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Warrior Weekend 1/27/08

Posted by IMVoice Jan 28, 2008

PATTI ROSENTHAL was at it again this weekend. Backcountry ski trip to Deer Creek - approximately 35 miles north of Durango.  Hiked up 800 feet to around an elevation of about 11,000 feet to ski some freshies through the trees.  Then hike back up to do it again!  This is a very popular place for backcountry skiing in Durango.  Great vistas, friends & skiing!



ANDI NEUGARTEN International sales skied knee deep powder in Utah! AND because for her that isn’t enough she went running on the groomed runs at 9000 feet with my crazy friend and then snowshoed through knee deep powder. Ouch......altitude hurts!


ASHLEY ELLIS Account Exec Swimming did a different kind of participation this weekend. She really CLEANED UP and worked on behalf of I Love A Clean San Diego, in the “Clean Canyons for a Clean Coast Cleanup”. The cleanup took place on Saturday January 26, 2008 from 9 am – 12 noon at Emerald Hills Open Space. This cleanup was an important one, in that it educated volunteers of the connection between inland canyons and waterways, and the San Diego coastline.  To view other events by this volunteer please go to 


I was disgusted with how much junk we found.  Some items that we picked up included:  tons of glass, shoes, one sleeping bag, a dead dog in a bagL, hundreds of cans, two tires, a shopping cart, Sport balls of all types, a medicine bottle dating back to 2002 and tons of food containers.  Hopefully through our service people around that community will want to take advantage of a beautiful nature path and animals will want to make it their home which before had been overrun by trash. 


CAITLYN BARKER has to stay in shape because she hangs out with her sister and boyfriend a Navy Seal.  Once again no races but on Saturday they hiked Iron Mtn in SD along with her Dad and the dogs. Bear (is the dog not the Seal) managed to pull us all the way to the top and despite the clouds we could see the entire county. Jake (the Seal) is training for Ironman Hawaii and decided to include the mountain in a 15 mile run with his brother the next day. Wish I was that adventurous….

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ALAN COLE & his wife Jill completed the Keebler Kids Marathon Mile with their beautiful daughter Bridget (who turns 2 in March). This kid-friendly precursor to the Carlsbad marathon takes runners on a mile-long course through LEGOLAND. Just my speed…



STEPHANY CAVATONI (Cardenas) in SD said she is happy to say the Cardenas family (including Stella age 4 and Lucas age 5) successfully finished the Keebler Marathon Mile at Legoland this weekend! 


CHRIS WHEELER School Finance ActiveEducate went skiing Friday and Saturday in Vail, Colorado.  The snow was great with tons of fresh powder. It was freezing though with temperatures around or below zero the entire time.  All in all it was an amazing weekend.


ANDREW COLE, CARRIE JAMES ANDREA RISHMAWI & JOHN PISCATTI (who found us on the Active Community Blog) hiked the 11.2-mile trail at El Cajon Mountain this Sunday morning at 7:00AM!! We didn’t get to finish all 11 miles – everyone wanted to get back in time for the Chargers game, so it ended up being about 9 miles.  Nonetheless…we’re talking about some TROOPERS on a Sunday morning J 


BROOKE KIRKPATRICK ran the Carlsbad ½ marathon with my college friend and fiancé. We finished at 2:07.


KEVIN BEATTY also completed the Carlsbad half with a PR of 1:47 minutes


AMBER MARTIN Senior Mkt Analyst with another great running weekend! She ran the Carlsbad Half along with a bunch of other Active people. I ran it in 1:54:23 which was 1 minute off my PR on that course. I was proud because the last 2 miles where the hardest 2 miles I have run, because all the soreness and cramping from my marathon last weekend came back, but I was able to push through and keep at pace. Now it’s time for a break before I ramp up again for the spring.


MOLLY MUELLER ran in the Carlsbad Half…Her first half marathonJ way to go Molly!


