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Active "Picture Perfect" Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jun 30, 2008



Sorry this didn’t get reported last week but SCOTT EVANS VP of Sales is another Active Ironman! He completed June 22 at Ironman Coeur d’ Alene in beautiful Northern Idaho. His family was there watching him the entire day and his Dad was waiting for him at the finish line about 2 ½ hours before Scott arrived. As you can see by the photo he was a happy finisher in 13:03:00. Congrats Scott!



CHRIS INOUYE is a new implementation analyst up in the Bothell office. Last Tuesday was his first day, and the weekend before he took a mini vacation to climb Mt. Rainier with some buddies. Here are two pictures of him looking sick at the summit of Mt. Rainier.

On Sunday morning he finished the Seafair Half Marathon. Welcome to Active Chris!


NICO REIS writes to us from Munich, Germany. Yesterday was the Final of the Euro 2008 the Football (or soccer:) Cup that is held every 4 years. After a three week tournament, Spain and Germany met in the finals in Vienna, Austria last night. Spain won 1-0 and they deserved it, they had the best team of the tournament (now that is a gusty and classy comment from a German).

I watched the game in the historical Munich Olympic Stadium in a Public Viewing on a gigantic screen with 50,000 other fans! Can you imagine, so many people watching TV together? It was almost a live experience, people were singing, chanting, dancing. Very cool! Cheers from Munich,



BURT REPINE, Foundations Development Climbed Mt. Baldy (aka Mt. San Antonio, 10,064 ft. elev.) via the Bear Canyon Trail. The 12.8 mile round-trip had a 5,804 feet elevation gain and was a perfect way to spend this past Sunday.



LAURENT GAUTHIER & PIERRE DUVELLEROY from the Active International division went to the Mont Blanc Marathon this week-end in France. The Mont Blanc Marathon gathers 3000 participants on the marathon and the 26K Trail. They have been using Active Europe from the beginning and their event has grown by 50% this year! This is a very tough race. The marathon winner time was 3h52….


They both ran 26K trail run that was won in 2h08 and we proudly finished in the top 300 with 3h15 for Laurent and 3h20 for Pierre. Breathe taking race with wonderful scenic along the course. You run in the Alps with the Mont Blanc as a background. Try to picture this…



BRET HARRIS & MIKE DOBRANSKY from the SD office after weeks of preparation in the high altitudes of Mt. Cowell’s they finally embarked on our maiden voyage to conquer the infamous Mt. Whitney. In spite of the numerous warnings and sound advice we received from former Whitney trail blazers, we decided to tackle the 22 mile round trip death march all in one day (that and we could only get a one day permit…but I like to think it was by choice ;-). Armed with nothing but headlamps, power bars, iodine pills and the blissful ignorance of youth, we hit the trails dark and early around 2am. We breezed through the first set of switchbacks, passing what I can only assume were a couple of beautiful waterfalls, lush forests and straggling snow fields. We cruised past the first camp site filled with all of the lazy (yet infinitely wiser) and still slumbering campers just in time to catch the sunrise over Mirror Lake.


Anyway, in the interest of keeping this somewhat short, we climbed hard, befriended a couple of local mountain hobbits, saw some guy get sick, Mike got sick, we hit summit and then climbed down…and down…and down…until we finally arrived home at the Portal around 7pm. Good times.


KELLY SCHULTE, AMG Client Services celebrated her birthday at the beach this weekend with some Active men. They had a “Who know Kelly best” contest (I don’t even want to know what the rules were). The Gold Medal “lucky” winners were JIM GARFIELD, RICKY GRAY, LUKE SMITH and ARCH FUSTON. I’ll also bet they were the only entrants!



JIM GARFIELD, AMG (he’s everywhere) cheered on 5 Active Newbies during their first triathlon this weekend. ALYSON TYSON, SILVIO FRISON, RYAN DREW & REBECCA DIVITA did the Breath of Life Triathlon in Ventura, CA. All of them not only finished strong but finished in the TOP 5 in their respective age groups. WAY TO GO ACTIVE X!



