today!


6. Exercise your brain. The key to keeping your memory sharp is continuing to challenge it. Having a book on hand and discussing what you’ve read with friends or a book club is one way to keep your brain in good shape. Crosswords, Sudoku and puzzles are also excellent ways to keep your brain agile. There is always more learning to do. Find out what works for you.


7. Volunteer. Donating your time at an aid station during a race or soup kitchen over the holidays, puts life into perspective. Be thankful for all you have and give to others who are less fortunate.


8. Omit high fructose corn syrup from your diet. Widespread use of this highly modified sweetener is making us and our children unhealthy. High fructose corn syrup bypasses the digestive process and goes straight to the liver, where it gets turned into fat. Combined with the typical American high-fat diet, the result is increased danger of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Try using honey as sweetener instead. As an added bonus, ingesting locally grown honey before allergy season helps your body acclimate to some pollen levels in advance.


9. Maintain close relationships. Make a point to strengthen ties with your family, friends and loved ones. Volunteer work, religious ties, even petsanything that keeps you involved with othersreduces stress and enhances health. Having a strong network of family and friends and a broad range of activities will support your health.


10. Give yoga a try. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes when your body is limber and flexible. Plus, yoga reduces the chances of injury. Try a beginning yoga class to enjoy the wide range of benefits--your mind and body will both thank you.


Comments are encouraged--please share your tips for staying healthy and active with the rest of us.

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Carpe diem

Posted by ActiveAdmin Oct 9, 2007

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and to have one hell of a good time. Sometimes, this makes planning the day difficult."

~ E.B. White, 20th century American writer


Imagine if we all did the same as E.B. (Elwyn Brooks) White. Carpe diem everyone!

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Active "BOOTCAMP" Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Oct 8, 2007

Active San Diego was Boot Camp crazy this weekend. Seattle was in Half-Marathon Mania mode and let's throw in Ultimate Frisbee for good measure!


If anyone was missed this week I apologize.


Be sure to watch the Ironman World Championships from Hawaii this Saturday and check out all the great stories on It is going to be one hell of a race!


CAITLYN BARKER and ANGIE TOWERY led a group from Active at the Boot Camp Challenge with help from the United States Marines Corps. The ladies were part of a three-person team along with a bunch of folks from downstairs. The course was better than last year as there were haystacks, a fire hose (mostly to ensure they would not come out without a nice layer of dirt stuck to them), tunnels, ditches, pushup stations, logs, logs and more logs. It was tiring but so much fun you didn't even realize it, even with drill instructors "cheering" you on. The bruises on folks' knees from the tunnels proved it really wasn't your average 5K.




Team #1 - Marc Villanueva, Danny Roa, Jesse Hammond, Vicky Eydelberg, Kate Nelson (RadioActive)


Team #2 - Luke Smith, Sean Thompson, Melissa Eisler, Michael Cramton, Michelle Valenti (HyperActive)


Team #3 - Angie Towery, Caitlyn Barker & Jenny Allen (NonActive)


RICHARD NEHER also did the Boot Camp Challenge (check out his team) and writes: "I am very proud to have completed my first short marathon ever. As a tennis player, I am not used to running long distances but was challenged by a friend to participate in the "BOOTCAMP CHALLENGE 2007" at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego near Lindbergh Field. Over 3,000 runners participated and I was the captain of a three-runner team (two of my tennis buddies) named "Old but Fearless." The three-mile course featured obstacles used by Marine recruits, barriers to climb over, tunnels to crawl through, push-ups along the way. Each obstacle was manned by one or two MCRD Drill Instructors shouting 'encouragements' and giving us a taste of the real life drills on that base." Congrats, Richard, and I'll bet tennis was never as fun!



DEBRA URKA did her first-ever 8K at the Pacific Beach run. She said it was a fun run but she ran hard to finish in under one hour.


PATTI ROSENTHAL is never home on the weekends. She did the 27th annual Road Apple Rally on Saturday, October 6, (longest running annual mountain bike race in the world) in Farmington, New Mexico. Placed second in masters beginner female division (PR'ed last year's time by 11 minutes). Super fun event with Mexican food, music and raffle with lots of great folk (no mountain lion sightings on this one!)


