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Posted by IMVoice Mar 10, 2008




AxtiveXers ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON (Some call Arch a workout masochist) SARAH MOOSBRUGGER, RICKY GRAY, JESSE HAMMOND and his girlfriend Emmy rode the Elfin forest 40 miler this weekend in SD County. Arch wants to know where the Forest was?


A group of ARCH & CHRISTY with SARAH, VICKY EYDELBERG & CHRIS BONHERT warmed up for the upcoming La Jolla ½ Marathon running a 10 miler.


STEVE MAZZA spent the weekend in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California and hiked a 3200 ft unnamed peak and took in the wildflowers.



The Active Hiking Group did a quick hike up Cowles Mountain (it’s not really a Mountain more like a small hill for the Vancouver and Colorado folks) in San Diego Saturday morning. ANDREA RISHMAWI, CARRIE JAMES, ANDREW COLE, JEN ROMINE, and SCARLETT DALGLEISH did the 3 mile hike up and down in about and an hour and a half.


JARED SYMONDS Marketing Assistant in Burnaby played on his Board this weekend at Seymour’s up near North Vancouver, British Columbia. He's a Marketing Assistant at the Burnaby office



BRYAN PAIJIT Web Developer in Consumer Media went crazy this weekend starting with Basketball dropping in 22 points, 8 assists, 2 steals in a 2 hour pickup game in Ocean Beach at 8am. Then he followed it up with 3 hours of flag football at 2pm in La Jolla. I threw about 80 passes and had 15 TDs and 4 Ints.

Then went bowling in downtown San Diego rolling a career high 186


MY RIGHT ARM FEELS LIKE JELLO!! Wonder if Bryan does anything during the week?


TJ HART Data Architect did a 60 mile Saturday bike ride the SD Bicycle Club up Mission Gorge road in San Diego. New to the area he is discovering the diversity of SD County.


BROOKE KIRKPATRICK AE in SD and her fiancée rode the Solvang ½ century and finished up the day with wine tasting! This ride was absolutely gorgeous…we are definitely going back next year to ride the full century!


STEVEN TWOHY Staff Accountant, Corp. Accounting/Finance decided to get the most from the weekend with a 90 mile bike from Pacific Beach to Camp Pendleton and back. For Ironman training that simply was not enough. Sunday morning I was in the ocean doing a mile swim, followed by a two-hour jog up and around Mount Soledad. Apparently the Gail Bernhardt Ironman Training plan is more than I bargained for, it is an excellent plan to say the least, and I felt good enough to bike to work today, so I did. I will be competing in the Arizona Ironman April 13th and am trying to finish strong among my 18-24 male age group competitors. GOOD LUCK Steven and I can’t wait to call you an IRONMAN!


MICHELLE VALENTI Content Producer in San Diego mountain biked in Morro Bay and did a little wine tasting in Paso Robles after. One of these days an Active person will do the wine tasting first then Mtn Bike!



MICHELLE ULRICH in SD is also training for the La Jolla ½ Marathon and had a GREAT 12 mile training run along the coast and finished the last few miles going up and then coming back down the Torrey Pines hill to prepare for the La Jolla Half!


KRISTI DUBIEL Implementation Specialist woke up bright and early and hiked Squaw Peak in Phoenix, AZ. I made it to the summit and back down without stopping in 58 mins…which may not sound like a big deal, but it is like doing the stair climber the entire way up. I am training for a couple of Grand Canyon hikes in June and this is one of the best training trails to hike. On June, 6th I will be hiking the GC Rim to Rim and then on June 13-15 I will be hiking Havasupai Falls. Great PIC looking down from Peak to Phoenix.


She also was a baseball fan this weekend taking in 3 spring training games.



Report from KIRSTIN HARTOS Implementation Specialist. This weekend marked the San Diego Surfers’ 25th Annual Champagne Classic Women’s Rugby Tournament at Robb Field in Ocean Beach, one of the largest women’s rugby tournaments in the country, drawing 15 teams from around North America – including several top ranked squads. I was the lone “Active” member playing for the Surfers this weekend as two of my teammates and fellow Active employees Marea Blue (Implementation Analyst, Endurance) and Emily Ogata (Application Specialist, Team Sports) were sidelined and recovering from their respective surgeries.


Our first match of the day against Chico Women was a bit messy on both sides, but we shut them out and put up at least four tries, making the final score something like 22-0. Our other pool C match pitted us against a tougher, faster and more experienced opponent: “Last Call” (a Beantown traveling team). Our speed on the outside paid off, and our wing was able to touch-down for the Surfers’ single try between the posts, making for an easier conversion. Last Call missed their only conversion, so we came away with a narrow 7-5 victory. In the first round of the championship bracket on Saturday afternoon, we played the Scottsdale Lady Blues. Despite committing a slew of penalties at the try line, we managed to ward off their repeated attacks and were finally able to clear the ball when it popped out the weak side of a ruck to end the first half. Our speed on the outside earned us more tries, and we capped off the match with a number-8 pick up and breakaway from the 50 meter to end the game 19-0.


Sunday morning we faced off against the defending National Champion Berkeley All-Blues in the semifinals, who had beaten their quarterfinal opponent 69-0 the day before. We easily could have resigned our fate before the game looking across the field at many of the best players in the US (USA Eagles), but we came out strong, fought hard, and held our own at times – only allowing them two tries in the first ¾ of the game. Their last two tries came within the last 5 minutes of the match on hard drives from their Eagle prop, making the final score 24-0. Berkeley went on to defeat Boston Women later that day by at least 35 points for the Championship. Great weather, talented teams and competitive games made for a fantastic rugby weekend in San Diego.


CRISTY PLUCHENNIK Staff Accountant ran 5 miles on Saturday as part of my long run training. I am training for the half marathon event as part of TNT in the Rock ’n Roll Marathon on June 1st. If anyone wants to read my story on why I am dedicated to running the half marathon distance and why I joined TNT, the link is




ASHLEY ELLIS Acct Exec Swimming & STEVE MAZZA did a La Jolla Cove swim this weekend with beautiful weather & cold water, what a great combination! WE know she beat Mazza out of the water!





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