LEE GRUENFELD doesn’t work for Active but is a friend of the company. He is a renowned author and this article is about ready to run on His wife Cherie is a many time age group world Champion at Ironman. It is a short read and very inspirational.


Caitlyn Barker hit up Imperial Beach on Saturday where my friend Teevan judged the 3rd Annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition. I brought my dog but he preferred to catch some rays versus waves this weekend. I got a few pictures by my favorite is this picture of Tillman the bulldog who made a guest appearance on his skim board. For more fun pictures click here:  



35 athletes sweated in the sand with Suffer-Rama Sunday, an ActiveX charity workout for the Monarch School. We raised $436 for the school, and introduced a few new people to the beauty of burpess and handstands.



Toby Guillette, Online Community Specialist for Endurance Sports, met Jim Garfield, Arch and Christy Fuston, Jesse Hammond and Jana Stewart at La Jolla Cove for an open water swim and he brought his underwater camera along for the ride. Check out the video:



On Sunday, I rode my bike downtown to watch the San Diego International Triathlon and saw Airey Baringer during the run portion of his very first triathlon and also ran into Vicky Eydelberg taking photos at the event.



Later that day, I joined the ActiveX crew for the Monarch School Charity workout on Mission Beach. Another Active weekend!


JAKE COONEY did the Seafair Half Marathon in Seattle. The highlight of the race was running across the 520 bridge which they partly shut down. I shaved off 1 minute from my half marathon a month ago for a time of 1:54. I wanted to do better but I’m blaming it on the unexpected heat and hills. J

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Renu Bhushan, ran 5K yesterday!! My fellow 'Diva's' and I participated in the Scotiabank Marathon over the weekend. It was a beautiful (and easy!) course, with lots of stunning views of our BC mountains and ocean. It has only been 6 weeks since I joined Active Burnaby and I am already running marathons! !




Paul Cheung, from LeagueOne dev team, completed Scotiabank Half-marathon on Sunday with a time 2 hr 02 min, knocking down my last year record by 28 minutes.


Arch Fuston and The ActiveX Charity Team completed a mock triathlon on Saturday at Glorietta Bay Park on Coronado. Nearly 30 came out to charge the 500m swim, 15-mile bike, and 3-mile run. It was a great event made even greater with a visit from Jessi Stensland, providing a transition clinic for the team.


Carrie James, Account Executive, Education. I did the triathlon workout with the ActiveX Charity training team on Saturday in Coronado. It was fun to put all three aspects of the race into action and actually finish a full “triathlon” on Saturday morning! Sunday I finished my FIRST 10K EVER in 71 minutes. Not bad for my first, I guess. It was HOT out and took everything I had mentally to finish, but thanks to some awesome encouragement from Karen Hardy and the other Active ladies at the race I made it to the end! It feels incredible to cross that milestone for myself. I barely notice the pain in my legs. HA


Jenni Miller, Janean Nation, Sari Rudy, Caitlyn Barker, Laura Hilts, Emily Chan-Norris, Hannah Sansone, Erika Winter, Melissa Cohen, Carrie James, Amy Sutton, Karen Hardy, Amber Martin, Caitlyn Barker, Tawnya Bordalo, and Andrea Rishmawi all ran in the Iron Girl 10K this weekend!


This year’s race was a new course, starting and ending in the Del Mar Fair grounds. The race as a whole was great, however the combination of starting and finishing on the soft dirt of the horse track and the grueling heat, definitely took its toll on the 3,000 women running the streets of Del Mar. The Active girls that ran the race met up afterwards – here is a picture attached.



Francis Dupuis and his wife (Faye Dupuis) competed in the International Dragon Boat festival this weekend in vancouver, and her team finished third in their division.


(She’s in the second row obscured by the arm)


My older son D'Alton competed in an indoor Roller Hockey tournament (6-9 year olds) this weekend to finish off their roller hockey season. They finished second, and had a great time.