MICHELLE ULRICH Event Sales said Carlsbad was fantastic yesterday. I don’t think I have ever felt that good in a race. Everything felt great! I ran a PR of almost 4 minutes. 1:28:22, 6:45 pace, 23rd female overall and 7th in my age group. I am still on a high this morning and woke up thinking what’s next J


KRISTIN HARTOS Impementation Analyst did the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday, marking my first endurance event.  My IT band flared up right around mile 6 (which I expected from my training), but I still managed to finish the race in 2:49.  I must thank Michelle Nation for getting me to sign up and helping me find my inner “runner,” and my friends for showing up on race day to motivate (and embarrass) me. Couldn’t have done it without them!! J


MICHELLE NATION ran the Carlsbad Half this weekend with my older sister Kristie and some friends from Active (Megan Duvall & Kirstin Hartos). We had a blast taking in the perfect weather and beautiful scenery, but missed my younger sister (and co-worker) Janean who had to sit this one out due to injury! Can’t wait to get together again for the La Jolla Half in April J



JOSIE DONNELLY Director Account Management said she didn’t break any records!!! I ran at a snail’s pace.  But considering it was my first half marathon and I only trained for 3 weeks my goals was just to finish. I did it with my sister, which was wonderful. 


Man, feeling pretty sore today!


SARAH MOOSBRUGGER ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon with a couple of other Active people (Molly Mueller, Mary Cecil, Arch Fuston, Mike Coleman to name a few)… crossed the finish line with Arch Fuston’s wife (Christy) with a 1:59 time…if she hadn’t been there to pull me through, I wouldn’t have made it in under 2!  It was a really nice day, chilly at first, but a great run along the coast. I think Molly even saw some dolphins to help inspire her through the race.


ERIKA WINTER Endurance Swimming ran her first half Marathon in Carlsbad this weekend!


ANDI NEUGARTEN Active International had a beautiful day in Carlsbad for the ½ and is

Happy with her 1 hour 40 minute run as a beginning of my training season.  And she just arrived back from a week long Europe sales swing.


MIKE COLEMAN Dir of training was at it again 2 weekends in a row. He did Arizona RNR last week, Carlsbad 1/2 this week breaking the 2:00 mark with a 1:57. Think I will take a break next week.

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MIKE REILLY - Yes this is my first report in Weekend Warriors. On Saturday I rode the Shadow Tour 100 mile bike ride which is held in the high desert 50 miles east of San Diego. It was a beautiful morning with the 7:00 AM start at 40 degrees. When I rode into the finish 5 hours 50 minutes later it was approaching 70 degrees. It's a challenging course especially the last 600 foot climb at 90 miles.



MIKE COLEMAN Active Director of Training practiced what he preaches. He ran the AZ Rock n Roll ½ Marathon in Phoenix Sunday and had a great time selling our training program on the course to the runners!


ANDREA RISHMAWI Account Exec. For Swimming was out of the water this weekend and on dry land. She hiked up the San Diego Mesa Rd. Trail at Cowles Mountain.


TOBY GUILLETTE, Online Community Specialist for Endurance Sports in San Diego ran the Avalon 50 on Saturday, a 50-mile ultra marathon on Catalina Island. I finished with a PR of 10 hours, 21 minutes which is five hours faster than my last 50-mile race. It was my first time to the island so I enjoyed the sunrise, beautiful scenery and met lots of inspirational folks. The weather was in the mid-70s so it made it tricky to stay properly hydrated and I struggled with hypomatremia for more than half of the race. It was a learning experience to say the least and now I’m excited to start training for the Ironman-70.3 in Oceanside on March 29.


Check out Toby’s Blog


AMBER MARTIN Senior Marketing Services Analyst ROCKS! She ran the AZ Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. It was her second fastest Marathon time, 3:57:23. She said she was pleased because I didn’t train nearly enough with the holidays and everything last month. I am hoping if I buckle down on my training I can qualify for Boston at SD Rock ‘n’ Roll. Sore today and walking slow, but it was worth it!


MICHELLE CREPEAU was also in Arizona at the RnR. She ran the ½ in a strong 2 hours 56 seconds. She had a blast running with one of her best friends she grew up with. Her friend was running her first ½ Marathon and now Michelle has her hooked.


