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Active "Picture Perfect" Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jun 30, 2008



Sorry this didn’t get reported last week but SCOTT EVANS VP of Sales is another Active Ironman! He completed June 22 at Ironman Coeur d’ Alene in beautiful Northern Idaho. His family was there watching him the entire day and his Dad was waiting for him at the finish line about 2 ½ hours before Scott arrived. As you can see by the photo he was a happy finisher in 13:03:00. Congrats Scott!



CHRIS INOUYE is a new implementation analyst up in the Bothell office. Last Tuesday was his first day, and the weekend before he took a mini vacation to climb Mt. Rainier with some buddies. Here are two pictures of him looking sick at the summit of Mt. Rainier.

On Sunday morning he finished the Seafair Half Marathon. Welcome to Active Chris!


NICO REIS writes to us from Munich, Germany. Yesterday was the Final of the Euro 2008 the Football (or soccer:) Cup that is held every 4 years. After a three week tournament, Spain and Germany met in the finals in Vienna, Austria last night. Spain won 1-0 and they deserved it, they had the best team of the tournament (now that is a gusty and classy comment from a German).

I watched the game in the historical Munich Olympic Stadium in a Public Viewing on a gigantic screen with 50,000 other fans! Can you imagine, so many people watching TV together? It was almost a live experience, people were singing, chanting, dancing. Very cool! Cheers from Munich,



BURT REPINE, Foundations Development Climbed Mt. Baldy (aka Mt. San Antonio, 10,064 ft. elev.) via the Bear Canyon Trail. The 12.8 mile round-trip had a 5,804 feet elevation gain and was a perfect way to spend this past Sunday.



LAURENT GAUTHIER & PIERRE DUVELLEROY from the Active International division went to the Mont Blanc Marathon this week-end in France. The Mont Blanc Marathon gathers 3000 participants on the marathon and the 26K Trail. They have been using Active Europe from the beginning and their event has grown by 50% this year! This is a very tough race. The marathon winner time was 3h52….


They both ran 26K trail run that was won in 2h08 and we proudly finished in the top 300 with 3h15 for Laurent and 3h20 for Pierre. Breathe taking race with wonderful scenic along the course. You run in the Alps with the Mont Blanc as a background. Try to picture this…



BRET HARRIS & MIKE DOBRANSKY from the SD office after weeks of preparation in the high altitudes of Mt. Cowell’s they finally embarked on our maiden voyage to conquer the infamous Mt. Whitney. In spite of the numerous warnings and sound advice we received from former Whitney trail blazers, we decided to tackle the 22 mile round trip death march all in one day (that and we could only get a one day permit…but I like to think it was by choice ;-). Armed with nothing but headlamps, power bars, iodine pills and the blissful ignorance of youth, we hit the trails dark and early around 2am. We breezed through the first set of switchbacks, passing what I can only assume were a couple of beautiful waterfalls, lush forests and straggling snow fields. We cruised past the first camp site filled with all of the lazy (yet infinitely wiser) and still slumbering campers just in time to catch the sunrise over Mirror Lake.


Anyway, in the interest of keeping this somewhat short, we climbed hard, befriended a couple of local mountain hobbits, saw some guy get sick, Mike got sick, we hit summit and then climbed down…and down…and down…until we finally arrived home at the Portal around 7pm. Good times.


KELLY SCHULTE, AMG Client Services celebrated her birthday at the beach this weekend with some Active men. They had a “Who know Kelly best” contest (I don’t even want to know what the rules were). The Gold Medal “lucky” winners were JIM GARFIELD, RICKY GRAY, LUKE SMITH and ARCH FUSTON. I’ll also bet they were the only entrants!



JIM GARFIELD, AMG (he’s everywhere) cheered on 5 Active Newbies during their first triathlon this weekend. ALYSON TYSON, SILVIO FRISON, RYAN DREW & REBECCA DIVITA did the Breath of Life Triathlon in Ventura, CA. All of them not only finished strong but finished in the TOP 5 in their respective age groups. WAY TO GO ACTIVE X!



LEE GRUENFELD doesn’t work for Active but is a friend of the company. He is a renowned author and this article is about ready to run on His wife Cherie is a many time age group world Champion at Ironman. It is a short read and very inspirational.


Caitlyn Barker hit up Imperial Beach on Saturday where my friend Teevan judged the 3rd Annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition. I brought my dog but he preferred to catch some rays versus waves this weekend. I got a few pictures by my favorite is this picture of Tillman the bulldog who made a guest appearance on his skim board. For more fun pictures click here:  



35 athletes sweated in the sand with Suffer-Rama Sunday, an ActiveX charity workout for the Monarch School. We raised $436 for the school, and introduced a few new people to the beauty of burpess and handstands.



Toby Guillette, Online Community Specialist for Endurance Sports, met Jim Garfield, Arch and Christy Fuston, Jesse Hammond and Jana Stewart at La Jolla Cove for an open water swim and he brought his underwater camera along for the ride. Check out the video:



On Sunday, I rode my bike downtown to watch the San Diego International Triathlon and saw Airey Baringer during the run portion of his very first triathlon and also ran into Vicky Eydelberg taking photos at the event.



Later that day, I joined the ActiveX crew for the Monarch School Charity workout on Mission Beach. Another Active weekend!


JAKE COONEY did the Seafair Half Marathon in Seattle. The highlight of the race was running across the 520 bridge which they partly shut down. I shaved off 1 minute from my half marathon a month ago for a time of 1:54. I wanted to do better but I’m blaming it on the unexpected heat and hills. J

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