Tina Wilmott in the Public Relations department. Headed up to Ventura this weekend to visit a close friend, and on a whim we decided to compete in a Splash & Dash. We came in second and third and I won my age category. But I much confess, this was the first time they’ve held this particular race so there weren’t many participants. In fact, there were only eight women in the short course which we did (400m swim and 2K), but who’s counting! It was followed up by some great horseback riding in the hills.


Jim Hine, Director Database Sales, rode the Cycle Idaho Mountain Bike Tour from Boise to Idaho City this weekend. We had a group of four riders that did about 102 miles and +12,000 feet of elevation over two days. We camped overnight in Idaho City and drained a few kegs of New Belgium with the small group of 85 riders, then tenting it with light rain around a big campfire. We detoured on Day 2 in search of extra single-track and added 10 miles of pines to the ride.



Marea Blue and Kirstin Hartos (Implementation Analyst, LeagueOne) played in the Las Vegas Midnight Sevens Rugby tournament on Saturday. Sevens is a variant of rugby where teams of seven compete for seven minute halves on a full size pitch. Basically it’s fourteen minutes of sprinting (harder than it sounds) per game. We started our games at 5:00 pm in 104 degree weather and finished around 1:00 am. We held the first two teams we played scoreless and defeated our league rivals in our third game to finish as the top seed going into the finals. We won our semifinal match against a motley San Diego team and then lost in the championship to a Canadian team that frankly just seemed less tired. As usual, we went on to win the party, making us undefeated in social wins this year. J




Jim Garfield, proudly swam with Toby Guillette and Rebecca Divita (who had a PR of longest swim) in La Jolla Cove. I also waved the Active banner high training with the HerSports magazine team with a two hour costal ride on Saturday!!


Jesse Hammond and Jesse’s girlfriend Emmy went on a three-hour, hot, hilly bike ride through North County (San Diego) Sunday morning and joined up with Toby Guillette along the way. The ultimate goal was the Golden Spoon frozen yogurt store in Del Mar. However, when they got there at 9:30 a.m., they discovered it didn’t open for another hour and a half. If anyone knows where they can get frozen yogurt that early in the morning, they would be much obliged.

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Weekend Father's Day

Posted by IMVoice Jun 16, 2008



TRACY VEZINA HR manager did the TRAC Father's day walk/run for Prostate Cancer.  We participated in a 5k walk with our 3-year-old and a team of 6 this weekend, through Deer Lake Park in Burnaby.  Our daughter ran her first race as well, the toddler race that was held before our walk started.  I think she was more excited about her team shirt and number than the running, but she held her own!


We clocked one hour and 13 minutes for the walk - pulling Vida in a wagon behind us.


ARCH FUSTON reports:

ActiveX Charity team banged out a 15mile bike/3 mile run on Coronado Island. The team did great, and got a good feel of what it is like to run after thumping the quads and hammies for 15 miles. 20+ showed up, all made it through the workout, a great day. The session was followed up with food and a well deserved beer at Coronado Brewery. We’re back at it again this Saturday, again on Coronado Island, but doing all three. Should be an epic day for the group!


KRISTI DUBIEL with 7 of her friends hiked 11 miles down to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon.  It is an awesome hike with absolutely amazing scenery.  The hike down and the majority of hike up weren’t too difficult, but the climb back up the side of the canyon wall was quite challenging.  The last mile or so literally feels like you are doing consecutive squats with a 50 pound bar bell on your back thanks to all of your camping gear!  On Saturday, we did an 8 mile ‘day’ hike and found fun cliffs/rocks to jump from.  The first picture is of Havasu Falls…this is the very first image you see after hiking for 11 miles through sand and rocks at the base of the canyon and it is spectacular…this picture doesn’t do it justice.  The next picture is me in front of Mooney Falls…to get to this waterfall you have to scale a 100 ft cliff using basically chains as your only support.  All in all a great hiking/camping experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a weekend getaway…with a little workout   Just be sure to bring LOTS of water!




