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Turkey Trot Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Nov 26, 2007



STEPHANIE SNAMAN Implementation & Training Specialist in SD ran with her uncle in the 40th annual Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot last week. This event was my first time running 8 miles and I had a blast! I finished the run in a little over an hour and 11 minutes. It was a great way to start the day! Stephanie and her Uncle ran in memory of her Aunt who passed away while competing at Ironman Florida on November 4th.


It’s great to hear from the BURNABY office. SHEILA VANDER-HOEK Systems Analyst, IS, DARYL SALISBURY Application Architect & ANGELA SO Developer, USTA went up to Whistler to ski/snowboard on opening day of Blackcomb. We are all jealous here in So. Cal.



MICHELLE ULRICH Account Executive Running SD office ran with her Twin sister the Run for the Hungry 10K in downtown San Diego. She ran a fast time of 41:01 which is a PR for her! She was 3rd overall female and 1st in her age group. Michelle that will beat about 98% of the guys in the company!


TOBY GUILLETTE, Online Community Specialist for Endurance sports in San Diego, backpacked in the Grand Canyon during Turkey Day weekend. He said that the Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk and California Condor were more plentiful than hikers during his rim-to-river-to-rim trip. To learn more about the trip and to view candid shots of beautiful wildlife and scenery, visit:



NUNO COSTA Community Solutions ran the other San Diego Turkey Trot and it was a 5K. He ran in 19:31 7th in his age group and 36th overall, that equates to a 6:11 pace per mile.


TINA WILMOT Director Corporate Communications went up to Orange County to run the beautiful Dana Point Turkey Trot 10K. She has done that race almost 20 years now and was 9th in her age group with a time of 45:32 – WOW OUR WOMEN ARE FAST!


STEVE MAZZA wanted to get away so he camped and hiked in the largest national park in the continental US, Death Valley. A 3.8 million acre park known as the hottest, driest and lowest place in North America. The photo is the Panamint Dunes, a 9 mile round trip hike. Complete silence. No other humans. And one incredible view!



JANEAN NATION Jr. Account Manager also did the Fr Joe’s Turkey Trot in Balboa Park in SD with her boyfriend Tyler and her Dog. It was Tyler’s first 5K but the dog’s 5th. Man’s best friend nosed them both at the finish!


ARCH FUSTON was in San Anselmo, CA on Thanksgiving and ran their Turkey Trot. All he remembers is getting beat by a 5 year old riding his bike in the race.


NATALIE TILLEY Corporate Recruiter ran the beach Turkey Trot in San Francisco and because of the oil spill up there the event was changed for a 10k to a 5k. Natalie said she “leisurely ambled in at 33 minutes.”


CARRIE JAMES & ANDREW COLE School Finance Consultants, JIM DOMINELLO Manager Strategic Development climbed Iron Mountain in SD County. Carrie and Andrew were climbing together and when they got to the top there was fellow Active team member Jim Dominello enjoying the view. Carrie made it up even though she was stung by a bee in the ear.


LAUREN DACHILLE Account Exec Running appropriately Ran the turkey Trot in downtown SD and said she had a great time.


TAMMI SCHMIDT and MICHELLE NATION joined family and friends up in Sacramento for the Run to Feed the Hungry. Thanks to the miracle of cell phones, we were able to find each other in the crowd of 26,000+ runners & walkers!



DANA BLACKWOOD AE in SD ran/walked the Fr. Joe's Turkey Trot with her family as she does every year.



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Weekend of Yams 11/17/07

Posted by IMVoice Nov 19, 2007




This weekend the NEW ACTIVE hiking group had their first hike. They did the 6 mile Iron Mountain in San Diego County trail in about two hours, with a 20 minute rest at the top to enjoy the views. The fog was heavy in Scripps Ranch so the views off the 67 were unbelievable once we climbed 1,000 ft. to the top. CARRIE JAMES, ANDREA RISHMAWI, TINA WILMOTT, MEGAN DUVALL, and friends kicked off the first summit. We are anxious and excited about the next challenge!


DAMON MATHEWS Senior Web Designer participated in a Footbag Freestyle Demo in Mission Beach, CA this past Saturday. This is a weekly event held by local professionals in the Southern California area. The event usually lasts from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm and features Individualized "Circle Shred", "Big Trick" contests, and meet and greet with out-of-town participants.


If you are unfamilar with Footbag Freestyle, imagine Hacky Sack at an extreme level. Participants take turns showcasing their skills as they perform a variety of back-to-back tricks at varing levels of difficulty, all to music. The event is hosted by local retired BAP (Big Add Posse) member Richard "The Renegade" Abshire, and also features local professional Jason "The Shape-Shifter" Crook.


