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Active July Weekend

Posted by Active Toby on Jul 21, 2008 1:02:10 PM

MIKE REILLY was enjoying the 10th Anniversary of the Ironman Lake Placid in NY this weekend. He was joined by vacationing VICKY EYDELBERG who works in the SD office and ex Active team members SARAH LOWELL (who currently works for Ironman New Zealand), SARAH TROWBRIDGE AND COURTNEY GAY.  It rained hard from the start of the event until almost midnight. Athletes had to navigate on the bike thru tons of water and then run in portions that were ankle deep. But the resolve of an Ironman is amazing because the drop out rate was no worse than any other Ironman worldwide. By the way the event for 2009 will be full within 10 after we open it today online at noon.    


Jim Hine spent 6 days on the Main Salmon River last week. Three families on 5 boats and a couple of kayaks did about 80 miles unguided through the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness Area. We had to rig a block and tackle on a steep rocky shore to right a fully loaded oar boat that flipped through the hole in Big Mallard, which needed 12 people on the ropes to pull over.  Fortunately only one dry bag tore, converting a couple of sleeping bags into water filtration systems.  It was a ton of work loading and unloading the kitchen, tents, coolers (and the Groover) each day...but the boogie board sessions, bridge jumps, dear invasions, and smores on the beach every night made it all worth it.    


Brooke Kirkpatrick - A.E. Sports (Denver – working remotely)

Jim (my fiancé) and I ran the Vail Half Marathon yesterday, which was really 14.5 miles!  The run started at Golden Peak and we ran 10 miles at a continuous climb (gaining 4000 feet elevation).  The last bit was traversing across the mountain at 11,000 ft and finished at the top of the gondola (where we will be getting married)!  The views were spectacular and the challenge was difficult…it doesn’t get much better than that!  Let’s just say I didn’t go for my PR time on this one.


Mark Warble ran the Run & Stride for Pride 5k on Saturday.  I finished 22 overall and 5th in my division, with an overall time of 19:40.  It was a nice flat course through the streets of Hillcrest with people cheering all along the way.


AMBER MARTIN and ANDREA RISHMAWI summited the “elusive” 14,500’ Mt Whitney this weekend.  As a challenge, they made the ridiculous decision to do a night hike, starting at 10PM Friday night, on very little sleep.  Fighting altitude sickness and near-frostbitten appendages, they reached the peak at 6:25AM Saturday morning, just missing sunrise.  Turns out the elevator down was out of order, so they had to hike the 11.5 miles all the way back down the mountain!  (Bummer!)  They descended in just over 5 hours, even jogging portions of it making sure to befriend the rangers on the way down…note the pictures J  After the 14.5 hour hike, the two ladies have a new motto in life: Sleep is really overrated.  



Arch Fuston lead the ActiveX Charity Tri Team did it’s final race prep Sunday evening with a simulated race at Fletcher Cove. Don’t let the transition wipeout and running with the helmet still on fool you...this group is ready to rock this coming Sunday!



Chris Wheeler did the ActiveX tri.  It was a lot of fun seeing some new faces out there.  This trial run was a real confidence boost for everyone.  It’ll be fun to see 80 of us out there this weekend all sporting the matching ActiveX Charity gear. 


Peter Hottenstein, I wanted to share some photos from the Full Moon Sea Kayaking client event Jessica Wright and I hosted last Thursday night in Sausalito’s Richardson Bay.  We took agency representatives from Columbia Sportswear (Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners), 24Hr Fitness (Agent Silverfox) and a brand marketing representative from Clorox.


To highlight the charitable nature of Active Network’s audience, we selected Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC), a non-profit, volunteer based organization that provides outdoor recreation opportunities for people with disabilities to guide our trip.  All of the fees we paid went directly to fund trips for Bay Area special needs populations and our expert guides were all volunteers. 


We met our clients on the beach, got a quick kayaking lesson and then hit the water around sundown.  We paddled to a nearby restaurant for dinner and once again hit the water again to paddle home under a spectacularly full moon over the San Francisco and Oakland skylines. 


We were able to spend quality time with key decision makers, received tremendous feedback, and a great time was had by all.  Juli Johnson, Media Supervisor, Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, who’s media team has been working night and day to get Columbia Sportswear’s new messaging produced said, “I feel like I have been on a four hour vacation.”  


Sandy Oldaker from Clorox sent an email early Friday morning saying, “I cannot thank you enough for inviting us to last night's moonlight kayak trip.  It was an absolutely amazing experience and the guides were phenomenal.  After leaving I looked up ETC on my blackberry and was reading things to Tyler on our way home.  Just a great program.  Thanks again.  Sandy”


Also, Mike Grinde, Partner & Client Service Agent, Agent Silverfox said he would not only tell other media people he network’s with about the trip, he plans to tell of his friends too!       


Mary Meagher participated in the Trans Tahoe Relay put on by the San Francisco Olympic Club.  The 11.5-mile race goes from Sand Harbor on the Nevada side to Skylandia Beach on the California side.  Most swimmers are part of a six-person relay team (150 teams participated), and start with a 30-minute stint in the water, then tag a teammate and rest in a boat before swimming shorter, 15- and 10-minute legs. The water varies from 60-65 degrees with no wet suits allowed!  It was my first open water swim and I can't wait to do it again next year!


Patti Rosenthal, Mountain bike from Purgatory to bottom of Hermosa on the Hermosa MTB Trail.  Close to 25 miles of awesome single track, creek crossings, some mud & wild flowers.  Another must-do mtn bike ride in Durango, Colorado.



Hannah Sansone met up with two old college roommates/former Rutgers Crew teammates and we competed in the Olympic Triathlon at the Strawberry Fields Multisport Festival in Oxnard, CA. SCARY hard one-mile swim, and then a flat and fast 25 mile bike and 10K run. The strawberries and complimentary beer tent at the end were a nice touch too!



Jim, Nolan, and Nuno all raced in the Vineman Ironman 70.3 series race on Sunday and each of them set a PR on the course.  All of the hard training paid off.  Nuno was really happy with his overall time; Jim was stoked that he broke his previous time by 1 minute; Nolan developed a filthy handlebar mustache and is convinced that is why he ran a sub 1:30:00 Half Marathon; Ryan was happy to be apart of the experience cheering on his fellow Active buddies and had fun riding alongside Nolan for the entire run portion of the race.  Vineman was quite the experience for all of us!




Nuno: 05:07:27.0 

Jim: 05:32:05.5

Nolan: 04:33:27.3

Ryan: 08:15:06*


*Total time driven on Sunday following the race (including Starbucks Double Shots and multiple bags of sunflower seeds)

From Left to Right: Ryan Drew, Nolan Hansen, Jim Garfield, Nuno Costa

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