MAREA BLUE & KIRSTIN HARTOS (Implementation, League One) went to Pittsburgh, PA this weekend to compete in the National All-Star Rugby Championships with our select side Southern California regional team.  We played the Midwest in the first round of the tournament (imagine 15 corn-fed girls Kirstin’s size or larger) and lost 20-8 in a hard fought game.  Three of our points came from Kirstin’s penalty field goal early in the first half.  In the second half I picked up a loose ball and spun it wide to Kirstin who passed it to our outside center for a corner try.  The score remained close until late in the game when the Midwest broke it open with two breakaway tries.  On Sunday we played very well against the Pacific Coast Grizzlies – a team stacked with national team players – but ended up losing 32 to 0.  The losses were disappointing but our region has historically been the underdog at this tournament and we received many compliments from the regional and national team coaches about our performance.  This was our first year competing in the top tier of the tournament and I think we did very well.  We were also able to redeem ourselves by “winning the party” and beating the Midwest in several games of flip cup at the social so I still feel like we came home victorious.

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He took on the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run this weekend. There were 82 runners to start and only 43 finished because it was a hot day and the course has 12,000 feet of elevation gain/loss. All of my training and planning had me more ready for this event than we realized. I started conservative and maintained a steady pace during the heat of the day and through the night (my second 50 miles was 45 minutes slower than my first 50). This strategy proved itself as I began to make my way from the back of the pack, passing runners who went out too fast. I finished the race in 24 hours and 32 minutes in 13th place overall. It was an amazing experience and I had such a strong team in my corner making sure I stayed on point. I’ll have more posted this week but thanks to Arch, Jesse, Airey and Mike for coming out to support me. Check out what Arch posted:


JESSE HAMMOND reports about the 100 miler he with AIREY BARINGER & ARCH FUSTON went to Cuyamaca State Park in SD County to cheer on Toby Guillette during his San Diego 100. Along with his support crew, we met him at an aid station 62+ miles into the race. Toby looked strong, happy and ready to keep going when he cruised into the checkpoint. He downed some root beer, got some fuel and off he went.


On Sunday, AIREY & JESSE did the 3rd Avenue Grand Prix criterium in Chula Vista. It was my first crit, but definitely won’t be my last. Even though I got dropped from the pack, I managed to stay close enough to finish the entire race. My legs were sore, but I had a ton of fun and learned a lot about bike racing. Airey, racing Category 4, had an awesome race and placed fifth overall.


JULIE ORR, Manager Professional Services participated in the Marines Camp Pendleton mud run on Sunday. 10K in mud with obstacles including hills, tire obstacles, river crossings, two 5-foot walls with mud on both sides, tunnel crawl, slippery hill climb.  I did it with a 5 person team and had a blast.  We placed 14th out of 62 all women’s teams. 



RICH NEHER had a super fun Saturday, playing Beach Tennis at Ocean Beach. Beach Tennis San Diego had 7 courts set up and lots of booths for sponsors and tournament management, as well as live music entertainment. The event featured approx. 80 players of all levels who had more fun and more competitive tennis than “legally allowed”. Although my partner and I didn’t make it into the finals, we think we came out a winner, because vigorous, competitive tennis in the sand is a tremendous workout and the good time we had is just simply “priceless”! We’ll be back for some more (and even more competitive) Beach Tennis at Hermosa Beach June 28, a huge event 5 times the San Diego size and possibly five times the fun! I promise to also bring some photos from this tournament back with me.


SHANNON IBERGER, Acct Mgr Ops participated in the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) Overnight Out of the Darkness Walk on Saturday night.  It was a 20-mile walk through Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge and all around Manhattan.  Each walker had to raise a minimum of $1,000 for the cause and there were about 1,000 walkers.  Was a great experience and can’t wait to get out there to San Diego to participate in more weekend races/activities!