Now, you may have heard the Chicago Marathon was a very difficult day with the unusual heat, but our AMBER MARTIN in San Diego marketing finished the event, pushing through with a 4:15 marathon run. She is a little disappointed because she wanted to qualify for Boston and didn't. Be proud, Amber; over 10,000 runners didn't even fininsh!


How about MARC VILLANEUVA in SD doing a double for the weekend? He also did the Boot Camp Challenge on Saturday with Active teammates but then got his butt out of bed again Sunday morning and rode the tough 62-mile Tour de Poway bike race in San Diego County. The ride has over 3,700 feet of climbing. You da man, Marc!


MICHELLE RUSS with ActiveEducate has a special reason she does the Boot Camp Challenge. "I am proud to finally have the opportunity to report my weekend activity! My two brothers and I competed as a three-man team in the 5th annual 5K Boot Camp Challenge obstacle course at MCRD on Saturday. Our father ran it with us the first year they held the race five years ago, then passed away suddenly four months later. We now run the race every year in his honor. We didn't win; but we finished together as a family, carrying the memory of our father as we do every year!" Dad is no doubt proud, Michelle.


AARON PELANDER, business dev specialist commerce, ran in the Boot Camp Challenge with four friends. "It was my first race of any type and the course obstacles made it a little challenging, but we did well. We finished with a time of 25:42, good for fourth place among five-person co-ed teams."


We did have an Active Warrior do the entire Boot Camp on his own with no teammates: ARCH FUSTON. It's not because Arch doesn't have friends, it's because he's just faster then them all!




STEPHEN BRANSTETTER ran his first half-marathon: "The plan was to start out slow and steady and conserve energy for the finish. About 1.5 miles into the race I heard fast approaching foot-steps and prepared to step off the trail to let the faster runner pass. I turned my head to see 'America's Greatest Runner' Dean Karnazes, the host of the event and a recently discovered hero of mine. I decided to screw my pacing and run with the guy as long as I could. Needless to say I absolutely died at the end of the run and even had to stop and ask hikers for water and salt tablets (yes, pathetic, I know)--BUT I got to run with Dean Karnaze for 3-4 miles and even re-caught him at about the seven-mile mark. I couldn't have done a worse job with my pacing or race strategy but if the race were tomorrow I'd do the same thing again (accept of course that I can hardly walk right now).


JOEL WERDELL also ran the North Face Endurance Challenge and loved that he had Active company team members DAN BARR and ROBBIE RECH out there with him.


After running the AFC Half in August, JENNI MILLER did the BeachFest 8K this weekend in Pacific Beach in San Diego. Well, "the combination of having not run in over a month and the soft sand we had to run on, made this in some ways harder for me than the half. I am still paying for it today; although glad I went for it." Next time, Jenni, a little training in between events might be good.




MARA LEMAGIE, implementation analyst, and her ultimate frisbee team just missed going to club nationals. "We played four games on Saturday (against three teams from California and a team from Utah) and then one incredibly windy game Sunday morning against another group of Californians (neither team was able to work the disc upwind). We had a great season pushing each other at track workouts and practice, and living it up all the time. So that's what I did this weekend, I attached a picture of our team after the last game."



TOYA REAVIS is still running well racing the Ursula Rains Balboa Boogie 5K Cross Country meet this Saturday. It was at Morley Field in SD. "I was 14th woman overall, 2nd in my age group 40-44, time was 19:56. This is part of the Dirt Dog Cross Country series."



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Happy Friday

Posted by Trish18 Oct 5, 2007


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Another weekend of adventure is almost here. But before it gets underway, I wanted to share a couple photos of Pensacola, Florida. Last week I had a chance to visit one of my best friends who moved there about a year ago.


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Pensacolapart of the Emerald Coast on the panhandle that includes Panama City and Destinis, as you might expect, beautiful. With it's perfectly clear water and the whitest sand I've ever seen, it was a good way to get one last dose of summer in before fall (and the Fall Classic) takes over.

Hope you all enjoy your weekends!