Hey there, this is EMILY CAMPOY recruiter in HR – Me and my dog Hannah ran the 5K Struts for Pups Santa Paws run in Long Beach, CA yesterday. It was one of the more fun runs I’ve done and the all of the dogs had a blast. The finish line was right next to the dog beach so Hannah got to go for a swim after the run. The proceeds went to the local animal shelters.


From LUKE SMITH for you runners in North County...a note from Movin’ Shoes in Encinitas, CA regarding this week’s installment of their Monday runs…

There are 3-, 4- and 6-mile groups with runners of varying speeds (and even this Clydesdale has enjoyed a few of the runs, so all you healthy types would have no problem), they usually have cool giveaways from the sponsors—and this week the run is collecting food for the SD Food Bank. The run starts at 6 p.m.


ELAINE BERGERON (in the middle) Account Manager Team Sports in SD did the very tough 12 hours of Temecula, CA (mountain bike race) as a team with friends Julia Uhlendorf & Jill Quigley. We rode consistently and braved the night to post 8 laps as a team. We were the only all female team, and were competing against other teams in our division such as the men's Cytomax Pro Team. We were hoping there would be a separate division for females, but the with the size of this late season race...all divisions other than solo are mixed or open. ELAINE you get the toughest event of the weekend award!


STEVE SKINNER Technology Consultant Thriva played in the final League Match for Seattle Rugby Club in the fall season. The club traveled via bus to Abbotsford with a patchwork lineup as many of our regular starters were off for tryouts to make it to the Grizzly Shield (the West Coast representative side and feeder for the US National team). The Seattle Team lost a tough match by 2 tries to a well-coached Abbotsford side for whom a Canadian National seven-a-side player scored twice in the second half seemingly running amok in the Seattle backfield.


BRYAN PAIJIT did a dive to clean up Mission Bay here in San Diego. He was down 20 feet for about an hour making sure our Bay stays clean, thanks Bryan!


ANDI NEUGARTEN with Active International finally completed the cancelled Challenge Athletes Foundation ride from San Francisco to San Diego this weekend. The ride was cancelled in Central California a few weeks back due to the wildfires. She rode the final 200 miles of the total 600 arriving in SD on Sunday.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST IN JEST DAVE CRISTIE I yam what I yam! Crossing the finish line at the "Harvest 2007 Marathon". A few hours of digging potatoes, yanking vines and harvesting leaves as mulch, done with gusto, does get the potato pumping. 



AND that got his heart rate up!  HAPPY TURKEY DAY - Mike



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Reilly inspiration

Posted by Active Toby Nov 15, 2007



This kid was the most inspirational story in Kona at Ironman this year.  He is truly amazing and his survival and success keeps life in perspective.


Do yourself a favor and watch the short news clip.


Mike Reilly


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Active Weekend 11/17

Posted by IMVoice Nov 13, 2007

It was a great weekend had by all and with the Holidays and the drinking and eating going on (probably in that order) we need to all stay Active!  MIKE REILLY


JUSTIN RAMERS here in San Diego visited our China offices last week and on his way back stopped in Beijing for the weekend and climbed one of the steepest parts of the Great Wall of China.  About 3,000 feet of elevation from the parking lot to the top. 




TOYA REAVIS raced in the San Diego USATF Open 4 Mile Cross Country Championships Saturday at Morley Field.  (Yes, we did that famous hill twice!


PATTI ROSENTHAL out of Durango, CO (Look at her Leading the pack) did the16th Annual Riding of the Fools - 53 Mile Mountain Bike Ride from Durango, CO to Farmington, NM on Saturday November 10th.  A group of 17 local Durango mtn bikers did the ride this year - point to point ride all on back roads.   A self supported ride with a potluck & beer waiting for us at the finish.  Started at 9:30 am & finished around 4:15 pm (including our lunch stop at the arch where we had 15 flats thanks to the "goatheads").  A long day in the saddle!!!




DEBRA URKA Jr. Client Support specialist in SD participated in the 8K World Day run and said it was harder to run because there wasn’t a large group of people with her.


AMBER MARTIN Senior Mkt. Services Analyst (pictured in the middle) did the Silverstrand rollerblade half marathon in SD. A couple of my friends who don’t like to run wanted to experience doing a race with me, so we decided rollerblading was a good option. It was nice to do a race with friends no pressure, but my competitive nature still got to me and I hated being passed, even by other rollerbladers.



CHRIS BOHNERT ran the Silverstrand ½ Marathon in SD and went a great 1:51 and finally figured out training really does help!


MICHELLE ULRICH Account Executive in SD had a couple of first this weekend.  She went camping for the first time in the Joshua Tree National Park (but didn’t find Bono) and also rocked climbed.