ELAINE BERGERON, Acct Mgr did a 15 mile trail run/race in Big Bear, CA on Sunday. The weather was awesome, and the course was very challenging.  The first 2 miles were a straight climb, but fortunately the last 2 miles were a descent.  There were lots of rocks and some single track to make things really interesting. I kept thinking I was glad I was not Toby at this point (doing 100 miles), b/c the 15 miles were really tough.  If anyone wants to do trail runs in the future…email me at

I am hosting a fundraiser for the Monarch School at the La Jolla Brewhouse on Friday, June 13 at 7 pm. There should be a good turnout from what I hear so far.  I hope some Active folks can make it. It will be a mixed crowd and a good time!


More ELAINE from ALLY WARD. Elaine is too embarrassed to add the following to her race notes from this weekend up in Big Bear. She placed FIRST in her age group this weekend in her 15 mile trail race! She got a phenomenal trophy on a piece of a tree with a little bear sculpture on it – coolest thing I’ve ever seen!


As I reported last week MICHAEL WILSON Endurance Acct Mgr was doing the AIDS ride so here is his report.  I just got back from my 545 mile, 7 day AIDS Lifecycle from SF to LA.  We left last Sunday, June 1 out of the Cow Palace in SF and pedaled into LA this past Saturday, June 7.  Being my second year riding, it was even more inspiring, rewarding and fun.  I rode every mile, with no injuries and not one flat!  The event raised over $11.6 million!!!  It is an event that has once again changed my life.  There were 2,500 riders and over 500 roadies (volunteers) that travel in this community over the entire week.  I am extremely proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.  I am already excited for next year and plan on registering this week for ALC 8!


ERIKA WINTER ran in the Coronado Stride and Ride on the hard packed sand beach along the strand.  It was 8.2 miles and finished in an hour.


FUN IN TAHOE – REBECCA DIVITA, MIKE GARFIELD, MIKE CARRAN, KIRK JENSEN, AMBER MARTIN, RYAN DREW, SILVIO FRISON, ANDREW COLE & FERNANDO CADORE went up to Reno, NV to compete in the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay Race Adventure.  This was an amazing race and it turns out “adventure” was a pretty accurate description of the whole experience.  It was a 178 mile relay race with legs ranging from “easy” flats to Trail of Tear quality climbs for seemingly never ending mileage.  The course wound its way around Lake Tahoe and through the Eastern Sierras starting in Reno and ending in Reno, the Biggest Little City in the World.  The scenery was unbelievable and we ran into some wildlife.  One of our runners saw a bear, another, a coyote.  Thirty degree night time temperatures, sleep deprivation, and altitudes ranging from 4000-7500 feet made this a challenging race.  All of our runners were all-stars completing some ridiculous feet at some point during the 24 hours.  Killer climbs, knee pounding downhills, and having your “easy run” be a 6 miler with rolling hills at 7500 feet and 3 a.m. made this an event that none of us will soon forget.  We finished 5th place out of 12 in the Corporate Men’s event, and feel pretty good about this, as we were one of two teams that came from sea level.  The rest were Reno Natives.  Overall, we finished 24th of 99 teams, completing the course in 24 hours 29 minutes.  Today we’re all pretty sore, but feel fulfilled, satisfied, and pretty darn accomplished.  I think this all really sunk in when we were driving home down Hwy 395, gazing off at the Sierras and realized that we ran up, down, over, and around them.


We’d also like to say congratulations to Toby.  After running 22 miles up in the mountains this weekend and facing the challenges of calculating appropriate nutrition, sleep deprivation, altitude, and cold, his accomplishment is something astounding.  Toby, simply setting 100 miles as your goal, let alone accomplishing such a feet is something to be proud of that truly sets you apart from the pack.  Congratulations buddy.  You’re amazing.     




EDDIE STRICKLER ran the 800m in the Oregon Track Club Qualifier Meet before the Prefontaine Classic on Sunday. It was great to run in a high caliber meet and rub shoulders with some of the greatest track and field athletes in the world. I ran my fastest time of the year at 1:52.84. Though the best part was that I got to warm up while Kenenisa Bekele was cooling down after he finished running the 4th fastest 10k ever run in the world and the fastest 10k ever run on American soil (26 min 25 sec). I also thoroughly enjoyed watching the Pre Classic which had so many amazing performances which included a new American record in the Pole Vault, the farthest hammer throw on American soil, a mile where all 9 athletes broke 4 minutes, Maria Mottola winning the 800 for 16th year in a row, and many more.