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NICO REIS, our 6-foot 7-inch manager of operations in Germany, started his basketball season last Saturday in Munich. “Down by one point with 5 seconds left, I got fouled, went to the line, missed the first shot…made the second one, game tied, they missed the buzzerbeater…overtime! We managed to bring it home, and won by five points!” His team celebrated the season-opening victory at the Oktoberfest afterwards! (Nico’s first time after three years of living here in San Diego).


PATTI ROSENTHAL is the industry manager for cycling in Durango, Colorado. She did the Durango Fall Blaze Century Ride benefiting the Fort Lewis College Cycling Team on Saturday. This is an annual ride where Tom Danielson (a former Fort Lewis collegiate racer and now pro racer on Discovery Team) rides with the group. Beautiful scenic ride through Durango's favorite cycling routes. Then finished the weekend mountain biking on Sunday on one of the local trails--Dry Fork/Lightner Creek, where all the trees are now turning colors. Life is good in Durango! Thanks, Patti


BROOKE KIRKPATRICK is an account executive in the San Diego office. She headed south of the border with her fiancé to ride their first Rosarito-to-Ensenada 50-mile fun ride on Saturday, finishing in 3 hours, 20 min. Brooke said, “Watching how excited the kids were when riders threw candy to them was a great and unique experience!  We ended the great day with some lobsters in Puerto Nuevo.” JESSE HAMMOND, content producer in San Diego, did the ride as well and celebrated with lots of fish tacos and Coronas afterward.


MICHELLE ULRICH, an account executive for running in the San Diego office, was the first overall female finisher and 12th overall finisher in the 2007 Aids Walk San Diego 10K Run on Sunday. Michelle set a PR with a time of 42:31. That’s a 6.8-minute mile folks! AMBER MARTIN finished in 49:01 as the eighth woman overall and said, “It was a fun race for a great cause.” Way to go, ladies! MARK WARBLE, a network support technician in San Diego, also participated but took his time and walked with his roommate's company team--Team ECS (Episcopal Community Services) which is a non-profit organization.


RICKY GRAY, graphic designer in the San Diego office, competed in the Mission Bay Triathlon this weekend. This was Ricky’s first triathlon: “It went well, had a great time and plan on doing more in the future.” Welcome to triathlon, Ricky!


MICHELE CREPEAU, a sales rep from our New York office, started the weekend with a 19-mile training run for the NYC marathon, followed by the Tunnel-to-Towers Run in memory of all the firefighters for 9-11. Michele ran the 5K race in 28:03 and described the run as “one of the best events I have ever done. Giuliani was there along with over 300 firefighters holding memorial flags of those lost in 9-11.” Good luck in the NYC marathon, Michele!


TOBY GUILLETTE, online community specialist for endurance sports in San Diego, ran another ultra marathon this weekend. Toby set a PR for the distance in the Noble Canyon 50K, finishing 27th overall out of 134 competitors. His time of 5:49:11 was 25 minutes faster than his first 50K in March. His race report will be posted later today on


JULIE WOOLF, director of client services in San Diego, went camping and hiking in the Cleveland National Forest and stayed at the Laguna Mountain Campground. “It was a blast. I was the only five-month pregnant lady there! Friday night was freezing, but it warmed up on Saturday. We went for a four-hour hike and cheered on all the runners.” Julie actually saw Toby run by her on the trial during her hike and cheered, “Yay, Toby! Go!”



Julie on the Pacific Crest Trail. Anza-Borrego Desert in the background.





Saving the best for last, ERIN GAY, our senior staff accountant here in San Diego, was camping in Yosemite last week with her boyfriend. Neither had ever hiked Half Dome before, so they took on the 18-mile round-trip hike, with 4,800 feet of elevation change (but who's counting?) up the side of the mountain in a mere 10 hours. The park service has installed cables that run up the side of the mountain for the last 900 feet where you essentially haul yourself up to the top of the dome at a 45-degree angle over slippery granite. Fortunately she made it, because at the top, her boyfriend proposed!  (That part made the hike back down a lot easier.) Congratulations to you both!


Thanks for tuning in to the Weekend Warriors Report and be sure to check in next week.

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