LAUREN DACHILLE Account Exec for Running was a coach this weekend. At the Adrenaline High School Lacrosse Challenge at Robb Field in OB San Diego. This is a yearly highly competitive tournament featuring the best from local High Schools in the West Region. Three Active Members were lucky to be coaching three different teams in the showcase. JENN TAPSCOTT coached the Lax Dawgs, SARA ALLEN coached the SD RIP Elite and I coached the Element 5 Impact Team. Jenn, Sara and I also played in the Coaches Game on Saturday. For the third year straight Element 5 took the title against Sara’s SD RIP team in the championship game.



PATTI ROSENTHAL too a backcountry ski trip to the St. Paul Hut in the Red Mountains of Colorado (Northern San Juan Mountains). About an hour ski in to the hut & 3 days of fabulous backcountry skiing. Nothing like hanging out with good friends in the beautiful mountains & skiing freshies every day.


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STEVE HOOVER, ActiveNet Development Manager reported in. Last Monday I was involved in the first annual, “Methuselah League” 3 on 3 basketball championship. It’s really just a bunch of 45+ year old guys who get together twice a week at the gym for some hoops. My team lost 2 games to 1 in the best two out of three year end championship game. We lost the final game 21-19. We were down 19-11 and I brought us back to a tie with four straight three pointers (actually worth two points). Unfortunately, none of my teammates could make a basket if their lives depended on it and we went down!!! Well, I guess my getting burned by leaving my feet and watching a guy drive past me for the game winner had something to do with it also! J


INGRID SANDERS, Director, Strategic Planning spent last week in the middle of Utah learning to snowkite. It is an amazing experience and not nearly as scary as I would have anticipated, although there were a few strong gust that made my heart skip a beat. Once you get the hang of managing the kite and actually start riding, the feeling is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The instructor, Brian, was fantastic, and I’d highly recommend him if anyone else wants to try. He works with Ozone, a company that makes very well designed kites for snow, water, land, etc (with strong safety features…)



AMBER MARTIN, Senior Mkt. Services Analyst did the Orange County Half Marathon. It was cold, but the rain held off until after I finished. I ran a 1:57, but was using it as training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon next weekend. GOOD LUCK AMBER!


JESSE HAMOND, Content Producer said he suffered through his first half-marathon on Sunday. He also did the Orange County Half from Newport Beach to Irvine. Finished just under 2:15, which I’m pleased with, but I think I’m going to gravitate back to the sprint and Olympic-distance tris for awhile. I’ll leave the long-distance racing to guys like Toby (and Amber).


PATTI ROSENTHAL of course went SKIING! Durango Mountain Resort received over 3 feet of snow over the weekend. Saturday was a nice 8-10 inches of fresh snow. Sunday was over 26 inches of fresh new powder (a little much for our local mountain). Also went snowcat skiing with the San Juan Snowcat Skiing Company. You're transported in a powerful Bombardier BR 400+ snowcat with custom designed, totally enclosed and heated coaches. Start at 8:30 am & finish around 4:00 pm. 12 runs and 8,000 to 12,000 vertical feet of untracked powder in the bowls, chutes, ridges, glades and treed slopes with lunch provided at the "love shack"! Life is good in Durango!


EDDIE STRICKLER took advantage of the great snow we had up here in the Pacific Northwest and went up snowboarding with some friends this weekend.


JANEAN NATION, Account Manager SD was all set to run but her race was cancelled. The San Diego Resolution 15K was cancelled due to high winds. The police couldn’t keep the barricades up that kept the street closed.


But Janean would not be deterred. Later that afternoon she did her own Resolution run 15K and then made it back in time to see the CHARGERS win!


MEAGAN JOHNSTON, Corporate Recruiter went skiing in Utah where the temp was 10 degrees and 2 ½ ft. of new powder. She says Warren Miller was right, Utah is the best!


So is the Beer!



DMITRIY MINENKO, Search Mkt. Manager says they are having excellent snow here in BC. I spent my Sunday skiing on local Mount Seymour, where we had about of one foot of fresh snow. Driving was tricky, but I had tons of fun on the slopes.




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