MIKE REILLY last Friday had the pleasure of attending the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot Boot Camp graduating class Alpha Company.  EDGAR OROZCO from Palm Desert, CA graduated with honors at Private First Class.  Edgar is a member of the Exceeding Expectations group formed by Ironman Age Group champion Cherie Gruenfeld.  It guides and helps youth in Southern California to find their way that live in a disadvantage situation.  Edgar proved you can become a man without being a member of a gang.  He has attended Ironmans and thru Cherie’s effort realized there is more to life.  If you ever get a chance to see MCRD’s graduating ceremony do it, it is an uplifting experience.

The picture with Edgar is my brother Don on far left, Edgar (who lost 15 lbs in camp), Kevin Kelly friend and former Marine and me.




LAUREN ELDER While on a Mediterranean cruise recently, we climbed the volcano at Santorini and felt the hot earth and smelled the sulphur.  Besides being hot from the climb in the Greecian sun, walking past the steaming volcanic rock was something else.


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Rock 'n' Roll Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jun 2, 2008



STACEY JOHNSON Account Manager ran the RNR Marathon yesterday.  I remember hearing you Mike tell everyone at the start of the race that it all boils down to that last 10k… I knew all too well from experience that this was true and once again, I thought I was going to die those last 6 miles.  I had a great race through 20- perfect weather, feeling good, and then at about 21 my legs turned to lead- they just did not want to go.  I was still happy with my finish of 4:09:14.


AMBER MARTIN also ran the Rock n’ Roll…you turned away right as I finished…bummed I couldn’t get your attention.  SORRY GIRL!  Anyways, I ran a 4:28:22, which is a half hour slower than I usually do, but with concentrating on triathlons lately, I didn’t get the miles under my belt that I had hoped. I have decided to put triathlons on hold until I qualify for Boston Marathon, as that is my main goal. I will be spending the coming months concentrating on getting under the 3:40:00 mark at the Philadelphia Marathon.


ARCH FUSTON and his weekend report: Rock and Roll Marathon:

After spraining my colon waiting in the porta john line for 45 MINUTES, my Rock and Roll Marathon experience finally started. Great course, great weather, great bands. A must race for any endurance athlete. My race...a challenging day. But, we finished, stayed out of the medical tent, and was greeted by Christy who raced to a PR. In all, a great experience, a great day!



ActiveX Charity Team Training:

We had a group of twenty or so show up for the ride and swim on Saturday morning! After a few hot laps around Fiesta Island, the crew headed over to La Jolla Shores for an open water swim. We were greeted by “larger than last time” surf, which made for some fun entries and exits. The group did AWESOME. We learned to dolphin dive through the surf until we got past the break, swam a few lengths, then worked out way back in, catching the swell and riding it in. It was more fun than scary, the comfort level of being in the ocean, learning how to dolphin dive in and out of the water made for a great morning!  


LORRAINE RYGLEWICZ ran her very first Marathon yesterday finishing Rock N Roll.  She said she wasn’t proud of her time of 6:55:33 but Lorraine you should be VERY PROUD because you are a Marathoner and no one can ever take that away from you!


HANNAH SANSONE, Acct Exec Swimming had a great time running the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon finishing in 4:08:07. She loved seeing all the Elvis impersonators!  There were 150 of them running!


Yours truly had a blast announcing the RnR for the 11th year in a row.  I worked with John “The Penguin” Bingham and Kim Williams from Sugoi Clothing Co.  Sorry we missed some Active people finishing, 18,000 finishers sure is a lot to look at and spot!



