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Weekend Father's Day

Posted by IMVoice on Jun 16, 2008 10:41:47 AM



TRACY VEZINA HR manager did the TRAC Father's day walk/run for Prostate Cancer.  We participated in a 5k walk with our 3-year-old and a team of 6 this weekend, through Deer Lake Park in Burnaby.  Our daughter ran her first race as well, the toddler race that was held before our walk started.  I think she was more excited about her team shirt and number than the running, but she held her own!


We clocked one hour and 13 minutes for the walk - pulling Vida in a wagon behind us.


ARCH FUSTON reports:

ActiveX Charity team banged out a 15mile bike/3 mile run on Coronado Island. The team did great, and got a good feel of what it is like to run after thumping the quads and hammies for 15 miles. 20+ showed up, all made it through the workout, a great day. The session was followed up with food and a well deserved beer at Coronado Brewery. We’re back at it again this Saturday, again on Coronado Island, but doing all three. Should be an epic day for the group!


KRISTI DUBIEL with 7 of her friends hiked 11 miles down to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon.  It is an awesome hike with absolutely amazing scenery.  The hike down and the majority of hike up weren’t too difficult, but the climb back up the side of the canyon wall was quite challenging.  The last mile or so literally feels like you are doing consecutive squats with a 50 pound bar bell on your back thanks to all of your camping gear!  On Saturday, we did an 8 mile ‘day’ hike and found fun cliffs/rocks to jump from.  The first picture is of Havasu Falls…this is the very first image you see after hiking for 11 miles through sand and rocks at the base of the canyon and it is spectacular…this picture doesn’t do it justice.  The next picture is me in front of Mooney Falls…to get to this waterfall you have to scale a 100 ft cliff using basically chains as your only support.  All in all a great hiking/camping experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a weekend getaway…with a little workout   Just be sure to bring LOTS of water!




MAREA BLUE & KIRSTIN HARTOS (Implementation, League One) went to Pittsburgh, PA this weekend to compete in the National All-Star Rugby Championships with our select side Southern California regional team.  We played the Midwest in the first round of the tournament (imagine 15 corn-fed girls Kirstin’s size or larger) and lost 20-8 in a hard fought game.  Three of our points came from Kirstin’s penalty field goal early in the first half.  In the second half I picked up a loose ball and spun it wide to Kirstin who passed it to our outside center for a corner try.  The score remained close until late in the game when the Midwest broke it open with two breakaway tries.  On Sunday we played very well against the Pacific Coast Grizzlies – a team stacked with national team players – but ended up losing 32 to 0.  The losses were disappointing but our region has historically been the underdog at this tournament and we received many compliments from the regional and national team coaches about our performance.  This was our first year competing in the top tier of the tournament and I think we did very well.  We were also able to redeem ourselves by “winning the party” and beating the Midwest in several games of flip cup at the social so I still feel like we came home victorious.

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