TOBY GUILLETTE Online Community Specialist for Endurance Sports in the San Diego office, was also at Joshua Tree National Park with his friends for a weekend of camping, hiking and rock climbing. Read more about it and watch his Active Videos in our online community.


NUNO COSTA Health and Fitness Community Solutions competed in the Blue Water Triathlon in Parker, AZ  He finished 26th overall in the long race. 1000m swim, 34 mile bike ride and a 5 mile run.  It was the longest distance race I have done so far, and getting me in the mindset to do my first half Ironman next year.


I was in contention in my age group, but the run really slowed me down, I had a monstrous blister on my left foot that made my whole left leg numb, needless to say it was quite difficult to run fast (check out the picture of the blister)



Here were my splits, Swim, 18:40 rank 18th, bike 1:41:09 rank 38th, and my run was 37:26th, and ranked 30th.  My total time was 2:37:16 – NUNO, Toby and I looked at the picture and we’ve seen and had much worse blisters buddy!


RAMON EBERT - Team Lead – Team Sports, League One


With the Angeles National Forest opening last Thursday I headed back up to Mt. Baldy yesterday for another training hike.  I did the same Manker Flats/Ski hut trail with the same 8 mile round trip distance and 8000’ gain and loss.  Except this time I went alone and carried 50 pounds in my big pack. 


What a difference that 15 pounds made from my last trip up there before the fires!  I felt good though and since I was alone this time the iPod helped a lot.  I went up in 3 hours 20 minutes, 25 minutes faster than last time when I was only carrying 35#.  It was 42F on top and the wind was really blowing, the summit was in the clouds.  I put on a quick show to change out of my wet clothes and put some dry stuff on then got out there!  Coming down took two and a half hours and I decided I hate that trail going down.  It’s almost all steep down and I fell at least 5 times.  It was a hike where I got to use all those really good bad words…  But it was a great training hike and I hope to get one more visit in to Baldy before my Ecuador trip in a couple weeks.


ERIN GAY Senior Staff Accountant SD and MICHELLE SHAFFER VP of Compliance ran in the Silver Strand Half Marathon yesterday.  Our times aren’t posted yet, but we think we came in around 2:05.  It was my first half and her second.  She is totally hooked and already set to run in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix in January. (Still too cold outside for me-I’ll have to wait for the La Jolla Half in April)  TOO COLD OUTSIDE, ERIN YOU LIVE IN SAN DIEGO!

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Hey everyone, Trish and Toby here. This month we've created a guide to our best seasonal articles to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the holidays. No matter what your active passion may be, we've got you covered.



With holiday feasts right around the corner and weather that can diminish our motivation to train, it is not uncommon to pack on a few extra pounds this time of year. Active Expert Charles Stuart Platkin’s article, The Diet Detective: Fall Into Healthy Eating Habits, offers valuable tips for maintaining fitness without a compromise in performance at winter races and ensures a return to peak form in the spring.



Have you ever heard the saying, “athletes are made in the off season”? Now's the time to target your weaknesses and build proper technique and habits to lead into a successful racing season. Check out Boost Your Endurance in 7 Simple Steps and get the most from your off-season training.



Basketball season is upon us and it’s time for fundamental workouts with and without the basketball. Mississippi State basketball coach, Sharon Fanning, shares a 45-minute Workout that will developing confidence, coordination, strength, timing, and stamina on the hardwood.



Indoor Climbing Gyms Offer Year-round Fun Fitness and a nice break from the treadmill and stationary bike routine. Don’t let the winter elements take you off belay—utilize indoor climbing gyms to build stamina and confidence in a controlled environment. When the weather warms enough to head outdoors, you’ll be in peak condition.


Activities of Interest:

Check out Sacramento Winter Softball Camp  by Olympic gold medalists Tairia Flowers and Natasha Watleyto hone your softball skills at the plate and in the field. Focus will be on increasing offensive power, slapping techniques, defensive fundamentals and pitching development. This camp will also feature practice-structure tips and drills along with valuable college recruiting advice from the pros.


Take advantage of The Classic Y-100, one of the last century rides of the year on November 25 in Ormond Beach, Florida. Crank out 100 in this inaugural ride that promises a beautiful route leading north along the Intracoastal waterway through parks and along the Atlantic coast. This event features a great safe route for beginners as well as 65- and 35-mile routes.


Folks in Southern California have already begun to register for the 2008 Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon on January 20. This was Toby’s first half marathon back in 2006 and he recommends it for runners of all abilities because of the fast course and beautiful ocean view.


See your training bear fruit at the oldest Ironman-distance triathlon held in the continental United States. Check out one of five 2008 Vineman events: Ironman 70.3, full Vineman, sprint tri at sundown, women's half or Aquabike during this weekend-long triathlon celebration.

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