NISHAN RUDRAKUMAR, Graphic Designer in the Burnaby office for the marketing team. This weekend I went on a hike for the first time in years, at "The Chief" in Squamish. It's about 700 vertical meters (I have no idea what that is in feet), and the weather was absolutely perfect. Unfortunately I ignored the "Adequate Fitness Needed" line under the "Items You Will Need" on the Park's Welcome/Warning sign. I was huffing and puffing at the beginning but towards the end it was fine, and the view definitely made the hike worthwhile.



NOW THIS IS INSANE – ROB KLINGENSMITH VP in his continued attempt to get back in cycling shape rode in San Diego county up Mt Palomar – twice – on Saturday, and Torrey Pines – six times – on Sunday. In all that was worth about 14,000’ of climbing and permission to eat a couple bags of Pepperidge Farm cookies.  Wait… oh yeah… I’m trying to lose weight… Or as some of think trying to lose his MIND!


CHRIS CARVER GM Education and ROMY SMALLER and his friend plus 4 other friends ventured up to the Yosemite in CA and climbed Half Dome.  Although we were all exhausted after the long hike, we all agree it is one of the most amazing places in the world.     



JAMES ROJAS Web Developer and BRAD LAMOTTE, JOHN RAMOS & DOUG WELLS sent in a “Non-bicycling, non-swimming, some-running” section report. Last Saturday they went to Velocity Paintball Park in lovely Ramona in SD County to play some paintball.  It was a close-to-perfect day to crawl through brush, weeds and trees, shooting our opponents before they shot us.  We hope to make this a regular event (maybe monthly) so we welcome anyone interested in joining us.



KELLY D. BELL, AMG Senior Account Manager had the chance to participate in the Inaugural Mile High Mile race sponsored by PUSH Fitness and the Greenway Foundation this weekend in Denver.  This is the first mile run of its kind in Colorado which attracted over 500 kids, parents, adults and elite runners which started and finished at the Capital Building in downtown Denver.  Some highlights from the race included the fastest male teen with a time of 4:50, the elite male winner with a time of 4:15, fastest female elite runner with a time of approximately 5:44 and then me, with a time of 7:36.  Okay, so I was a few minutes behind the best of the best, but not a bad race overall finishing 5th out of my age group! 


MAREA BLUE & KRISTIN HARTOS Implementation Analysts Endurance attended the final try-out camp in San Diego for the Southern California (SCRFU) women’s select side rugby team. Each of the seven territories in the US will put a select side team together to play in the USA Rugby National All-Star Championships (NASC) Tournament on June 13-15th in Pittsburgh, PA.  Almost 8 hours of practice on Saturday (fitness testing, tackling, rucking and running through our plays), and then we won the scrimmage on Sunday against our region’s Under-23 women’s team.  It was Marea’s first rugby weekend back since her foot surgery on February 21st, but she didn’t miss a beat.  We are both pretty sore and extremely sunburned, and we will be sure to report back and let you know how we fare at the national tournament in two weeks.  Way to go Girls!


LACEY SHAW Online Ad Account Coordinator AMG didn't participate but she gets huge points for being a volunteer at the AIDs Lifecycle in San Francisco this weekend. Over 3,000 cyclists are biking from SF to LA this week. The participants raised over $11 million dollars to fight AIDs.  Our very own MICHAEL WILSON in the SD office is doing the ride.


TYLER CAIRNS watched this weekend.  He watched his future Brother in Law who is just 16 years old play some great baseball.  First a little history on how the league works, they play 4 games a weekend because he is on the travel team from Kamloops (roughly 3 hours north east of Vancouver).  Pitchers can only pitch 14 innings in a weekend and if you pitch 7 in one day you are done for the weekend.


So Colin started the first game of the weekend pitching and pitched 6 innings.  The amazing part was his stat line: 6 IP, 101 Pitches, 15 K, 4 BB, and 0 ER.  He also had a fielded put out as well for a total of 16 outs of the possible 18 for the innings he was on the mound.  The rest of the weekend he played 3rd Base and topped off his weekend with a Home Run!


You all know I am a softie for any Baseball stories!  Have a Successfu$ week everyone. Mike

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